Cheap Ruger 10-22 Magazine Pouch

You would think that, as popular as the Ruger 10-22 is, there would be tons of pouches available for the standard 10 round magazines. Sadly, this is not the case. There are not many pouches out there designed to hold the 10 round flush fit magazines that I love so much. There are few things that I like more than going on a woods walk with my 10-22 but until recently, I had no decent way to carry my spare magazines.

While searching online for a solution, I remembered reading somewhere about someone using speed loader pouches to carry their 10-22 mags and it dawned on me that I had an Uncle Mike’s speed loader pouch laying around in a junk box somewhere. A quick scouring of my junk boxes turned up an Uncle Mike’s Universal Speedloader Case. I dropped in a magazine and checked the fit. It looked promising.

I have been using the pouch for several months. I am happy to report that it not only works, but it is like the pouch was made for carrying 10-22 magazines! It isn’t just a simple pouch. There are actually two heavy duty webbing loops sewn into the pouch that provide a nice tight fit around the body of the magazine.They will not shift once they are pressed in place. The Velcro flaps do a good job keeping the magazines in the pouch, even when you slide down a hill on your backside unexpectedly. Ask me how I know. The pouch has proven to be very durable, though it isn’t really a hard use item.

I have found that reloads are fastest if you orient the magazines a specific way. Orient the magazine in the pouch so that the cartridges are toward your body with the bullet tips pointed to the ground (as shown in the above picture). The shooter simply lifts the flap, presses the magazine up out of the pouch by pressing their index finger on the bottom of the pouch, and grasps the magazine body on either side using the thumb and middle finger to remove it the rest of the way. This looks like one fluid motion with practice and you will find that the magazine is already oriented perfectly for insertion into the magazine well.

The best part is that I found this in a gun store’s used holster box for $1 years ago. Even if you have to buy one new, they are quite inexpensive.

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