PWS Precision Rifle Compensator (PRC)

PWS continues to turn out muzzle devices for a wide variety of applications. The new Precision Rifle Compensator (PRC) is purpose built  to reduce felt recoil on precision rifles. There are many compensators on the market that can do the same thing, but the PRC is designed for rifles used for more serious tasks than hunting and competition (though it would work just fine in those roles too).

Like other compensators, the PRC reduces muzzle flip which allows the shooter to maintain their sight picture throughout and after the shot. Seeing your shots go down range and seeing the effect of your shot is obviously better than not seeing it. This can be vital to a shooter’s situational awareness. Unlike other compensators, the PRC is designed to reduce the shooter’s ground signature by directing the blast in a such a way that the amount of dust and debris kicked up around the muzzle is minimized. Ground signature reduction is an important part of remaining unseen.

The PRC helps the shooter see more of the target while being seen less by the target.

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