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Review: TacPack May 2017

The May 2017 TacPack has landed. This box is one of my favorites to date thanks to some solid inclusions from Hexmag, Doc Spartan, and Live Fire Gear. Lets look inside!

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

Hexmag “Blaster Pack” – There is a whole lot of Hexmag in the May box. There is an AR-15 magazine and you can never have enough magazines. There is pack of pre-cut grip tape that can be stuck into the hexagons on the magazine. Finally, there is grip that is a collaboration between Hexmag and ERGO. It’s comfortable in the hand and comes with a free “Gapper” to fill in that annoying gap behind the standard AR-15 trigger guard. No one ever said, “I think I have enough AR-15 magazines.”

Do Spartan Triple Threat – The Triple Threat is a 3 pack of Doc Spartan’s Combat Ready Ointment packaged three different ways – in a small deodorant type container, a lip balm style tube, and a tin. The different types of containers make it easier to apply the ointment in different ways or carry them in different ways but the ointment inside is the same. I’ve been using this stuff from a previous TacPack and I like it a lot. It smells good, works kind of like a triple antibiotic ointment (teatree oil kills all kinds of nasty stuff), and is versatile enough to work as a moisturizer or to prevent chafing. This is probably a lifetime supply for me.

Live Fire Gear Fire Starting Kit – This is a great inclusion too. The kit contains 1 ferro rod and 1 Live Fire tin. The full size Live Fire tins like the one in this kit spark easily, even when wet, and burn for a long time. If you have any idea what you are doing, this kit represents at least one nearly fool proof fire when you need it. I’ve been pleased with every Live Fire Gear product I have tried and I have tested the smaller version of these tins. They work and this is the kind of thing that belongs in every Get Home Bag or vehicle emergency kit. You and your family can practice with this one and then use the included Live Fire Gear coupon to pick up more tins for your kit.

TacPack Safe Magnet – Normally the TacPack add on items are meant to be humorous. This month’s magnet isn’t meant to be humorous but it is meant to be a reminder to us all to “Honor the Brave”.

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. TacPack says that the June box will be their highest dollar value to date.

Review: TacPack April 2017

The April 2017 TacPack has landed. If you are an EDC gadget lover, you’re going to dig this one. Lets look inside!

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

KeySmart EDC Kit – There are two items from KeySmart this month. The first is a very cool keyfob that is made to wrap duct tape around so you can always have a small roll of I-can-fix-anything Tape with you. It comes preloaded with Gorilla Tape which is a nice touch. KeySmart also included one of their Nano-Wrenches which is very cool. It is a tiny keychain gadget that can be used to turn flat head screws and several sizes of nuts/bolts. These items were my favorites in the box.

Armaspec Titanium TakeDown Pins – If you are planning an AR-15 build, these will be handy. If you have an already built AR, you can add some bling. This TacPack is the very first time these pins have been available so you can be the first kid on your block to have them.

ABKT Tactical Cleaning Kit – Having a spare cleaning kit never hurt anyone. This one comes with several brushes, mops, a pull cable, and more. The case is a little cheap but it actually organizes the components well. Drop it in a range bag or emergency bag and go.

Splatter Targets – Everyone can use more targets. These Splatter Targets are the type that show hits well enough to see at distance. They are a useful size and will come in handy at the range. I was glad to see them in the box.

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. The May box will include some items of HexMag among other things.

Review: TacPack February 2017 Edition

The February 2017 TacPack is here and I’ll tell you right up front that this is my favorite one to date.

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

Like I said before, this month’s box is my favorite to date. The perceived value is high. The usefulness and/or cool factor of the included items is high. It has a very high, I’ve-Been-Wanting-to-Try -One-of-Those factor. The TacPack has no weak items this month.

LiveFire Gear 550 FireCord – You can never have too much paracord and you can never have too many emergency firestarting materials tucked away in your EDC or various kits. LiveFire Gear’s 550 FireCord is both. It’s paracord with an inner strand that serves as an excellent emergency tinder. 25 feet is enough to make a ton of zipper pulls and lanyards.

TricornE Spool Tool – If you have paracord, you want/need a Spool Tool. This ingenious tool allows you to wrap 100 feet of paracord on it where it sits, ready to be used in projects. The tool also has an integrated cordage cutter, a bracket for holding a Mini Bic lighter, notches for holding the cord while you fuse the end, and a lanyard hole.

Bull Moose Tactical Muzzle Device – This brake is threaded 1/2×28 so it should fit a variety of rifles. I haven’t tried it yet but I will.

