ESEE has several new items at the SHOT Show this year including a bolt-on MOLLE webbing panel for the Junglas and the ESEE-3. However, it is two fixed blades that have stolen the show so far.

The first is the Laser Strike. This is a re-issue of a early RAT design that was made by TOPS Knives. The new version will be made by Rowen MFG like other current ESEE knives. The Laser Strike is a designed to be a full size, general use woods knife with some interesting fire making features. There is a bow drill divot milled into the micarta handle scales and a slot under the handle scales that will store a magnesium fire starter.

A prototype of the ESEE-4 Stainless was also on hand. It is made from 440C with a really attractive stonewash finish. 440C is the perfect choice for a knife like the ESEE-4 since it takes a great edge, it is relatively tough, and it is relatively easy to resharpen in the field. I think that there will be stainless versions of many of the ESEE knives eventually.

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Photos provided by Katie Beckett of ESEE Knives.

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