I mentioned the RS AKM in the recent Modernizing the AK Series. The AKM is an Aimpoint mount designed to mount to the standard AK side optic mount.

The AKM is chock full of features that set it apart from other optic mounts of this style. One of the most important features is the precision dovetail that lets the user center the optic over the bore. Many optic mounts of this style do not position the optic directly over the bore which can make zeroing your AK very interesting. The AKM also sits low enough to allow the Aimpoint to co-witness while still allowing room for the AK to be field stripped without removing the mount. Should you have to remove it, the thumb lever provides return to zero capability. The RS AKM mount is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and only weighs 6 ounces.

RS Products is also working on a myriad of other mounts for the AK to accommodate other optics like the micro Aimpoints, ACOGs, and traditional magnified optics. It is really exciting to see this kind of development of the AK platform. RS Products is definitely a company to watch.

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