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PHLster TuckStrut and Classic Holster

PHLster released details today for two products that they have been teasing for weeks – the TuckStrut and full size Classic Holster.

The TuckStrut is a new piece of hardware developed by PHLter and Henry Holsters. The strut has an integral wing feature that serves to turn the butt of the handgun in toward the wearer for better concealment. It is tuckable and completely ambidextrous for use on right or left hand holsters. You can expect to see the new TuckStrut on PHLster holsters as well as in use as an OEM product for other holster makers.

PHLster also released news on their first full size holster in some time. The Classic was originally available through their custom shop but it is now available as a production offering with a number of improvements. The holsters features the aforementioned TuckStrut and a tear drop shaped in-molded ramp on the rear of the holster that work together to ensure that the grip of the gun stays firmly against the wearer for concealment. The Classic is molded for a Glock 17 but with an open muzzle so it also fits G26, G19, G19 with external comps, and G34 sized guns.

The TuckStrut and Classic are in stock and available at PHLsterHolsers.com.

PHLster Flatpack High-Viz Deployment Tabs

PHLster’s Flatpack tourniquet holder continues to learn new tricks. Its latest is the addition of accessory High-Viz Deployment Tabs. These red, laser cut Hypalon tabs come in kit form consisting of 3 tabs and replacement shock cord. The tabs serve as a visual indicator of the life saving payload carried by the Flatpack and act as an aid for releasing the tourniquet from the carrier.

They can be strung onto the carrier in at least two ways: 1 on each shock cord retention loop or 1 connecting both shock cord retention loops so that both can be pulled at the same time. You may even find other ways to use them.

Check out the PHLster Flatpack High-Viz Deployment Tabs

Flatpack Pull Tab

The PHLster Flatpack has proven to be a tourniquet carrier capable of being configured a ton of different ways. It can be worn on belts or straps, used with adhesive Velcro for attaching to loop fields, attached to PALS webbing, and people are still finding new ways to configure it. One of the more recent and clever configurations I’ve seen to use the soft loop as a pull tab which allows the user to retrieve the TQ from a deep pouch quickly.

PHLster Skeleton S/S/T

PHLster has released a new version of the Skeleton holster, the Skeleton S/S/T. The new holster is more of a transport and utility cover than a holster in that it isn’t designed to be worn. It has no belt hardware and is specifically designed for safe storage and transport of the firearm. The blaze orange color and glow in the dark lanyard could make a Glock stored in the drawer of your nightstand, or in your range bag easier to find.

Additionally, the Skeleton S/S/T may have application for some discreet off body carry methods like inside a backpack or inside a Hill People Gear Kit Bag and other similar set ups. The Skeleton S/S/T could be fixed in the bag via a short lanyard when would cause the holster to break away during the drawstroke as the full length of the lanyard was reached.

These are available now as part of a limited pre-production run via the PHLster Custom Shop. It is currently only available for double stack Glock 9mm, .40SW, and .357SIG pistols.

PHLster Gen 2 TDI Fightworthy Sheath – Now Available

The newly upgraded Gen 2 TDI Fightworthy Sheath from PHLster is now available. The new sheath benefits from improved manufacturing processes to feature greatly availability, improved access due to increased hand clearance, improved retention, greater hardware compatibility, more precise molding, and a $10 reduction in price. I encourage you to watch the video below for more details.

You can check out the new sheath at Snake Hound Machine.

Tease: PHLster TDI Fightworthy Sheath Improvements

PHLster is teasing some upcoming improvements to their TDI Fightworthy Sheath. The Ka-Bar TDI is an excellent, budget-friendly self-defense knife that happens to be saddled with a lousy sheath from the factory. PHLster’s previous iteration of the TDI Fightworthy Sheath was one of the best aftermarket sheath options out there for the TDI.


The new version will be available sometime this month and will offer several improvements over the previous iteration including:

  • Improved retention
  • Increased clearance for your hand when accessing the knife
  • Wider compatibility with belt and attachment hardware

Best of all, the new and improved sheath will sport a new, lower price. This sheath will be rolled out sometime in September 2016. Keep an eye on PHLster distributor Snake Hound Machine for details.


