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Mission Spec Price Reduction on Two Items

Mission Spec announces two permanent product price reductions effective immediately.

  • The FidoHold™ dog collar end user cost has been reduced to $13 shipped (CONUS). No design changes. Still available in all the great camo patterns that it was before.
  • The MeFak™ (Mission Essential First Aid Kit) price to the end user has been reduced to $64 shipped (CONUS). No design changes have been made.

The reasoning for the price reduction is that Mission Spec has developed new and more efficient production methods which has decreased the production time for both items. As time equals money Mission Spec has decided to pass the savings onto the customer.

Items are still 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with Berry Compliant materials.

Dealers: The dealer/wholesale prices of these items have also decreased. Dealers who have purchased either item in the past 4 weeks may contact Mission Spec for account credit.


Mission Spec Releases the Gibborim Plate Carrier

Mission Spec (KS) has released the Gibborim Plate Carrier™. A lightweight, high mobility carrier that is ready to accept industry standard chest rigs such as Mission Spec’s own MagRack5™ or others. 

The name of the game with the Gibborim Plate Carrier is “less”.  “This has been a multi-year development and each new prototype became more and more simple. If you need 14 magazines, then this is not the carrier for you,” says Brent Keltner of Mission Spec.  The design is meant to be as simple as possible but keep the rugged toughness and abrasion resistance of a high denier material.  1000D or 500D depending on your chosen pattern/color.

The carrier is excellent for mounted or vehicle operations.  There are no plastic buckles up top to get caught or hung up on vehicle interiors.  Shoulder strap adjustment is done on the internal areas of the rear plate bag.  This gives the user an infinite adjustment for length and angle of the shoulder straps making it possible to fit an individual with broad or sloped shoulders.

Vertical PALS on the front along with loop Velcro sets the Gibborim Plate Carrier up to work with just about any industry standard chest rig that follows the standard buckle pattern.

The ‘wings’ or cummerbund does have traditional PALS webbing for attaching iFAK-like items but is located much higher than other carriers. This was done for two reasons; 1) to keep side mounted pouches from interfering with a user’s pistol draw or other first line gear, 2) in the even a teammate must drag the user by his/her carrier the cummerbund will help pull from under the arms instead of shoving the front plate into their throat or chin.

The front (male) side buckles can be moved to any one of two positions (heights) via the elastic retention anchors.  This position impacts the ride height of the rear plate bag just like Mission Spec’s EC2™ and AC2™ plate carriers.  With this feature the user can adjust the height of the rear plate by 2”.

100% design, tested, and manufactured in the United States, the Gibborim Plate Carrier is shipping now from MissionSpec.com (free shipping to a US address or APO) or other Mission Spec Authorized Dealers.  As with most Mission Spec items, this carrier is capable of being custom modified to your unit or department needs.


Mission Spec Starts Movement to Encourage Everyone to Carry Tourniquets

Mission Spec wants more people to carry tourniquets on their person everyday.  Do you carry a tourniquet?  Make a video with #HowITQ explaining how you carry your TQ.  Keep it short. Keep it simple. Maybe we can make a difference and get more people to carry a TQ.

Stop Your Boat! Mission Spec

It looks like Mission Spec is considering getting into the morale patch game. You may not be jumping onto moving narco submarines but maybe you would like to have a patch that celebrates the men that do.

Just in case you don’t know what this is about: CNN


Mission Spec has just released the first look at their new LOMOP™ (Large Or Multiple Operator Platecarrier).  At first it appears to be just another large plate carrier but when you see it to scale against a ‘normal’ carrier you will come to one of two conclusions.  Either Mission Spec is gearing up for a genetically engineered super soldier program or someone has been thinking outside of the box.

When asked, the project leader cleared things up. “Other companies are producing stand-alone armor solutions to protect multiple team members at once.  We are attacking the problem from another angle.  From scale, really.  Why invent a new solution when you can simply scale up what you already have?”

While it looks as if it was designed for one huge shooter, “Which is always an option if the world ever gets it’s genetic engineering priorities right.” Added the same project leader, the LOMOP is designed to house two operators at once.  One shooter supports a single oversized shoulder strap with another shooter doing the same on the opposite side.  At anytime the LOMOP can be rested on the floor and utilized as a fighting position.

Dignitary protection will also find the LOMOP useful. Imagine a scenario where a VIP has just been recovered from hostile force.  The LOMOP can completely envelope the principle while an operator on either side (still under cover) can fight and move to egress.