North Shore Kustoms Equalizer – I like knucks. I used to sell them back when we operated Edge/Equipped and I even had occasion to design one. I’ll probably never use one in any sort of defensive way. To me, they are a novelty that represents a craftsman who translates a design directly into metal. They are interesting objects that are cool to own, cool to talk about, and that is enough of a purpose for… Hold on… This one has a bottle opener!

TacPack Patch – You like patches don’t you? Of course you do.

LiveFire Gear 40% Off Coupon – The final item in the box is a 40% coupon for LiveFire Gear. I’ll put that to use for sure!

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. They are saying that the items in the March box will have a total value of $115 and a TacPack sometime in the near future will feature the debut of a new item from Hexmag.

TacPack Giveaway

The folks at TacPack are hosting one heck of a giveaway. The prizes include 3 Sons of Liberty AR-15s and a plate carrier complete with soft armor and plates.

It’s easy to enter. Visit the contest page for details: TacPack Contest Page

Review: TacPack January 2017 Edition

The January 2017 TacPack has landed. Let’s take a look!

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

Before I dig into the review, I want to note that I have turned down the opportunity to review a number of other subscription boxes. I continue to review TacPacks because they provide items that I find useful and the quality is good. Other boxes that I have seen are either very expensive, provide a poor value, include mostly junk, or all of the above. TacPack has maintained a level of quality that I can appreciate.

This month’s box is another solid one. There are a number of items that are interesting with three that really stand out for me and form the basis for the usefulness of this month’s box. This isn’t one of the boxes that makes me say “wow” (there have been a couple of those) but it the sort of solid value I have come to expect from TacPack.

5.11 Tactical Alpha Scout Tanto Knife – This is probably the nicest knife included in a TacPack yet. These 5.11 knives are designed in conjunction with Blade-Tech and have a host of solid features. They just work and everyone can find a use for a knife that just works. This is a standout item… one that provides a very good perceived value in a box like this.

Breakthrough Clean Battle Born Grease – This is several years worth of grease for me. I am not really picky about oil and grease but Breakthrough Clean seems to make a good product. I’ll certainly put this to use. This is another stand out addition – the kind of thing everyone can use.

Sawtooth Barrel Floss – Everyone needs bore snakes… lots of them. This one seems nice and comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage (I’ve broken other brands before). If you break it, they replace it. That’s nice. You simply can’t go wrong with an item like this.

LighterBro Stealth – This is where we get into the sort of novelty items that always come in these boxes. The LighterBro may be useful to some but I am not likely to use it since I carry a Swiss Army Knife or multi-tool separately. This is basically a case for a lighter that integrates a few Swiss Army Knife-like tools into it. It could be a good addition to a survival kit or bug out bag.

Martin Hammer – It looks like an AR-15 hammer but its actually a keychain bottle opener. It works well and isn’t overly huge like some novelty bottle openers so in those regards, it is a good one. If you subscribe to a service like this, you can expect to never be short of bottle openers.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the February box which TacPack is saying will contain an American-made CNC machined EDC products worth $60 on its own along with a bunch of other slick kit.

Review: TacPack November 2016 Edition

The November 2016 TacPack is one of the coolest and most interesting yet.

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box. I recently received the November 2016 TacPack. Here are the details…


This month’s box is a very solid value. The items seemed to strike a great balance between value, quality, usefulness, and level of interest. This is probably my favorite box yet in part because it exposed me to an interesting product that I am still trying to wrap my head around.

Nelson Precision Manufacturing AR.5 – All of these subscription boxes come with bottle openers. If you subscribe for long, you will end up with a ton of them and they are easy to forget about. Every once in a while you get one that stands out and the NPM AR.5 certainly stands out. It is basically an accurately crafted half scale 80% AR-15 lower that opens bottles. I have tested it thoroughly on a variety of bottles and can confirm that it works VERY well. Best. Bottle Opener. Ever.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Mug – This mug rocks. I happen to like Black Rifle Coffee Company. I also happen to like enameled steel coffee mugs and early American history. This mug hits all those notes. It is a lot nicer than most of the enamel ware I see these days. Hint: You can also drink whiskey out of it.

Burnproof Gear Boot Laces – Burnproof gear makes cool stuff, especially if you have a suppressor you need to cover. They also make really nice boot laces. These kevlar laces are super strong and have a great texture so they don’t slip which makes them very good boot laces (good boot laces are hard to find). They offer heat resistance and high tensile strength so they have all sorts of survival applications.

Exotac polySTRIKER – I own and use several Exotac products. You can never go wrong with putting one of their products in these boxes. If you don’t have a ferro rod, you need one (or two, one to practice with and one to carry). You can always find a place to tuck a good ferro rod. Inclusions like this rank just about as high as possible on the usefulness scale as it pertains to subscription boxes.

