Buffer Tubes Remixed

PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube – This is PWS’s new buffer tube for Ar-15 pattern rifles. It is interesting to me for a number of reasons.

  1. There is no castle nut to come loose. Very few manufacturers or home builders take the time to properly stake the castle nut which can lead to problems if the nut loosens. This design does away with the castle nut completely.
  2. It is potentially a more durable design. I have heard some people say that the buffer tube can be knocked out of alignment or broken at the place where it threads into the receiver. I have never seen it happen myself. PWS claims that the one piece design and manufacture of this tube will make it stronger.
  3. It provides a sling attachment point near the rear of the lower receiver which is my preferred place to mount a sling (2 point).
  4. It claims to reduce felt recoil by 10%. I am not sure that most shooters would notice that or be able to take advantage of it but any advantage is a good advantage.
  5. The design of the tube can actually help counteract carrier tilt. This may be big news for you guys running piston uppers since carrier tilt is a systemic problem that plagues piston ARs.

At first glance the price seems a little steep. However, if you consider that true mil-spec buffer tubes (not just mil-spec diameter) are not cheap and that a similar sling attachment point would cost extra, it becomes a little more reasonable (but still steep). I will be interested to see if these take off. Whether it is worth the price will be up to you.

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