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New Gear Available from TangoDown

We told you about the BG-18 Reduced Angle Rifle Grip and the BGV-KM KeyMod Vertical Grip earlier this year. Those items are now available to order from TangoDown. They will begin shipping on Monday and dealers should have them soon.



TangoDown KeyMod Accessories

We covered the TangoDown KeyMod Stubby Vertical Grip back when it was still an early prototype. I am happy to report that it is extremely close to entering production now along with KeyMod rail covers and a hand stop.

tangodown keymod

The new hand stop and rail covers have two things that should really set them apart. The first is that they use metal KeyMod hardware to mount. This is heavier than many of the all plastic rail covers but has proven to be stay in place better in my experience. The second is that these items will feature a similar texture to what Tango Down uses on their SCAR panels. This texture is very grippy without being too abrasive.

It looks like TangoDown is getting into KeyMod in a big way.

TangoDown BG-18 Reduced Angle Grip

TangoDown has announced the imminent release of their BG-18 Reduced Angle Grip. It has many of the great features of their well known BG-16 and BG-17 grips including excellent texture and rounded, hand filling shape but with a more vertical grip angle. It also fills in a bit behind the receiver to promote better trigger finger placement.

tangodown bg-18

If you have read JTT for long, you know that I prefer AR-15 grips that are more vertical in angle. This type of grip is more comfortable when the weapon side arm is tucked in close to the body and when you are just keeping your weapon side hand on the grip while the rifle is hanging from a sling in front of you.

The BG-18 will retail for less than $20! Given TangoDown’s track record with their previous grips and that price, I suspect this grip will be a winner. It is not available yet but you can check out TangoDown’s other grips in the mean time.

TangoDown KeyMod Vertical Grip

TangoDown is bringing their popular vertical grip to a KeyMod compatible rail near you. The images here show a very early prototype but it is still worth getting excited about. This prototype appears to be similar in length and shape to their rail mounted Stubby Vertical Fore Grip. That is a good thing because I have used a lot of vertical grips and the TangoDown short grips fit my hand like they were made for me.

tangodown keymod vert grip 1 tangodown keymod vert grip 2

TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Slide Stop

I have some great news for Glock 42 shooters. The excellent, Larry Vickers designed TangoDown Vickers Tactical Slide Stop will be available for the Glock 42 soon. The Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop is not just a well designed slide stop from an ergonomic standpoint but it is actually very durable. In my experience, Glock’s OEM extended slide stop is not as robust as it could be and, more importantly, it isn’t available for the Glock 42. The Vicker’s Tactical part is made from 4130 steel and stands up to hard use very well.

You can pre-order at Red State Tactical.

Pictured: Tango Down Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop for 9mm/.40SW Glocks.

Pictured: Tango Down Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop for 9mm/.40SW Glocks.

TangoDown Glock 42 Magazine Release

The first, and still my favorite, TangoDown/Vickers Tactical Glock part was the Gen. 1/2/3 magazine release. I highly recommend it due to it’s rounded corners and just the right amount of extension. Now, that same functionality is available for the Glock 42 with the release of the TangoDown Glock 42 Magazine Release. Find it at Red State Tactical.

Glock 42 vickers tactical mag release


Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Basepads

There is at least one Vickers Tactical part on most of my Glocks. The LAV knows his way around Gaston’s creation. Now, he has turned his attention to Glock’s latest – the Glock 42.

Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Basepads 1

Larry Vickers has once again teamed up with Tango Down to produce a new Glock product – Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Basepads. The new base pads add some additional real estate on the front strap of the grip to make the littlest Glock a bit easier to shoot. They taper down to flush with the back of the grip which is good news from a concealment perspective since it is the butt of the grip that you actually have to worry about printing.

They are also scalloped in a similar way to the Vickers Tactical Glock Basepads for full size glocks. These scallops give you great leverage when you need to strip a magazine out of a gun during a malfunction clearance.

These will be available soon and you can expect to see more Vickers Tactical parts for the Glock 42 soon (hopefully a mag released and slide release).

Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Basepads 2

TangoDown Unveils New Site

TangoDown has a great looking new website to show off. It has better organization and a more streamlined design than the previous website. Check it out at TangoDown.com.

TangoDown New Site

TangoDown IO Cover at OC Tactical

OC Tactical IO Cover

OC Tactical has a small number of the black TangoDown IO Covers in stock! The IO Cover is an ingenious cover for the Aimpoint Micro that incorporates lens covers that can nest inside of each other in order to lock out of the way.

The demand for these has been huge. They will sell quickly. Check out OCTactical.com.

TangoDown Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

One of the downsides to mounting a weapon light in the 12 o’clock position on an AR-15 is that you have to move your front sight back to accommodate your light which shortens your sight radius. TangoDown is now offering a very clever solution for this issue – the Front Sight Flashlight Adapter.

Tango Down Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is a rail mounted, fixed front sight assembly that has a large circular hole through the middle of it that allows the bezel of the light to slip into it. This places your front sight in the optimum position, allows the the light to pass through unobstructed, and protects the bezel of the light. The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is machined from 4130 steel and has a black manganese phosphate finish. The initial model (FFA-01) is for use with the Surefire X300 and there will be additional models for use with other lights like the INFORCE WML.

Check out TangoDown.com.

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