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SIONICS Labor Day Sale

SIONICS is offering a number of items at reduced prices for Labor Day. The sale includes sub-$100 M-LOK rails, sub-$60 LPKs with the excellent SIONICS Enhanced Trigger, special deals on uppers, lowers, and more. Visit the Labor Day Sale page at SIONICSWeaponSystems.com.

SIONICS Test Fire Procedure

Test firing procedures vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some test fire by firing a round or two into a trap. Some spot test a few rifles out of a batch. SIONICS test fires each and every rifle and upper on the range with 10-15 rounds each.

They recently released this image of a massive test firing being staged for a department contract. Don’t bother sending your application for the position of SIONICS Test Fire Guy. I already sent mine.


Sionics Patrol Three-E-UR

Hot on the heels of their Patrol Three-E complete rifle announcement, Sionics Weapon Systems is releasing the new Patrol-E-UR upper receiver. This new upper has several customization features and the Sionics quality you expect but still comes in at a lower price point.


  • Configuration: AR15 Style Carbine, 5.56mm NATO
  • Upper Receiver: 7075 M4
  • Barrel: 16”, 41V50, 5.56mm NATO Chamber, 1:8, Air-Gauged, Radiograph and MP Inspected
  • Gas System: Mid-Length, Direct-Impingement
  • Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Suppressor
  • Hand Guard: Free-Float 13″ SIONICS M-LOK Rail – Low Profile Gas Block


  • Medium or Light contour barrel
  • MLOK rail section (5 slot)
  • Magpul MBUS Pro Sights
  • 15″ rail upgrade
  • Included BCG

Now is a perfect time to check out the new Patrol-E-UR because Sionics is offering 5% off for Fathers Day when you use code FATHER2017.

SIONICS Patrol Three-E

SIONICS Weapon Systems just let the cat out of the bag on their upcoming Patrol Three-E carbine. The new rifle shares the same quality as all their rifles but comes at a very affordable price thanks to some careful parts selection. This carbine will come with several features and add-ons not usually found on AR-15s at it’s $950 starting price.

The Patrol Three-E is the first carbine to come out of SIONICS wearing their new branded M-LOK compatible hand guard. It also comes standard with a SIONICS barrel – one of the parts that helped put SIONICS on the map. The grip and stock are from Magpul’s MOE-SL line and it even comes standard with a Sprinco spring!

Here is a more complete look at the specs:

  • SIONICS Barrel – 4150 CMV – Radiograph and MP Inspected
  • SIONICS Bolt w/5-Coil Heavy Extractor Spring and Black Insert
  • SIONICS Bolt Carrier – M16 Carrier – 8620 Material
  • SIONICS Enhanced Trigger
  • SIONICS H Buffer
  • SIONICS Melonite Gas Tube
  • Magpul MOE-K2 Grip
  • Magpul MOE SL Stock
  • QD End Plate
  • Sprinco Action Spring
  • 5-Slot Rail piece for M-LOK Handguard

SIONICS will open pre-ordering for the Patrol Three-E on June 5th.


SIONICS Service Department

It’s no secret that SIONICS Weapon Systems supplies multiple departments around the country with their carbines. There are several reasons for that including the quality of the AR-15s that they produce but one of the things that rely sets them apart is the quality of their support after they make the sale. They have some extremely knowledgeable armorer staff that is able to support their carbines long after the ink on the contract is signed.

Now they are opening up their armorer service to extend beyond just their own carbines and beyond just the departments that they provide carbines to.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce the creation of the SIONICS Service Department. Whether you or your LE Agency needs help dimpling a barrel, rebuilding your AR-15, fixing your AR-15 that doesn’t work or having us build a custom AR-15 for you, we are happy to help. Services are available for any branded Direct Impingement AR-15 and start at $35. Please e-mail us sales@sionicsweaponsystems.com or call us at 520-396-3460 for more details.


New AR15 Barrel Tease from Sionics

Sionics Weapon Systems is testing a new 18″ stainless barrel with black Melonite finish. Their previous 18″ stainless barrel had a bead blast finish and was well known for providing excellent accuracy. If the new barrel can provide the same level of accuracy along with a more durable and less bright finish, it should be a winner.

St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS

SIONICS Weapon Systems has several St. Patrick’s Day Specials that will be available through the weekend. There are some great deals but I think the pick of the litter is their SIONICS CORE Bundle that includes one of their excellent barrels, their NP3 coated bolt carrier group, and one of their EMS Triggers for $369.95 and you get to pick the barrel contour!

St. Patrick’s Day Specials at SIONICS

You Don’t Have to Go Nuts to Shave Weight on an AR-15 – SIONICS Lightweight Patrol Rifles

If you want to build an AR-15 under 5 pounds, you are going to have to get a little creative and it’s going to cost you. However, you don’t have to start skeletonizing things that shouldn’t be skeletonized or using exotic materials to build a rifle that will still carry light and function reliably.

SIONICS recently posted a picture of one of their Patrol Three Rifles on a scale. It weighs in at a scant 6.1 pounds with top quality, standard parts and in a ready to shoot configuration (with sights).

How do they do it? Did they flute the bolt carrier or use aluminum where you should use steel? Nope. This rifle still has a proper M16 BCG and other reliable, full weight parts. They just make use of a smart barrel profile and quality, lightweight hand guard. Those are the same places you should start when shedding weight. Or… Just check out a Patrol Three at SIONICS.

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