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New from US PALM: AK30R Magazine

US PALM has released details of their newest AK magazine. The AK30R (the “R” is for Range) is designed to be an affordable alternative to the AK30, specifically for range use. It lacks the metal reinforcements of the regular AK30 which has allowed US PALM to offer the US made AK30R at a lower price point than the AK30.

The AK30R is not a replacement for the AK30. The AK30 will still be offered as US PALM’s hard use option.

The AK30R magazines are available directly from US Palm for as little as $10 a piece if purchased in bulk. Check out the new AK30R at US Palm.

uspalm_ak30r_range_magazine_f uspalm_ak30r_range_magazine_a

Felinology War Labs

US Palm‘s Cynology War Labs division has been cranking out the K9 gear since it’s founding in late 2014. Now they are set to provide the same products for cats.

felinology war labs

From Felinology War Labs:

Cat lovers and service feline users, the wait is over. We’re proud to announce our new Felinology War Labs division. Available shortly, look for cat-specific Collars, Quarter Vests, Half Vests, as well as a new Tactical Cat House and Scratching Post. Reinforced with IIIA Armor, it will withstand your cats claws, as well as provide cover and concealment. FWL, because cat people deserve good gear too.

US PALM Shop Towels

The swag that most companies offer is pretty darn useless. I had to mention these new US PALM Shop Towels based on their sheer utility alone. Now that is swag that you can actually use!


US Palm AKBG in Bakelite Red

US Palm just found some Bakelite Red AK Battle Grips in a corner of the warehouse. This color hasn’t been available in a while. I had one on an ARS built AK with Russian red finished laminate furniture and it was almost too pretty to shoot… almost. These probably won’t last long.


Cynology War Labs by US Palm

US Palm’s new offshoot, Cynology War Labs (CWL), is set to offer a line of K9/Military Working Dog products. The initial line includes a collar and vests in two sizes. Check out the CWL section of the US Palm website and their Facebook page for details and purchasing.

US palm cwl

US PALM Battle Belt Dropper

The new Battle Belt Dropper from US PALM just might solve a problem for you. The concept is simple. It is a panel that is covered in MOLLE webbing and provides a short, 3 column wide, dropped section of MOLLE webbing. Since it is covered in MOLLE webbing, you can still attach pouches to it as you would your battle belt, but the dropped section provides an ideal place for mounting a dump pouch.

US Palm Battle Belt Dropper

The knee jerk reaction here is to say if you need something like this, you have too much gear on your belt. However, that is not the only reason to consider something like this. There are times that you may want multiple items to occupy roughly the same space on your belt. For instance, you may want your dump pouch on the same side and very near where your rifle mags are carried. The Battle Belt Dropper would give you the flexibility to mount both on the same belt real estate.

This could solve some problems for some users. Keep your eye on US Palm for details.

Rifle Dynamics “Bolt On” Upgrade Package

Rifle Dynamics can turn your AK into a full custom work of art given a bit of time and a fair amount of money. For those who don’t want to spare the time or the coin for them to work their magic, there is the Rifle Dynamics Bolt On Upgrade Package.


Rifle Dynamics has put together a kit that consists of some of their most popular upgrades that don’t require a gunsmith’s touch. The kit includes a Rifle Dynamics AK M4 Stock Adapter, B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD stock, a mil-spec receiver extension (buffer tube), castle nut, end plate, US PALM AK Battle Grip, and an Ultimak M1-B.

The price is very, very competitive for everything that you get. If I was starting from scratch on a new AK, I would be all over this. Check out the Rifle Dynamics “Bolt On” Upgrade Package.

ASP-C Carrier and SAP-C Plates from US PALM

US PALM has dropped the new ASP-C Carrier with SAP-C Plates. The carrier features 500D nylon construction with simple side straps for a low profile and light weight. It has PALS webbing coverage on both the front and back plate pocket along with front and rear loop material on the upper part of the plate pocket. The plate pockets and shoulder pads are cushioned with spacer mesh.


The SAP-C plates are SAPI cut, single curve 10×12 plates that are level IV (stand alone) rated. They feature ceramic/steel hybrid construction with foam for drop protection and sealed edges.

The ASP-C with 2 SAP-C plates weighs 16 pounds together. You can buy the entire set up together at Harris Tactical.

US PALM AK Battle Grip – Plug Free Since Right Now

You can find a US PALM AK Battle Grip (AKBG) on all of my personal AKs. If you were to look inside each one of them, you would find absolutely nothing. It has a plug that is secure and well designed for holding various small items inside the hollow grip but I don’t use it. Apparently, that is pretty common because US PALM is now dropping the plug. The AKBG will now come without a grip plug and the savings will be passed on to you in the form of a new lower MSRP ($24.95).


Additionally, US PALM is hinting that they will be providing a new item that has storage capability for all of you who will miss the plug. Could this possibly be the US PALM buttstock that I have been hoping for?

Check out USPALM.com.

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