Kifaru Ultralight

Kifaru has a new ultralight line of packs and accessories. How ultralight you ask? Well, the KU5200 boasts 5200 cubic inches of cargo space and is built to carry 100+ pounds of gear but the pack itself weighs less than 3 pounds! The smaller packs weigh even less.

As impressive as the packs look, I am even more excited by the Kifaru Ultralight (KU) line of pockets and pouches. One of the best thing about Kifaru is how modular the packs are designed to be. However, when you start bolting on several pouches made from 1000D Cordura, the weight adds up quickly. The KU line will have pouches and pockets that only weigh a few ounces each. For instance, the KU long pockets add only 4.5 ounces to the over all weight of the pack. That is amazing.

You can view the entire Kifaru Ultralight line on the Kifaru website.

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