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Review: Speedbox Cooler-65

Speedbox Coolers may be new to the market but they come with an already proven pedigree. You are likely already familiar with the Speedbox line of bomb-proof, rolling totes that make carrying and palletizing gear easy. It is already in use by countless sportsmen but also the military which was its original intended market. So, […]

Speedbox Launches Endurance-70

Speedbox has released their new Endurance-70, an updated replacement for the Voyager-70. The new Endurance-70 makes the improved, updated features of the Endurance-40 available in a larger, 70 gallon size. The new Endurance-70 has large, no-flat tires and a milled aluminum handle to allow easy transport. The handle is attached to the body via steel […]

Review: Speedbox Endurance-40

Speedbox is known for their “modular container systems for palletized cargo” which is a fancy way of saying they make rugged cases that stack together easily and are sized perfectly for various pallets in use by the military and other groups. The palletization features are very cool and very useful for some people… but not […]

Speedbox Endurance-40

The new Endurance-40 from Speedbox is a more compact, mobile storage solution than their original Voyager-70. If you deal with palletizing gear for deployment, the compact size is optimized for ISU 90 and 463-L pallet fit. If you are a regular guy like me, the compact size means Endurance-40 is easier to move and store […]

Speedbox at MTGTactical

Speedbox is a rugged, stackable, rolling trunk designed to make palletizing military gear fast and easy. Designed around the dimensions of the 463-L pallet, these roto-molded (think Yeti cooler) trunks are shatter-resistant, water-proof, and buoyant. They roll on no-flat tires that are offroad ready and feature a beefy handle for towing around the 300 pound […]

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