Adams Arms Evo Ultralight Uppers

One of the big knocks on AR-15 piston uppers is that they are noticeably heavier than their traditional direct impingement (DI) counterparts. Adams Arms’ new Evo Ultralight piston uppers attempt to buck that trend by shaving weight from several key places.

The uppers feature a lightweight .625″ barrel profile. Light weight barrel profiles are very uncommon on piston uppers. Adams Arms has also chosen to install the very light weight Samson Evolution Rail. The Evolution rail is actually lighter in weight than many plastic hand guards. Finally, the Evo Ultralight uppers feature a new low profile gas black from Adams Arms that is 1 ounce lighter than their normal gas block. Typically, gas blocks on piston ARs are blocky and heavy. This new low profile block is more svelte and lightweight while still retaining full functionality.

While the Evo Ultralight uppers are still not going to be quite as light as a similarly outfitted DI upper, it is the lightest piston upper on the market today.

Check out the Adams Arms website.

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