ESEE-3 Folder Prototype and Laser Strike News

Jeff Randall at ESEE Knives let the cat out of the bag on their new folding knife design. It is a prototype of a folding version of the venerable ESEE-3. The prototype likely won’t change much when it goes into production but there may still be some changes.

The prototypes blade is made from 5/32″ thick D2 steel and is about 3 1/2″ long.The steel for the final product has not been decided yet. The blade will lock up on a monstrous frame lock. There will also be a G10 slab on the non-lock side for grip.

These two folder prototypes will be in the ESEE booth at the upcoming SHOT Show along with another ESEE prototype – the Laser Strike. The Laser Strike was an early Randall Adventure Training design that was made by TOPS Knives. The Laser Strike was a medium survival knife (5″ blade) that had a very unique fire drill divot milled into the micarta handles. The original Laser Strike knives are becoming very hard to find so many people are looking forward to this reissue. Hopefully, there will be pictures of the new Laser Strike after the SHOT Show.

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