Scrap Yard Scrapivore LE Now Available

I always look forward to seeing the latest offering from Scrap Yard Knives. Scrapyard has a reputation for offering extremely tough knives at a very reasonable price and the Scrapivore LE looks like it will live up to that reputation.

The Scrapivore looks to be very similar to one of my favorite knives, the ESEE Izula, but it has a very unique feature that sets it apart from similar knives on the market. The end of the handle features a tapered pry tip. Many people use the knife blade for prying but this can damage the knife. By providing a purpose built pry tip, the Scrapivore provides a useful prying tool without risking damage to the blade.

The LE version of the Scrapivore is currently available. Scrap Yard’s LE designation indicates a satin finish which takes more hand finishing. There will be a less expensive CG (combat grade) version available soon which will be coated and made from slightly thicker steel stock. The Scrapivore LE is also slightly harder at 62-65 Rc than the CG version will be at 58-60 Rc.


  • Overall – 6.5″
  • Blade – 2.75″
  • Thickness – .125″ (1/8″)
  • Steel – SR-101
  • Hardness – 62-65 Rc
  • Price – $69.95

You can visit the Scrap Yard Knives webstore for more information and to purchase your own Scrapivore LE.

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