KRG Bolt Lift

The Bolt Lift fromKinetic Research Group (KRG) is a very clever product for precision shooters. It is a user installed over-sized bolt knob for the ubiquitous Remington 700.

Over-sized bolt knobs are one of the most popular additions to a precision rifle. They provide more grip for the shooter to operate the bolt in cold, wet, muddy, or any other less than desirable condition. You used to have to send the bolt off to a gunsmith who would thread your bolt so that a new over-sized knob could be installed. The KRG Bolt Lift can be easily user installed.

The KRG Bolt Lift consists of two halves that can be screwed together. There are some internal spacers that can be used to fine tune the fit. The Bolt Lift can be installed in such a way that it is easily removable (one screw) or it can be epoxied in place using the epoxy that KRG includes with the Bolt Lift.

The KRG Bolt Lift is available in black only (for now) on the KRG website.

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