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Sneak Peek: Galil ACE Extended M-LOK Handguards from MI

Midwest Industries will release their Galil ACE Extended M-LOK Handguards soon. The handguards extend past the front sight tower and provide acres of M-LOK compatible real estate to attach your slings, lights, and similar items. The handguards will be available for .556, .308, and 7.62×39 variants and the Galil ACE pistols. Stay tuned for release date and pricing.

Galil ACE Handguards at Midwest Industries

Angstadt Arms Releases Branded M-LOK Handguards

Angstadt Arms just released a new 5.5″ UDP Series Handguard. It is available for purchase separately or you can expect to see it as standard equipment on many UDP-9 Pistol and SBR builds going forward.

The new 5.5″ M-LOK UDP Series Handguard features a full length top rail and M-LOK compatible slots around the rest of its circumference. It also has QD sling swivel sockets on both the left and right sides of the handguard. The last ¾” of the handguard is bored out to 1.405”, allowing most aftermarket sound suppressors 1.39″ in diameter and smaller to tuck inside of the handguard when used with an exact length 6” barrel.

Check out AngstadtArms.com

Gunstruction on Rail Attachment Method

As the KeyMod vs. M-LOK debate continues, it is easy to forget about good old Picatinny rails. Gunstruction mined the data from their virtual AR-15 building tools to see what attachment system their users preferred over the last month and the results are a bit surprising. It is basically a dead heat with M-LOK, KeyMod, and good ol’ 1913 rails each being used in about a quarter of the builds. The remaining quarter was taken up by rails with no attachment method or an alternate method.


M-LOK Versus KeyMod: What Do the Sales Say?

KeyMod versus M-LOK has largely been hashed out from the end user opinion and engineering perspective yet both systems still have their proponents. Both systems seem to have their share of high profile manufacturing backers which equates to staying power. End user opinions, engineering, and support are one thing but none of those take into count the actual numbers that will likely decide this debate – sales.


I reached out to a number of manufacturers and retailers who make/sell accessories for both KeyMod and M-LOK and asked them two simple questions: Can you give me a ratio of many KeyMod and M-LOK accessories you sell directly to consumers and does that ratio change on dealer orders?

The only manufacturer that reported that they sell more KeyMod than M-LOK items was Arisaka. They reported that they sell KeyMod over M-LOK at a rate of about 2.5-3 to 1. That ratio holds true for their dealer sales as well.

Arisaka Light Mounts and Finger Stops on both attachment systems

Arisaka Light Mounts and Finger Stops on both attachment systems

Arson Machine reported that their end users order M-LOK over KeyMod at a rate of about 3 or 4 to 1. However, dealer orders are typically more like 1 to 1 in the interest of offering a wide selection to their customers.

Midwest Industries makes several hand guards for both attachment systems. They are a big player in this ongoing battle between the two attachment systems. They reported that they are selling M-LOK over KeyMod at a rate of 3 to 1. Interestingly, they added that both KeyMod and M-LOK have “crushed” their sales of traditional quad rails.

Parallax Tactical also makes hand guard for both systems and they report they sell M-LOK over KeyMod at a rate of 2.5 to 1. They also added that they prefer M-LOK from a manufacturing standpoint.

parallax tactical ffssr rails keymod and mlok

Parallax Tactical offers a full line of hand guards with both KeyMod and M-LOK option for retail and OEM.

I heard from several others manufacturers who had more anecdotal information (all pointed to M-LOK as the better seller) or that didn’t really want to share their numbers. It was interesting that two small retailers that I spoke to shared the sentiment that they tended to order heavy (or exclusively) M-LOK because they have limited cash for inventory and that is what sold better for them.

This certainly won’t end the debate and it shouldn’t because sales numbers don’t mean that one is truly better than the other. There are other factors that can drive sales like ease of manufacturing (and cost), marketing, and more. Sales numbers alone can’t tell the whole story but they can obviously play a huge role in manufacturers and retailers deciding which system to continue supporting. While M-LOK is clearly outselling KeyMod among those who were willing to share, none of the manufacturers indicated that they intended to discontinue sales of one system or the other any time soon.

What about you? Do you have a preference? Hit the comments below.

