Why We Train: Another Young Man Does Well

You may remember my recent post about an 11 year old who used a .22 to successfully defend his home. Recently, a 14 year old in Phoenix, AZ was forced into a similar situation while babysitting his three younger siblings. The home invaders tried the classic “if nobody answers the doorbell then burglarize the house” routine except it did not work out well for them this time. What I love about this story is not just that a young man used a firearm to save his young siblings from extreme danger, but the wise tactical manner in which he did so.

First, he moved the children to a safer part of the house and then he stood in the gap between them and the armed invader and took care of business. That kind of bravery and maturity demonstrated by such a young man is motivation for all of us. One of the best investments that can be made is in the proper upbringing of your children, and today this whole family is reaping the dividends. Situations like this are a stark reminder to help everyone you care about be prepared to do well during a terrifying event.

One Response to Why We Train: Another Young Man Does Well

  1. Bryan June 29, 2012 at 08:52 #

    Now that is the good fruit of training/prepping!

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