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Murdock M81 Woodland Jacquard Woven 1″ Webbing from Whiskey Two Four

Gear makers take note: It took a few revisions to dial in the colors perfectly, but it was worth it. Whiskey Two-Four has Murdock M81 Woodland Jacquard Woven 1″ Webbing available by the yard.


Whiskey Two-Four Bag 02/Omni Bag

Whiskey Two-Four’s new Bag 02/Omni Bag is a versatile horizontal GP pouch that can be attached/carried in a number of ways – PALS, on a waist or shoulder strap, belt mounted, as a clip in panel for plate carriers and chest rigs, and via hook and loop dropped flap.

PALS – The Omni Bag is PALS compatible so it can be attached directly to any other PALS compatible surface (PALS straps are not included).

Waist/Shoulder Strap – It has all the loops necessary to be used with a waist strap or shoulder strap (ITW Split Bar hardware included).

Belt Mounted – The end user can add Esstac belt loops (not included) to make the Omni Bag belt mountable.

Clip in Panel – The Omni Bag can also be rigged with the included ITW Split Bar hardware to dock on plate carriers and chest rigs. It works with the industry standard clip spacing.

Dropped/Hanger Hook and Loop Panel – The user can fold out the Velcro One-Wrap flap to attach the Omni Bag to hook and loop compatible chest rigs and plate carriers as a dropped pouch.

The Omni Bag also features a high visibility interior lining to ensure you can see small items inside the pouch. It is available in several colors and camo patterns including the Multicam family of patterns, M81 Woodland, solid colors, and more. This Bag 02/Omni Bag is made in the USA from USA made materials.

Visit WTFIdea.com before the introductory price expires: Bag 02/Omni Bag at WTFIdea.com

Whiskey Two Four ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover

I would have gladly traded my neon Trapper Keeper with airbrushed soccer art for the new ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover from Whiskey Two Four (WTF).

ACRONYM is WTF’s proprietary laminate material (you can read about it HERE) and they manage to find a lot of uses for it including skinning 3 ring binders. This cover may fit other 1.5″ binders but it is made specifically for the Wilson Jones HD Binders. It available in a variety of colors and features an 8″ x 4″ loop field for attaching patches and ID.

ACRONYM 1.5″ 3 Ring Binder Cover at WTFIdea.com

Whiskey Two-Four ACRONYM Laminate Material

Whiskey Two-Four (WTF) has been developing their own lamination processes for some time now and their new laminate material is now ready for prime time.

From WTF:

WTF’s ACRONYM™ laminate fabric is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon Material) fabric is comprised of two layers of 500D textured nylon fabric joined back to back with a proprietary bonding process. ACRONYM is made specifically for laser cut applications. ACRONYM is made entirely in the USA from USA made materials and is Berry compliant.

No laser cutting capability? We do that. Do you seek finished, sewn parts? We do that too. Contact us.

Visit the ACRONYM product page at the Whiskey Two-Four website to learn more.

Whiskey Two-Four Modular Placard

Whiskey Two-Four’s new Modular Placard packs a ton of features into a compact package. It’s an easy way to add modular, easily swap-able load carriage ability to your plate carrier. Laser cut Hypalon construction makes it thin, light, and durable.

wtf modular placard

The Modular Placard will accept any MOLLE compatible pouch and features adjustable hanger height. It is compatible with the industry standard SwiftClip attachment system developed by Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C so it will attach to wide variety of plate and armor carriers.

If your plate carrier or armor carrier does not have loop Velcro on the front to help stabilize the placard, Whiskey Two-Four offers a loop Velcro base panel that can be mounted on PALS webbing.

Check out the Modular Placard at Whiskey Two-Four.

Whiskey Two Four Universal Padded Harness

Whiskey Two Four continues to grow their modular Low Profile Panel chest rig line. The line of laser cut Hylalon chest rigs allows the user to purchase the panel or panels that fit their needs and then add a harness. This way any of the components may be mixed and matches as necessary. Previously, only a simple webbing H-harness was available but now WTF has made a padded harness available.


The new Universal Padded Harness comes with everything you need to mount it to any of the available panels. It is constructed from Cordura nylon with a spacer mesh backing. The front and back portions of the harness have PALS webbing for attaching other gear. Strap management wraps are built in so you can secure any loose ends. The harness also features cleaver sleeves for the front SRBs to protect and silence them.

All of the panels that this harness works with are also compatible with the industry standard Velocity Systems/Mayflower R&C SwiftClip system for mounting on a plate carrier. That means that this harness may be adaptable to a great number of chest rigs on the market.

Check out the Universal Padded Harness at Whiskey Two Four.


WTFix Attachment System Straps Available in Black

Whiskey Two Four has made their WTFix Attachment System Straps available in black on a trial basis. These MOLLE attachment straps are just as thin, light, durable, and easy to thread as their previously available Coyote Brown counterparts (shown below).

Check out the WTFix Attachment System Straps at Whiskey Two Four.

The new, narrower WTFix Straps

Coyote Brown Shown

Whiskey Two Four Ultralight Chest Rig – Mix and Match

Whiskey Two Four (WTF) is now selling their ultralight, laser cut hypalon chest rigs in a unique way. They sell the modular harness set separate from the actual MOLLE compatible chest panels. This allows the user to purchase a single harness and whichever panel or panels that suit their needs.


WTF is offering three different panels at this time: a very compact 6 columns by 3 rows panel, a larger 12 column by 3 row panel, and a split-front 8 column by 3 row (4 columns per side) panel comes complete with side release buckles to close the split. The panels can also be adapted to mount on plate carriers that work with the Velocity Systems Swift-Clip system. They also feature several small round holes placed in strategic locations. These holes allow the user to use flange button head cap screws to mount hard objects like kydex magazine pouches.

The available harness is a simple, H-harness design. It comes as a set that includes the shoulder harness and lat strap. There are built in strap management features and the lat strap has a shock cord expansion section that lets it flex with the wearer.

Check out all the modular chest rig components at Whiskey Two Four.

UW Gear Experimental Mag Pouch

We rarely get a glimpse behind the curtain but the guys at UW Gear are constantly experimenting with new ideas. They recently built a few pouches using the WTFix backing from Whiskey Two-Four and are currently putting it through the wringer.

The WTFix system consists of several base components that are made of Hypalon that is laser cut to standard sizes and shapes. The benefit to the gear maker is reduced time and cost while the end user benefits with less weight and increased durability.

At this point, these pouches are prototypes only and are not available to order. This is just a rare glimpse into the development process of a gear maker and a very cool look at how collaboration is potentially helping to make your gear better.

UW_Gear_WTFix_Proto_1 UW_Gear_WTFix_Proto_2

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