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Special Color Modified 10×12″ CenterZip Pouches from Tuff Possum Gear

We’ve told you about Tuff Possum Gear’s Modified 10×12″ CenterZip Pouches before (previous article). These handy pouches are designed to easily attach to the Hill People Gear Tarahumara pack to expand its capacity. Now Tuff Possum Gear is offering the pouch in two special colors: Multicam Black and Safety Orange.

The Multicam Black is notable because, well… everyone like Multicam Black and it looks great. The Safety Orange colorway is truly useful for those who want to not only add capacity to their Tarahumara, but also stand out more in the woods. If you are using the Tarahumara as a hunting pack, this would be an easy way to add some orange to your kit. Even if you aren’t hunting but you are using the pack in an area where you know hunters may be, this is a handy addition to a great pack.

Tuff Possum Gear on Etsy


Tuff Possum Gear Modified 10×12 Center-Zip Pouch – Easy Way to Add Capacity to HPG Tarahumara

If you are looking for an easy way to add some capacity and organization to your Hill People Gear Tarahumara, check out the Tuff Possum Gear (TPG) Modified 10×12 Center-Zip Pouch. TPG’s Center-Zip Pouches were originally designed as general purpose pouches that could organize small gear in a large pack or serve as possibles pouches.

They posted a custom modification of one such pouch on their social media that was slightly larger than their typical Center-Zip Pouch and had the addition of 2 webbing loops with GrimLocs. These additions allowed the pouch to mate perfectly with the top loops of the Hill People Gear Tarahumara. The idea grew legs from there and now they offer these pouches regularly in small batches.

The Modified 10×12 Center-Zip Pouch attaches to the top loops on the Tarahumara. It hangs down on the front of the pack and is captured with the Tarahumara’s compression straps. This configuration adds capacity while maintaining compression and allowing easy access to the main compartment by simply opening the compression straps and flipping the pouch up out of the way.

Check out the Tuff Possum Gear Modified 10×12 Center-Zip Pouch on Etsy.

Tuff Possum Gear Multipurpose Survival Scarf

Even the most basic scarf can be used in a lot of different ways but Tuff Possum Gear has added a couple of unique features that really earn the name Multipurpose Survival Scarf (MSS).

Their MSS is constructed from diamond ripstop nylon that is sewn into a tube with a closed end. The interior of the tube is lined with high visibility orange fabric so that they entire scarf may be turned inside out to serve as a visual signal. This closed end tube format allows the MSS to serve not only as a scarf but also as a number of other items like:

  • a bag for gathering materials
  • a sling bag when tied with cordage
  • a pillow
  • a pre-filter for water purification
  • a head covering
  • and lots, lots more…

You can check out the Multipurpose Survival Scarf at the Tuff Possum Gear store.

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