PHLster Skeleton: Official Holster of the EGL VOCR

Extreme Gear Labs has announced that the PHLster Skeleton Holster is now the first holster to be officially approved for use with their VOCR chest rigs. The VOCR is designed to accept holsters in both its GP pouches or in its back panel and the Skeleton will work in either location. While the VOCR can accept a variety of holsters, the Skeleton holsters have been vetted to work particularly well in this format.

egl phlster skeleton EGL VOCR

New Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier from PHLster

PHLster‘s new IWB Magazine Carrier, theĀ Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier, is kind of awesome. It’s just a magazine carrier but it also represents some interesting innovation which is what we have come to expect from PHLster. Kydex benders like John Hauptman (PHLster head honcho) and Anrew Henry at Henry Holsters don’t seem to be content with just making good products. They trying to change the way good products are made.


Here is the bottom line, the new Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier is half the price of the PHLster’s old IWB Magazine Carrier. On top of that, it has less parts that can potentially fail, is more compact, and easily user serviceable. This was accomplished by completely changing the way Kydex products are generally made.

Rather than using a variety rivets and Chicago screws to hold the materials together, the new Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier is held together by a single piece of user replaceable shock cord. The two independently molded halves of the carrier have dimples that index them together and prevent excess movement. This greatly simplifies the production of the piece, reduces the amount of hardware necessary, and reduces the overall size of the carrier – all of which have down stream benefits for the end user.

Check out the Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier from PHLster.


PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier Combos

PHLster and Snake Hound Machine (PHLster’s exclusive distributor) are now offering Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier combos. The combos include your choice of a North American Rescue CAT or Tactical Medical Solutions SOF-T Wide along with a Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier.

All of this is great news but the best news might be that Flatpacks are actually in stock at this moment. These have been selling out quickly, so act fast. Check out the PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier at Snake Hound Machine.

Flatpack1 resized_flatpack_cards

PHLster Glock Skeleton Holster Updated

Typically when you see terms like faster, better, or cleaner, you can expect the new few words to tell you it’s also more expensive. That isn’t the case with the new PHLster Skeleton Holster. The Philly Kydex Guru has improved the definition, streamlined the production, and tossed a bit of innovation into the already excellent Skeleton Holster… and then dropped the price by $10.

phlster shm glock skeleton gen 2 2

From PHLster:

Advancements in our forming process allowed us to create more consistent and precise shells for the Skeleton holster. Being able to rely on this consistency gave us the opportunity to add a second axis of retention and employ a unique two-piece shell design, substantially reducing production times by eliminating the steps of folding and re-touching the shells.

In addition to being traditionally retained against vertical draw forces, the gun is also retained against forces which could cause the gun to push through the open seam of the sight channel. Without the improvements in molding, we could not have effectively prevented this from happening and would not have been able to increase production speed and lower the cost. The holster maintains its original reliable and secure retention and quality feel, with a deliberate, snappy draw and a smooth, crisp, positive engagement when holstering the gun.

If you speak Kydex, you’re already impressed. If you don’t speak Kydex, I can break it down for you. This holster is made of two halves that are bolted together beneath the trigger guard and left open along the sight track. The sight track would normally be closed along its length because most holsters of this type are folded from a single piece of kydex along the track. Holsters can often go a bit awry during the process of folding. The sight channel can collapse or flare during folding. Ensuring that doesn’t happen and fixing it when it does is a large part of the fitting process. PHLster just eliminated that all together with this design.

phlster shm glock skeleton gen 2 1

This new design required some clever re-imagining of the holster’s retention and this was only possible because of their recent improvements to their molding process. It now retains in two directions instead of just one. Typically, kydex holsters retain on the trigger guard, preventing the gun from moving up and out of the holster. The new Gen 2 Skeleton Holster does that AND retains the gun from pushing out the sight track too. This is accomplished with a unique L shaped detent.

The Gen 2 Skeleton Holster has an ambidextrous design with an adjustable strut and is tuckable. It is available now for G26/19/17/34/17L and similar Glocks. Compared to its predecessor it has better definition, streamlined production, a heaping helping of innovation, and it costs less. How cool is that?

Check out the Gen 2 Glock Skeleton Holster, available through PHLster’s distributor, Snake Hound Machine.

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