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Custom Hand Forged Tomahawks by Walk by Faith 777

What if you could customize every aspect of a forged tomahawk as easily as ordering off a menu at a restaurant? That is exactly what Walk by Faith 777 offers. The northern Michigan based forge offers true custom, hand-made tomahawks at a reasonable price.


The sheer number of options available on these ‘hawks is amazing. You can choose between 17 different bit (blade) shapes with multiple sizes for most shapes. There are 9 different poll options including a variety of spikes and hammer polls. The metal can be finished with your choice of two finishes. Choose between one of 6 different haft options. If you want an end cap for the haft, there are 5 options including tapered options. There are options for the sheath’s color, snap, welt, opening side, and you can even add a monogram!

The number of options may sound overwhelming but these are all presented in a format that actually makes it very easy to order the exact custom tomahawk you desire. You simply view the provided pictures of each option and choose what you want from drop down menus. If there is an extra cost associated with the option, that is shown in the drop down menu.

Check out Walk by Faith 777’s custom tomahawk configuration page for more details.

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