PMAG 30 M3 and Accessories from Magpul

Magpul continues to revise and evolve the PMAG. The latest iteration is the recently released PMAG 30 M3. Magpul has also announced a couple of accessories to go along with the new magazines – the SL Floorplate and the MagLink Magazine Coupler.

The PMAG 30 M3 incorporates several improvements and new features. The improved internal and external geometry will permit the use of the PMAG 30 M3 with a wider range of STANAG specification rifles like the British SA-80 and the FN SCAR to name a couple. The bolt notch at the rear of the magazine has been redesigned to provide more clearance and a over-travel stop has been added to the spine of the magazine. The texture has been improved to enhance handling and dot matrix has been added to facilitate marking the magazines to identify the owner or number your magazines. This is a very feature rich new revision of the venerable PMAG.

The SL Floorplate is something that a lot of people have wanted for a long time. The standard floorplate for PMAGs is flared and while this does improve handling, it can also make it difficult to place more than one PMAG in a pouch. The SL (Slim-Line) Floorplate should solve that issue with its much slimmer profile. I actually like the current floorplates but I rarely carry more than one magazine in a pouch. The SL Floorplate will be a definitely improvement for those who have a loadout that requires multiple magazines in a pouch. The SL Floorplate is designed only for the new PMAG 30 M3, so users of previous iterations of the PMAG won’t be able to use these.

Magpul also introduced the MagLink Magazine Coupler. This is designed to attach 2 PMAGs together in a way to allows a quick reload. It allows you to keep a reload on the rifle which can be useful for times that you may not be able to don your support gear before investigating a bump in the night. The MagLink will work with all versions of the PMAG.

You can find more info about these new PMAG products at the Magpul Propaganda Blog.

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