ReadyMan Home Defense Hand Grenade – You know ReadyMan for their survival cards but they actually have a lot more than that going on. They offer a variety of products and advocate readiness in all forms. This Home Defense Hand Grenade isn’t on their website currently but it is extremely interesting. It is basically a puck shaped object that has bright strobes and screeching siren. You push a button, there is a short delay when you can throw it, and then it goes off with the intent of working as a distractionary device. In the confines of a dark room or hallway, it would be very disruptive.

I need to think more on how best to use something like this. On one hand, it makes a certain amount of sense on its face and I can see how it would be useful. On the other, the home owner is already faced with an interesting conundrum when confronting the bump in the night… You have two hands but need to carry a gun, a cell phone, and a flashlight at a minimum and there may not be time to jock up with gear. Something like this has merit and I have enjoyed thinking through how it might be used effectively.

There is also a coupon included so you can save 20% off at ReadyMan.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the December box which TacPack is saying will contain a high value knife along with a bunch of other slick kit.

Review: TacPack October Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box. I recently received the October TacPack. Here are the details…


The October Box is solid in terms of value but the usefulness of some of the items may vary. This box contains a handful of items that retail higher than the fodder included in most subscription boxes so there are fewer items than you may find in a typical box but the quality is also better the most.

BreakThrough Clean Battle Born Grease – You can get by with just gun oil in most cases but grease is always good to have on hand. It stays put better on handgun slide rails, trigger engagement surfaces, and similar places that are hard to access or prone to leaking out all over you. This 12cc syringe makes application easy and could last you a few years in most cases. This is a solid inclusion.

Tactical Oatmeal Mag Carrier – This kydex magazine carrier is pretty slick. It is designed to accept a wide variety of belt hardware or MALICE clips (included). Additionally, it may be stacked with other Tactical Oatmeal Magazine Carriers in a variety of ways. The included MALICE clips will let you mount it on PALS webbing (though it can’t really be weaved) or your belt. I am not sure if this example is indicative of all Tactical Oatmeal products but while the design and molding is solid, the finish could use some work. The edges are left sharp and there is still bits of kydex left in the mounting holes. It isn’t pretty but it is functional.

Cittac EDC Beetle Buster – Cittac makes steel targets and very slick flat-pack target stands. They also make these little steel Beetle Busters. If you like knuck-like bottle openers or EDC tools, you’ll like this.

Trayvax Wallet – While I do not care to carry an exotic wallet, I can admit that this Traywax Wallet is pretty cool. It is actually of made thin steel with an adjustable strap to carry cards. It also has a place to stow a key and it blocks most RFID signals by nature of its steel construction. It’s very slim and I suspect it will last a long, long time.

Gang Bangers Anonymous Patch – Another patch for the patch wall!

Check out TacPack to get in line for the November box which TacPack is touting as the highest value yet.

Review: TacPack September Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the September TacPack and here are the details…

September’s box is another one that delivers not only good value, but useful items. The usefulness of the items included continues to be my favorite thing about TacPack’s subscription service.


Nine Line Apparel Swag Pack – Nine Line Apparel is represented in a big way in this month’s box. They included a sticker, a koozie, and a t-shirt. I have a tool chest so I can use the sticker. I like cold beverages that come in cans so I can definitely use the koozie. I also [usually] wear clothing so I will get a lot of mileage out of the All Rifles Matter shirt. I always pleased when these boxes include a shirt.

Bellflower AK47 – This is an aluminum bottle opener that is shaped like an AK-47 and can be attached to your keys. It’s anodized in a gold color so you can feel like an oil baron or sultan while you are opening bottles. Even if you don’t put it on your keychain, you need a bottle opener for every drawer in your kitchen because they tend to disappear over time and no one wants to try to remember which drawer the bottle opener is in.


ReadyMan Survival Card – ReadyMan makes a variety of these cards. The one included in this box has a variety of fish hooks, frog spears, and other useful survival goodies packed into one easy-to-carry credit card form. I have a few of these tucked into various kits.

Wild HedgeHog Tactical – Wild HedgeHog Tactical really came through in this box. There is a coupon for 20% off at their site and one of their Ouch Pouches which is a compact, water-resistant first aid kit. You can never have too many first aid kits. This is the type of useful item that I really like finding in my TacPack.

Armaspec ST-45 Ambi Selector – This is a solid inclusion for both value and usefulness. If you are reading JTT, you almost certainly own an AR-15 in which you can use a short throw selector.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the October box which TacPack is touting as possibly their best yet.

