Klymit Inertia Recon X Frame Ultralight Camping Pad

Shaving weight off of your hiking/camping gear is never a bad thing. Shaving weight off of the load that a soldier has to carry is even better. The new Klymit Inertia Recon X Frame Ultralight Camping Pad strips the camping pad down to its barest essentials in order to save weight while still providing comfort.

Klymit has removed material so that you have padding exactly where you need it but nowhere that you don’t. The result is a sleeping pad that packs down to the size of a soda can and weighs only 9.1 ounces. As a result of the reduction in unused space, the pad only takes a couple of breaths to inflate. How cool is that?

Just because Klymit made this pad light, doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. The Inertia Recon X Frame Ultralight is made from 30 denier ripstop nylon on the top and coated 75 denier nylon on the bottom. It has a burst pressure of 10 psi.

You can check it out on the Klymit website and at the Extreme Outfitters webstore.

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