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Perroz Designs Adds Mini Elastic Cummerbund Option

Perroz Designs’ new Mini Elastic Cummerbund strikes a balance between low profile minimalism and versatile load carriage options. It’s only 2″ wide but it boasts the ability to carry items like radios, spare magazines, and more in its 6 cells. Each cell is equipped with an adjustable bungee retainer.

The Mini Elastic Cummerbund works with Perroz Designs’ LPSPC, MSPC, Tweave, and Soft Armor carriers. It can also work with many other plate carriers on the market.


New from Perroz Designs – Ops Cor Maritime Helmet Cover

Perroz Designs already makes a number of helmet covers and they just introduced their newest for the Ops Core Maritime Helmet. The new cover utilizes 4 way stretch material in the central panel to achieve a trim, tight fit and accommodate a number of night vision mounting options. The side panels are constructed from 500D Cordura.

The cover may be removed without removing the night vision mounting plate. It features color matches loop Velcro fields on the sides and top/back. There is a 1/8th inch US GI MIL SPEC bungee cordage system over the top/back loop Velcro that can be used to help retain strobes and other mounted items.


Perroz Designs – Low Speed High Drag Shirt

The new Low Speed High Drag shirt from Perroz Designs features the spirit animal of everyone who wishes they were just a little faster on the trigger – a sloth.

New Elastic Cummerbunds from Perroz Designs

Perroz Designs is now offering Elastic Cummerbunds. The cummerbunds feature elastic construction to ensure a close fit to the wearer. They have DuPont Hypalon pull tabs with hook and loop sections toward the “rear” of each cummerbund section to provide adjustability.


These cummerbunds fit Perroz Designs’ entire line of carriers, including the LPSPC, MSPC, Tweave and Soft Armor carrier. They also fit a wide variety of other carriers on the market. Check out the new Elastic Cummerbund at Perroz Designs.

Tweave Plate Carrier from Perroz Designs

Remember that custom, one-off Perroz Designs carrier that we profiled here because of its use of Tweave material for the entire plate pocket? Well, it was a good enough idea to find its way into regular line up.

perroz designs tweave plate carrier

Perroz Designs is calling it the Tweave Plate Carrier and it shares many features with their MSPC with the obvious difference of use of 4-way stretch Tweave for the plate pocket. This makes the carrier extremely concealable and allows it to pack very small when the plates are removed.

Exceptionally lightweight and packable. Built with premium materials and designed with a focus on performance. Utilizing Tweave Durastretch, a durable four-way stretch fabric that is non-restrictive and accommodating.

– Tweave Durastretch 520E outer material.
– 3D spacer mesh 3mm padding inner material.
– 35oz. DuPont Hypalon shoulder-straps.
– 35oz. DuPont Hypalon cummerbund.
– Cummerbund is fully MOLLE compatible and adjustable via Velcro®. One size fits all.
– ITW QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount) buckles included – SwiftClip™ compatible.
– Large loop Velcro® surface front for use with magazine placards, chest rigs etc.
– Reinforced plate pocket stitching.

Quality guaranteed. Made in Canada.

Check out the new Tweave Plate Carrier at Perroz Designs.

Slick Custom MSPC from Perroz Designs

Perroz Designs’ Minimalist Slick Plate Carrier (MSPC) is already very trim but how do you take that slick, concealability to the next level? You replace the usual 500D Cordura nylon material with stretchy, durable, form-fitting  Tweave Durastretch 520E.

Perroz Designs custom tweave MSPC

Simply swapping a material may seem like a small change, but it has interesting downstream effects on how the carrier performs. This particular tweave is a very durable 4-way stretch fabric made up of 91% nylon and 9% Lycra Spandex. This stretch allows a very tight fit with no gathering/bunching over the plates and a very close fit to the wearer, both of which are desirable in low-profile plate carrier. It’s probably as close as you can get to just duct taping a plate to your chest.

The carrier shown here is a custom version of the Perroz Designs MSPC. If you would like to order something similar, you can contact Perroz Designs directly. They currently have Black, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green Tweave in stock.

Perroz Designs Triple Magazine Placard – 7.62×39

Perroz Designs rolled out the 5.56 version of their Triple Magazine Placard just last week and they have already completed the design for the 7.72×39 version for AK and VZ58 magazines.

See the previous post for more details on the placard and visit Perroz Designs to purchase.

Perroz Placard 762x39

Coming Soon: Perroz Designs Triple Magazine Placard

Perroz Designs is finalizing the design of their upcoming Triple Magazine Placard. This triple magazine panel is designed to integrate into their own plate carriers like the LPSPC and MSPC or many plate carrier compatible with the industry standard SwiftClip system.

perroz placard

The placard features bungee retention with a Hypalon wrapped pull tab. It is also compatible with the Haley Strategic MP² Magazine Pouch Inserts. The placard is constructed from 500D Cordura nylon and Velcro backed for mating with loop Velcro equipped plate carriers. It also has Hyaplon pull tabs at the lower corners so that it can serve as a sort of cummerbund flap on the Perroz Designs carriers.

It is currently available for 5.56 magazines with a 7.62 version coming soon. Check out the 5.56 Triple Magazine Placard at Perroz Designs.

perrox placard mounted

Perroz Designs Concealable Soft Body Armor Carrier

Perroz Designs’ new Concealable Soft Body Armor Carrier is now available. This carrier is designed to sit comfortably close to the body and conceal under even light clothing.

  • 500 Denier Nylon Cordura® material.
  • 15oz. DuPont Hypalon shoulder-straps and pull tabs.
  • 5 in wide x 4 in high loop Velcro® square front and rear.
  • 4″ PolyesterWebbing Elastic cummerbund.
  • Cummerbund is adjustable via Velcro®. One size fits all.

perroz soft armor carrier


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