KDG Releases Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount

Kinetic Development Group just released their new Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount. It features an offset, 3 slot section of picatinny rail that is also machined to direct-connect with Surefire Scout light bodies. This mount will allow users to offset mount a wide variety of weapon lights to MLOK compatible hand guards.

UOS #1

The MLOK Universal Offset Mount uses their Kinect technology to act as a quick-detach interface between the mount and MLOK compatible slots. To mount the offset rail, you simply press the mount into place which automatically triggers the Kinect mechanism and locks the mount in place. Removing the mount is as easy as depressing the buttons found at each end of the mount.

Check out the Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount at Kinetic Development Group.

UOS #2 UOS #4

IWC Installing QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts in Magpul MOE SL and MOE M-LOK Hand Guards

Impact Weapons Components makes a ton of handy widgets and the QD Micro Flush Sling Mount is likely their handiest. I have sung their praises on these pages before.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe SL

They are great solution for adding a sling mount to Magpul’s MOE Hand Guards and they are very easy to install. However, I realize that some of you don’t have the time, tools, or inclination to do it yourself and it is for guys like you that IWC offers MOE Hand Guards with the QD Micro Flush Sling Mounts professionally installed.

Previously, these were only available on the original MOE Hand Guards. Now IWC has expanded the service to include all in-stock MOE Hand Guards including the new MOE SL and M-LOK compatible versions. Check out all the options at IWC and don’t forget to use code “triggerjerk” at checkout to save 5%.

iwc qd micro installed mlok moe

New from Magpul: M-LOK Tripod Adapter

The latest M-LOK accessory from Magpul is sure to make the day of precision shooters everywhere. The M-LOK Tripod Adapter mounts directly to any metal M-LOK compatible rail (not intended for use on polymer hand guards) and allows your rifle to attach directly to any tripod with the common Manfrotto RC2/Q2 interface without the need for a separate saddle accessory.

MAG624-M-Lok Tripod Adapter Close

Magpul has taken care to make the adapter is low profile as possible and bevel the corners so that it does not become a snag hazard when it is mounted to your rifle but not in use on a tripod. They have also built in recoil mitigation lugs to ensure that the fit doesn’t loosen with time and battering from recoil.

Check out the new M-LOK Tripod Adapter from Magpul.

MAG624-MLOK Tripod Adapter Rifle-1

Geissele SMR MK4 M-LOK 13″ In Stock

I know several of you have been waiting for the return of the Geissele Automatics Super Modular Rail MK4. The wait is over! The 13″ SMR MK4 M-LOK rails are in stock in both Black and DDC. I suspect there will be dancing in the streets.


Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers from Black Sheep Warrior

Out friends at Black Sheep Warrior are working with Mesa Manufacturing to produce the new Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers. These M-LOK compatible rail covers are machined from G10 and will available in a variety of lengths and colors. G10 is a good choice for this application because is lightweight, has the ability to take aggressive texture, and is impervious to most solvents.

They are planning on releasing the Megiddo in 1, 2, 3 and 4 slot configurations and Black, OD Green and Brown color options. Check out Black Sheep Warrior for more details.


Magpul Product Releases – MBUS Pro LR Rear Sight, M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount, and QDM

Magpul likes to drop in and rock my socks off every other week. They rolled out three new products this week including the MBUS Pro LR Rear Sight, M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount, and QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel.

The MBUS Pro LR Rear Sight is just like the MBUS Pro Rear Sight that you already know and love except for the addition of a dial-a-distance knob. That’s right. It has an elevation knob on the rear sight that is calibrated for bullet drop at a various distances. It still has a similar footprint/size as the original and the dual aperture system is still in place.

314_1573_popup 314_1574_popup

The M-LOK Paraclip will be a hit with those who like to use HK style hook, MASH Hooks, the Magpul Paraclip, and other similar sling attachment hardware. It features steel construction, M-LOK compatibility, and comes with all necessary mounting hardware.


The QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel is a fresh new look at the ubiquitous QD sling swivel. It uses very clever side release tabs rather than a button and is fully Melonite processed so rusted QD swivels are a thing of the past. This is very, very cool.


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