New Plate Carriers from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) is introducing two new plate carriers. These carriers offer a lot of bang for your buck and are designed to be very low profile which, as a civilian shooter, I like very much.

The first carrier is what BCS is calling the BCS Plate Carrier MOLLE. It is a simple low profile carrier with MOLLE covering the plate panels. The shoulder and waist straps are made from 2″ webbing. Users can choose to add modular shoulder and waist pads for an additional cost. The waist pads have MOLLE on the exterior which is a very nice addition.

The second carrier is called the Plate Carrier Low-Profile. I actually had a very small amount of influence in this design. It has no MOLLE webbing on the panels since it is meant to be worn as a slick concealable carrier or under a chest rig. However, for maximum versatility, it features a large area of hook and loop material on the front to allow the mounting of hook and loop backed pouches. This allows you to quickly add or remove a magazine pouch or two based on the specific situation that you are facing. This hook and loop panel also allows you to sew on a small section of hook material onto the back of a chest rig to prevent the typical slipping problems that can occur when you wear a chest rig over a plate carrier.

Both carriers are available in every color of the tactical rainbow including A-TACS and Multicam. They are also available in your choice of 500D or 1000D nylon. The choice of 500D or 1000D nylon is one of the perks of buying gear from a custom maker. The bigger manufacturers just can’t offer options like this.

You can check out the new carriers on the BCS website.

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