Ares Armor Huskey Amentum Slider Sling

Image courtesy of Ares Armor

The Huskey Amentum Slider Sling from Ares Armor has some very interesting features and functionality. At first glance, it looks fairly similar to other padded 2 point slings on the market, but a closer look reveals a really well designed slider and the ability to act as a shooting aid (like a shooting sling).

The slider is designed for quick and easy function. The user can simply pull it in both directions to tighten or loosen the sling on the fly. The webbing loop makes it hard to miss when you are in a hurry.

Typically, I like my 2 point slings to be mounted at the front and rear as close to the receiver as possible which gives excellent mobility. The Huskey Amentum Slider Sling is designed to promote a stable shooting position so it should be mounted as far out toward the muzzle and buttstock as possible. Ares Armor’s instruction video for the Huskey Amentum Slider Sling does a great job of explaining more about its use as a shooting aid.

The Huskey Amentum Slider Sling is available on Ares Armor’s website.

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