Review: TacPack August Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the August TacPack and it is my favorite so far. Here are the details…


I judge subscription boxes based not only the monetary value they deliver but also the usefulness of the items. I have purchased subscription boxes before and found that they may deliver a good monetary value on paper but be full of useless nick-knacks. That has not been my experience with TacPack and this month’s box is a prime example. I will use every single thing in the box. So far, TacPack boxes always deliver on value and I have been pleased with the usefulness of the items.

Exotac Fireseleeve – I supported the crowdfunding campaign that launched these and I think they are great gear. Exotac’s Firesleeve makes the already great Bic lighter even more functional by making it water-resistant, easier to grip, easier to keep lit without burning your thumb, and adding a lanyard loop.

America Grip Dagger Multi-Tool – This thing is slick. It’s an AR-15-centric multi-tool that is unlike any other that I own. It is especially solid for clearing some nasty types of stoppages. It has a tool for removing cases with head separation and a clever tool that is radiused for hooking under the rim of stuck brass. It can also be used to push pins, adjust optics, as a flat blade screw driver, and bolt scraper. Best of all, it folds into a very compact shape that can be clipped just about anywhere. This is going into my range kit.

Kershaw EDC Pack – Many of Kershaw’s knives are pretty inexpensive but they aren’t cheap if you get my drift. I have always had good luck with them so this is a nice inclusion. The pack includes a small multi-tool, a Kershaw knife, a flashlight, and a branded dog tag. The multi-tool is okay. The flashlight is pretty cheap but it works. The dog tag is silly. The knife, however, is solid and you always have room for a solid knife in a kit or tool box.

Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro – Everyone needs more gun oil. I don’t worry much about my gun oil because, regardless of the brand, I am going to use it the same way. I add lots of it so the gun stays wet, apply lots more when it starts to dry out, and repeat. They all work if you use them that way. However, I do like when a lube provides good protection from corrosion which, in my unscientific experience, Breakthrough Clean products do. I have to say that I like the precision applicator bottle on this Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro quite a bit. I also like that a 10% off coupon code was included for future Breakthrough Clean purchases.

GBA Sticker – Your tool box probably has room for another sticker.

On the whole, I think this is the most solid box to date. Previous subscription boxes that I have tried became progressively more nick-knack oriented. TacPack seems to keep going strong and may even be improving over time. I’ll take a few useful, high-value items over a pile of useless junk that is included to pad the monetary value any day. Well done TacPack. Well done.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the September box.

Review: TacPack – July Edition

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background. I recently received the July TacPack and it is one of my favorites so far thanks to three really handy inclusions. Here are the details…


KeySmart Rugged – The KeySmart is a handy little bugger. It basically lets you sandwich your keys together into something like a Swiss Army Knife. This is a new, more beefy version of the KeySmart that seems very sturdy. It also came with an expansion pack for those of you with janitoresque key rings. This is a great inclusion and one that just about anyone can use.

Gerber Hook Knife – The Gerber Hook Knife is like a very small rescue knife or strap cutter. It actually does a respectable job of cutting clothing, webbing, string, and similar items without binding in spite of its size. The sheath seems to hold it very securely and its simple split ring attachment should allow you to mount this anywhere – on your gear, on your key ring, on a pack, etc. This is the kind of thing that I can always find a use for.

Strike Industries Angled Foregrip – The Strike Industries Angled Foregrip works and it is pretty handy – especially for AR pistol shooters since the BATFE has ruled that angle grips are good to go on AR Pistols. The Strike Industries grip has a clever ledge on the front that makes it easy to lock into a barricade while shooting. I’ll definitely use this.

TacPack Smooth Operator Hat – This cap features the ubiquitous loop material field on the front for attaching patches which makes it very operator. It also has the TacPack logo embroidered over the loop field which actually looks nice. It’s not the nicest cap I own but it isn’t the worst either. The quality is better than a typical freebie type hat.

Gang Bangers Anonymous Patch – TacPack continues their Gang Bangers Anonymous theme with a new GBA patch. This one is going on the patch panel!

Some lucky folks also received one of 20 muzzle brakes from BullMoose Tactical. Even if you didn’t get a muzzle brake, the box included a 25% off coupon for BullMoose Tactical.

Wrap Up

This is one of the most solid boxes to date. It might not be the slickest but I will use every single thing in it. The KeySmart has universal appeal. The Gerber Hook Knife can be tucked away in a kit or carried on anyone’s gear. You’ll always find room on a rifle for a good fore grip like the Strike Industries Angled Foregrip. This is just a solid box.

Check out TacPack to get in line for the August box.

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