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Mission Spec EOC – Now with 100% of Your Daily Allowance of Multicam

Mission Spec has announced that their EOC, or Essentials Only Carrier, is now available in additional Multicam patterns – Black, Tropic, and Arid. The new Multicam options are also available on their Shoulder Savers mkII and Gibborim Gun Belt. Check out the new camo pattern options at Mission Spec.

Mission Spec EOC Multicam

Freewaters Multicam Arid Scamp Sandal – Only At SKD Tactical

Freewaters makes some of the most comfortable sandals around thanks to their unique footbed design that is actually licensed from Therm-a-Rest. They also happen to make the only sandals that feature genuine Multicam Arid material. It won’t be sandal weather around here again for a long time but I am still sorely tempted but these…

The new Freewaters Multicam Arid Scamp Sandal is only available at SKD Tactical.


BFG VCAS in Multicam Tropic and Arid

Blue Force Gear has introduced Multicam Arid and Multicam Tropic options across nearly their entire line of Vickers Combat Applications Slings. The new Multicam options are available on the standard VCAS, Padded VCAS, and Push Button VCAS Slings.

Vickers-Padded-old-multicam-sling-600x400 push-button-sling-multicam-arid-600x400 Padded-Vcas-600x400

Viper ABH Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist

The Viper Advanced Battle Helmet (ABH) is now available in custom camo patterns including Multicam, Kryptek patterns, A-TACS patterns, ACU, and ABU. The ABH offers Level IIIA protection and a host of useful features at an excellent price. This helmet comes standard with many of the items that you would otherwise have to add yourself like OPS-CORE ARC Rails, Wilcox L4 3 Hole Shroud, and a Team w=Wendy suspension.

Check out the Viper ABH with Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist.


Multicam Black

Well, well, well… What do we have here? It looks like we can anticipate seeing a new LE specific Multicam pattern in late November called Multicam Black.

Keep you eye on MulticamPattern.com and TruSpec.com for additional details.

Multicam Black

Tilley LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat

I was recently wandering through a local store trying to kill some time when I noticed a familiar display of hats with a familiar camo pattern all over it. The classic Tilley T3 is now available in Multicam!


Tilley calls it the LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat and they refer to the camo pattern as “Multi-Camoflauge Print.” The LT3C has the same snap-up sides as the T3, the same medium brim, the same famous hidden pocket and the same lifetime guarantee and insurance against loss. It’s everything you love about Tilley hats. The difference is that, unlike the T3 which is made from cotton canvas, the LT3C is made from Multicam cordura nylon.

Check out the LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat at Tilley.com.

Hydro-coated UCWRG Grip 23


SexyWeapon.com now has my favorite grip for the AR-15, the Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group Grip 23, available with various hydro-coated finishes. They have Multicam, A-TACS AU, Desert Digtal, and their Reaper Black pattern in stock now. We recently reviewed their coating work and found it to be top notch.

Check out the hydro-coated UCWRG Grip 23 on SexyWeapon.com.

Oakley Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 in Multicam

I am a big fan of the Oakley Ballistic M-Frames for shooting. The new 3.0 version improves on an already great product with thin stems so that they interfere as little as possible with over the ear hearing protection. Oakley has recently announced that the Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 will be available with a Multicam finish on November 1st.

If you are active duty military, reserve, federal and local law enforcement, fire, EMS or you hold military retiree credentials, you can check out the Oakley Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 on USStandardIssue.com.

Multicam Princeton Tec Headlamps Now at Extreme Outfitters

Jerking the Trigger broke the story about Princeton Tec headlamps in Multicam back in October and already reviewed the versatile Remix Pro. Now the new Multicam models are finally available at Extreme Outfitters. The Remix Pro, EOS Tactical, and Quad Tactical (which I reviewed in non-Multicam form) are all available in Multicam. I have had nothing but great experiences with both Princeton Tec and Extreme Outfitters.

Check out the new Multicam line up and other great Princeton Tec lights at Extreme Outfitters.

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Princeton Tec Remix Pro – Now in Multicam!

Here is some big news… Keep an eye on Princeton Tec retailers and you will soon see a familiar camo pattern – Multicam. Princeton Tec is now making the Remix Pro with a tan light body and a Multicam strap. If you look closely you can also see the improved, taller “fence” around the switch. I will post a full review on this light soon.

The new Remix Pro features a tan body and Multicam head strap. Click to enlarge.

I also have a new and improved version of the Princeton Tec MPLS in hand. Stay tuned for pictures and a complete review.

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