TNVC Night Vision Operator’s Course

Tactical Night Vision Company (TMVC) offers excellent training in addition to their full line of night vision equipment. They recently announced that they are offering civilian Night Vision Operator’s Courses. This is a tremendous opportunity for those of you who own night vision equipment. There are very few courses of this kind available and even fewer (if any) are available to civilians.

The course can be conducted at a facility that is purpose built for this kind of training or it can also be delivered at your location. If you don’t own night vision equipment but are still interested in taking the course you can rent equipment from TNVC.

TNVC already offers some of the best customer service in the industry and it is courses like these that show TNVC’s commitment to the civilian night vision market. That should be commended. You can view more course details or register at the TNVC Training site.

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