Correction: Princeton Tec Byte

I recently mentioned the new Princeton Tec Byte headlamp here on Jerking the Trigger and I said that I thought it turned on in high mode. Here is what I said:

As far as I can tell, this light comes on at the high setting, then low, then red. I wish it came on in the red setting since I generally don’t like to use more light than I need so I can maintain my dark adjusted vision. Princeton Tec has this kind of set up on their “tactical” models and I wish it was the default for all models.

Well, I have good news… I was wrong.

It actually turns on in red mode, then low white, and high white. That is great news and the original post has now been corrected. The bad news is that you have to shuffle through all the brightness levels to turn it off.

The Byte is still definitely a must have.

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