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Open Call for Sneaky Bags Brand Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador for Sneaky Bags? They are looking for people to represent their brand in their every day lives as well as on social media and other platforms. See the image below for details on how to apply.

Sneaky Bags Fall Sale

Sneaky Bags is having a Fall Sale with markdowns on two of their most popular bags – the Sentinel Concepts collaboration Sentinel Backpack and three sizes of the S.U.B. Check out SneakyBags.com.


50% Off Sneaky Bags S.U.B.

I have good news and bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news. Sneaky Bags is discontinuing the Shoulder Utility Bag or SUB. This is my favorite bag that they make but it is also one of their more complex bags from a manufacturing standpoint.

These bags are basically an entire chest rig/belt rig in a messenger bag form. They let you carry primary and secondary magazines along with other gear in a way that is easy to access and relatively low profile. They can be great active shooter response bags or even a home defense bag allowing you to carry magazines, first aid, flashlights, and more in a bag that is much faster to don than a chest rig. The Medium and Large size even have a very slick integrated dump pouch.

The good news is that there is still time to pick up a SUB and they are all on sale for 50% until they are gone! Check out the Sneaky Bags SUB.

EVADE Backpack from Alpha One Niner

A19-Recon9-04-LoResYou may remember Alpha One Niner from when they launched their first product, the RECON ONE, via Kickstarter. Since that time, the Alpha One Niner portfolio of tactical gear inspired travel and EDC goods has grown considerably.

Alpha One Niner is the brainchild of Helm Ashiblie of SERT, Sneaky Bags, and other ventures. His work literally takes him around the world on a weekly basis which gives him a great perspective on what people really need in a travel bag. Helm previously designed the SERT Penumbra to serve as his ultimate travel backpack (I reviewed that bag on these pages and still use it daily) but this time he enlisted the help of the EDC Forums readership to help design a new bag called the EVADE Backpack.

If you like the Penumbra, you’ll like the EVADE. Helm’s design influence can be seen throughout the bag. In some ways, it looks like a scaled down version of the Penumbra but to assume that would sell short the several new features that the EVADE tucks away in its nylon shell.A19-Recon9-05-LoRes

Starting from the front of the EVADE and moving back, you first find a large loop Velcro field for patches and ID. That loop field is sewn to the outside of the large admin pocket which boasts several organization features included a padded slip pocket for electronics, pen slots, a lanyard, and tons more slip pockets of various sizes. This compartment also has an attachment point for the new Matroskya Pouches which are essentially removable internal pouches that are sold separately.

The next compartment moving toward the back is the main compartment. It represents most of the pack’s 1650 cubic inches of volume. The compartment is designed to open very wide and is secured with a zipper and two side mounted compression straps. It features two internal mesh pockets which is a common element of Helm’s designs and another mounting point that will accept a large Matroskya Pouch. The Matroskya Pouch mounts at the top of the compartment allowing you to essentially segment the main compartment and simply flip the Matroskya Pouch out of the way to access your other gear.

Moving back from the main compartment you find an elastic slip pocket on each side and a generous laptop compartment. The slip pockets are perfect for water bottles or similar gear. The laptop compartment is padded and will accept up to a 17″ laptop or tablet.

Hidden behind the EVADE’s padded back panel is a loop Velcro lined, zipper closed concealment pocket. This can be used for carrying a handgun in a Velcro backed holster or as a place to store documents or a tablet.


The EVADE also has nicely padded shoulder straps and a padded grab handle. There are webbing loops that can be strung with shock-cord to create a bungee storage matrix on the front of the pack.

The EVADE Backpack is available in a number of color and fabric options. You can check out the EVADE Backpack at Alpha One Niner. If you “Like” Alpha One Niner on Facebook, they will provide you with a 20% coupon code that will save you some cash on your own EVADE Backpack.


New from Sneaky Bags: Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches

The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches from Sneaky Bags are the type of pouches that you will never run out of ideas for how to use them. They are a great organizer option for your Sneaky Bag or any loop Velcro lined bag. They work as a typical admin organizer, a grab-and-go type E&E/survival kit, or even a tear-off medical kit.


The Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches (PMOP) are compact pouches that can be mounted on you belt or fixed to loop Velcro. The back of each pouch features a covered strip of hook Velcro (just peel off the loop cover to use it) and a strip of webbing that is sewn so that it can be used as both a grab handle and belt loops. The back panel is stiffened with an insert so that the PMOP always keeps its shape.

The interior of the pouches feature 4 mesh slip pockets that are bellowed to provide some internal space. These pockets, coupled with the internal space of the pouch, provide a lot of organization potential and the ability to see through the mesh to see the contents. The pouches have a full clamshell opening (like a book) to allow you to view and access the contents.

The front of the pouch has a adjustable shock cord (bungee) weave (2 in the case of the double version) that can be used to affix items like a tourniquet.

The pouches are constructed from nylon and have at least 2 layers of material throughout. The seams are all bound and stress points are reinforced. The overbuilt quality is typical of Sneaky Bags.

I have one of each size in hand and they are pretty slick. Check out the new Penguin Modular Organizer Pouches at Sneaky Bags.

Sneaky Bags Expands Spyder Line

Sneaky Bags has expanded their Spyder line to include two additional larger sizes. The Spyder bag was originally designed to conceal very compact SBRs but users wanted the same feature set for larger carbines so Sneaky Bags has introduced a new 31″ length and 36″ length to go with the original 27″ length bag.


All 3 sizes have the same features that made the original great. They are relatively low-profile in appearance, having more in common with a sports equipment bag than most gun cases. The clam shell opening allows easy access to the rifle or rifles contained inside and the magazine loadout that can be stored and organized in the divider between the two main compartments. The outside compartments can be used to carry a number of items up to and including handguns or even smaller SMGs if you have need for such things.

Check out the Spyder line at Sneaky Bags.


Black Friday at Sneaky Bags

Sneaky Bags is offering 30% off selected items. These are the lowest prices I have ever seen on the best discreet carry bags I have ever used.

sneaky abgs sale

Sneaky Bags Nautilus

The Nautilus Sling Bag from Sneaky Bags is now available. This is one of Sneaky Bags’ most discreet bags yet. It is designed to be used as an off body concealed carry bag but can also be used to transport smaller shoulder fired firearms.


The interior features a large loop covered PALS webbing field to offer the user an array of organization options without taking up the internal volume. It also has a zippered front slip pocket for smaller items. The rear of the bag has a concealed carry compartment that is accessible from either side and the shoulder strap can be configured for either right and left handed users.

Check out the Nautilus Sling Bag at Sneaky Bags.

Sneaky Bags SPYDER

The SPYDER Covert Rifle Bag, from Sneaky Bags, is now available. This bag has a similar discreet shape to the larger Covert Rifle Bags but it is scaled down to fit SBRs with an overall length of 27″ or less in the main storage compartment. The main compartment also features a padded divider that can be used to store additional magazines.


There are two smaller compartments on the front of the SPYDER that feature internal organization features like zippered mesh pockets, loop material, and PALS webbing for mounting hook or MOLLE backed pouches.

The initial released of the SPYDER is a somewhat limited soft-launch. Only Black and Medium Navy are available at this time. Other colors will be available soon. Check out the SPYDER from Sneaky Bags.

Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS

The Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS is the next bag in their production line up. This sling style bag has elements of an EDC bag like user configurable organization features but it is also designed to adapt to various discreet weapons carry methods from simply concealing a handgun in its CCW pocket or configured to carry a PDW or SBR.

Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS

The NAUTILUS is roughly 21″ tall, 13″ wide, and 7″ deep. It has internal loop covered PALS webbing to organize PALS compatible or Velcro backed pouches or to serve as an attachment point for PDWs and SBRs. The inside of the flap that the front of the pack creates when the bag is opened has zippered mesh pocket organization. The interior sides also feature mesh pouches. Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS Interior

The exterior of the NAUTILUS features a single zippered slash pocket and the appearance of the pack is purposely muted. The CCW pouch can be found behind the pack’s mesh back panel where it is easily accessed by pulling the bag around to your front or side. This can be done with either the left or right hand thanks to the single ambidextrous shoulder strap.

The NAUTILUS will be available soon. Check out Sneaky Bags.

Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS SBR Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS CCW pocket

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