Simulated Distance Dry Fire Target

I used to have a printable dry fire target that showed silhouette targets scaled to various yardages. It was useful for practicing sight alignment from various shooting positions as well as just seeing approximately what your sights/red dot will look like on a target at distance. I misplaced the file and spent far too much time looking for a replacement that would work with across-the-room distances before giving up, doing some math, and making my own. I figured that if this type of target was useful to me, it might be useful to you, too.

The target is meant to be placed 10 feet from your eye so it can be used in a very compact space. The silhouettes are based on an 18″ width torso and simulate distances of 50, 100, 200, and 300 yards. Force yourself to use realistic holds on the targets based on the yardage and your zero for best training value. This target works best with red dot sights and iron sights due to the difficulty in focusing magnified optics at 10 feet. Of course, all safety rules and dry fire precautions apply.

Click here or click the image below to access the PDF file. Be sure to print it in landscape orientation or the scale will be off.

JTT Simulated Distance Dry Fire Target

If you wish to make your own target to better fit your needs, the math used to scale targets is simple:

(Actual Target Width in Inches/Simulated Distance in Yards) x Actual Distance in Yards = Simulated Target Width in Inches

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  1. Fleeting Survival (@fleetingsurvive) February 10, 2015 at 07:24 #

    Thanks for this!

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