Currently there is no level 4 armor insert available to fit the LOMOP but Mission Spec is working on that problem now. “We have contacted many armor producers, but they all seem to think it is a joke and hang up laughing before we can explain the benefits.  Some people in this industry have no ability to look forward to the future.”  The project leader remarked.

Look for the LOMOP to start deploying to teams in Q3 of 2019. This will be an ITAR item.


Mission Spec Releases MagRack5™ – Lite

Mission Spec has released the slimmer version of their signature chest rig as the MagRack5-Lite.  This lighter weight version of the original MagRack5 is nearly identical except for the subtraction of the laser cut PALS wings.

The MagRack5-Lite can be used as a standalone piece of gear (with the addition of Mission Spec RackStraps™) or can be integrated into a plate carrier setup such as the Essentials Carrier 2 (EC2)™ or Armor Carrier 2 (AC2)™ also available from Mission Spec.

The MagRack5-Lite uses industry standard buckles and buckle patterns to make integration with other gear as easy as possible.

Available now in a large variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns. All Mission Spec items are 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with US-sourced components and are Berry Compliant.

MagRack5-Lite at MissionSpec.com

Mission Spec Releases XL Version of the EC2 Plate Carrier

Mission Spec has released the EC2-XL™, the larger version of the standard Essentials Carrier 2.  As the name implies this carrier is designed specifically for XL sized (e,x)SAPI (or like) armor plates (not included).

Just like the standard sized version, the EC2-XL includes native support for industry standard chest rigs (with the addition of 2 QASM buckles), dual tourniquet holders, dual pen/chem-light/medical gloves storage, cable and hydration routing options, rear pack hangers, and simulated PALS sewn into the semi-elastic side straps for extra MOLLE pouch support. Excluding armor, the EC2-XL weighs 29 ounces and is constructed from 1000D CORDURA (500D for MultiCam; Black, Arid, Tropic).

Note: The above video was produced with a standard sized EC2.

The EC2-XL is fully compatible with other Mission Spec products such as ShoulderSavers™ (all versions), FlankSavers™, and MagRack5™. Inserted armor is always kept at the highest possible position inside of the plate bags due to the EC2-XL’s armor suspension system.  All armor weight bypasses the CORDURA® layer and is loaded directly onto the internal webbing structure.

Available now in the entire line of standard colors and patterns offered by Mission Spec.  Custom colors and patterns along with other customizations are possible on a case by case basis. Contact Mission Spec if needed. 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and Berry Compliant.


MeFak – Mission Essential First Aid Kit from Mission Spec

The Mission Essential First Aid Kit (MeFak)™ is a tear-away individual trauma pouch. Included with purchase is the MeFak pouch and base pieces along with 2 Long MALICE clips. With the rear of the pouch portion being lined with hook Velcro it can be easily ‘stuck’ to any loop surface while in use.

–          Tear-away easy access.

–          Two entry points.

–          Velcro backing.

–          1000D CORDURA®. (MultiCam; Arid, Tropic, Black 500D).

–          Berry Compliant (see: Berry Amendment USC, Title 10, Section 2533a).

–          100% U.S.A Designed, Tested, and Manufactured.

–          Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The MeFak is available now in the entire line of Mission Spec standard colors and camouflage patterns.


Just for Fun – If Mission Spec Made Video Games…

I don’t think Mission Spec is going to stop making great gear in favor of getting into the video development game… but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun.

Title Screen:

Loading Screen 1:

Loading Screen 2:


Mission Spec, LLC has recently obtained the rights to the Sherpa Scorpion Evo III Mag Pouch from Fight and Flight Tactical and will be producing it exclusively for Yeti Wurks.

The Sherpa is a four mag carry solution made specifically for the thicker magazines used by the CZ Scorpion Evo III.  The pouch comes standard with both bungee and flap-over-mag Velcro retention options. It can be attached to a plate carrier via the included MALICE clips or worn as a standalone piece of gear in a bandoleer style (strap included and removable).

The Sherpa is 100% manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and is Berry Compliant.  Black and Coyote are available at the time of this writing. As production ramps up, other colors/patterns will include MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Kryptek Typhon.

Some reports/reviews indicated that the original Sherpa mag pouch was too tight when inserting the magazine. Mission Spec has slightly edited the design to include more tolerance in the pouch area.

Product: https://www.yetiwurks.com/products/sherpa-4-x-30-rnd-scorpion-evo-iii-mag-pouch
Produced by: http://www.MissionSpec.com

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