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Let RE Factor Tactical Design Custom Your Custom Targets

RE Factor Tactical is now offering a custom target design service. Departments, agencies, units, trainers, ranges, and even regular guys can lean on RE Factor Tactical’s experience in target design to create a target that supports their training goals.

They make the process of designing the targets as painless as possible. The minimum order is relatively low at 1000 targets with tiered discounts for larger orders and they can design in black and white, full color, and even splatter targets.

Check out REFactorTactical.com for more details.

RE Factor Tactical Pink Operator Band for Breast Cancer Awareness

RE Factor Tactical’s Pink Operator Band is their latest charity band. 50% of the sales of this special version of the Operator Band will go to the American Cancer Society to benefit breast cancer awareness.

Check out the Pink Operator Band at RE Factor Tactical.

Free Essential Shooting Guide at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is known not just for creating targets but for creating resources and drills to help people get the most out of their targets. The Essential Shooting Guide is one such resource designed to go with their Essentials Target. Now, they are offering it for free when you purchase 100 or more Essentials Targets.

Buy 100 Targets and get a versatile target to add to your training regimen, a volume discount, and a free book of drills and other info. Check out the Essential Shooting Guide and the Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.

Human Resources Target from RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical’s newest training target is now available. The Human Resources Target isn’t a photo-realist Toby Flenderson target. It is actually a series of 5 similar targets with the same targeting zones but with unique shape, color, letter, and number combinations in those targeting zones. This built in variety allows the trainee or trainer to create a nearly infinite number of drills. The drills can be as simple as fundamental accuracy drills or advanced enough to work skills like decision making and visual processing.

The targets are printed in the USA on 23 x 35″ paper. There are significant discounts for volume purchasing. Check out the Human Resources Target at RE Factor Tactical.


Limited Edition AK47 T-Shirt from RE Factor Tactical

Ice Cube got it wrong in is 1992 song, “It Was a Good Day”. RE Factor Tactical gets it right on their newest limited edition t-shirt.

Pre-order your Limited Edition AK Shirt from RE Factor Tactical.

Tactical Distributors and RE Factor Tactical: JedBurgh Cover Shirt

Tactical Distributors and RE Factor Tactical are teaming up to being you the JedBurgh Cover Shirt. This low-profile shirt has the appearance of travel or outdoor oriented shirt but is designed specifically to serve as a cover shirt for concealed carry.

The fit is designed to be neat but leave enough room to cover a handgun on your belt. The shirt’s snap buttons and reinforced inner walls of the shirt aid in clearing it during your draw stroke. The reinforced areas of the shirt also serve to reduce printing. It has an array of pockets included pockets in the lower front that can be weighted to aid in clearing the garment. The cotton/nylon blend fabric stretches to allow a full range of movement.

The JedBurgh Cover Shirt is available now at a GREATLY reduced price ($16.95) in order to get it into the hands of users for testing and evaluation. Act fast.

Jedburgh Cover Shirt at Tactical Distributors

20% OFF Wilderness and Hostage Escape Cards at Re Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is offering 20% off their Wilderness and Hostage Escape Cards for a limited time. I’ve given several of these as gifts and they are always a hit.

Survival Cards at REFactorTactical.com

4th of July Sale at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is offering 15% off when you use code OGWARLORDS. You know what that means… It’s time to pick up a new Blasting Cap and stack the training targets deep!


RE Factor Tactical Public Service Announcement: Tank Top Weather is Here

RE Factor Tactical launched their most recent limited edition shirt just in time for tank top season. The Stars and Shrapnel Tank is now available for pre-order.



RE Factor Tactical Grey Blasting Cap Clearance

RE Factor Tactical is clearing out their grey Blasting Caps. They are $10 off their normal price while supplies last.

Blasting Cap at RE Factor Tactical

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