Tactical Tailor Elite Series Packs

They are finally here! I have been waiting to see detailed info on these packs for months. Until now Tactical Tailor’s pack offerings have been pretty vanilla but these really have some nice features.

Modular Operator Pack

This is a pretty slick 3-Day size pack with some nice features. One feature that I really like in a pack is the use of a high contrast interior liner. This can make finding small items easy in difficult lighting situations.

Urban Operator Pack

This is a lower profile urban style pack. It would be great for a commuter or EDC style pack.

Removeable Operator Pack

This one really has my attention. I am a big fan of the Kifaru E&E and this bag uses a similar concept. It can be a stand-alone pack for when you need to travel light or it can be easily docked on a larger pack to serve as extra storage or an E&E pack. You could easily store some basics (a knife, way to purify water, a poncho for shelter, spare ammo, some rations, and a way to make fire) in this pack just in case you had to drop your larger pack for some reason. This is a great concept and it is a bit bigger than the Kifaru E&E.

Extended Range Operator Pack

The largest offering is the Extended Range Operator Pack. This has some pretty series capacity and an internal frame to help you carry it. It also has some really nice internal organization which many large packs lack. It is absolutely covered in PALS webbing so you should be able to easily add more storage and organization. The Removeable Operator Pack would work quite well mounted on one of these packs.

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