New Barrel Profiles from BCM

BCM is continues to expand their already broad array of available barrel profiles. They will be releasing 3 new profiles this summer.

  1. 14.5″ Midlength Light Weight
  2. 14.5″ Carbine Light Weight
  3. 16″ M4 SOCOM

I am really excited to try the 14.5″ midlength light weight. It should end up weighing right around 2 pounds 10 ounces give or take a few ounces even with the permanently attached flash suppressor. Couple a light weight upper like that with other light weight components like Magpul MOE hand guards and you would have one very capable, functional, and extremely light weight carbine.

BCM is really positioning themselves as the premier supplier of AR-15 rifles. Their quality is second to none and their array of barrel profiles should satisfy just about anyone.

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