Ruger 10/22 MOLLE Magazine Pouch from Retro-Tactical

I have been looking for something like this Ruger 10/22 MOLLE Magazine Pouch from Retro-Tactical for years. I often lash my 10/22 to my backpack when I go camping or hiking. It would be very convenient to be able to carry a couple of spare magazines for the 10/22 in an easy to access pouch.

In the past, I used a belt mounted speed-loader pouch to carry the magazines but carrying magazines on my belt interferes with the waist belt of a backpack. Now, with this pouch from Retro-Tactical, users will have the option of mounting the pouch to the MOLLE waist belt or on other surface of the pack with MOLLE webbing.

Unique pouches like this are one of the biggest reasons I like to patronize custom gear makers. A 10-22 magazine pouch might be too much of a niche product for a large gear maker to undertake, but a more nimble, smaller custom maker can serve these niche markets. There is also tremendous value in being able to communicate directly with the person making your gear. Before you buy from the big guy, consider purchasing from one of the smaller and tremendously talented custom gear makers.

Check out the 10/22 Magazine pouch at


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