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Lone Wolf Distributors Now Offers S&W M&P Shield Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors is now offering replacement barrels for the S&W M&P Shield. The barrels are offered in their premium AlphaWolf line and include threaded, non-threaded, and caliber conversion options.

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition
  • Certified, stress relieved 416 stainless steel
  • Button rifled, three stage honed bore
  • Industry recognized SBN premium coating (SBN is Salt Bath Nitride, similar to Tennifer)
  • Heat treated to RC 40-42, then SBN coating increases surface hardness to RC 60
  • Threaded models include thread protector

Lone Wolf M&P Shield AlphaWolf Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors Launches New Site and Free Shipping

Lone Wolf Distributors just launched a new website. The new site has a number of improvements including the ability to only show in stock items and free shipping on all orders over $25.

20% Red Dot Sight Cuts at Lone Wolf Distributors

Lone Wolf is offering 20% off their red dot sight cuts from now through July 6th. Enter discount code REDDOTCUT at checkout to save.

Visit LoneWolfDist.com for more details.

Lone Wolf Distributors Updates G9 Carbine

Lone Wolf Distributors has updated their G9 Carbine, a Glock magazine compatible pistol caliber AR-15, to include an magazine overtravel block. The new block is available on all in stock G9 Lower Receivers and Lone Wolf is working on offering the update to current G9 carbine owners.

Lone Wolf Distributors G9 Carbine

Sneak Peek: Lone Wolf Distributors Testing Billet Glock Extractors

Lone Wolf Distributors is testing a potential new product – stainless steel billet Glock extractors. There are prototype 9mm extractors in the hands of product testers already. Current factory Glock extractors are metal injection molded (MIM) which some shooters find objectionable. This new extractor from Lone Wolf is machined from a block of steel. Stay tuned for updates.


Video: Glock Firing Cycle Explained from Lone Wolf Distributors

Have you ever wondered why people polish the parts that they polish in the so called 25 Cent Trigger Job? Have you ever wonder how a simple geometry change to a trigger connector can make your Glock’s trigger feel so much lighter? Well, it’s easier to understand things like this when you understand the firing cycle and how all those small parts in your Glock interact with each other.

Lone Wolf Distributors knows a thing or two about Glocks and they produced an easy to follow video that shows the entire firing cycle.

Lone Wolf Aluminum Magazine Coupler

Lone Wolf Distributors believes two is definitely better than one, especially when it comes to “happy sticks”. Their new Aluminum Magazine Couplers help you fix two Glock magazines together which should be especially popular with the pistol caliber AR crowd.

Aluminum Magazine Coupler at LoneWolfDist.com

He Went to Lone Wolf Distributors

Forget elaborate plans with sky writing, flash choirs, rose petals, and any of that weird, sissy stuff. If you are looking to propose to a young lady, just go to Lone Wolf Distributors. They can help make that day (and her Glock) really special with their custom engraving service.

Kudos to the man who worked out this plan to buy a new Glock… I mean propose marriage.


“Damascus” Slide Treatment from Lone Wolf Dist.

Lone Wolf Distributors recently posted an image of an experimental laser engraving process that came out of their custom shop and looks very much like Damascus steel. There are no coatings or other finishes applied. The effect is created with the laser only. This is an engraving option that they are considering adding to the regular offerings.

lone wolf damascus laser

It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I appreciate the work that likely went into achieving this look so seamlessly from surface to surface. Given the way laser engraving roughs the surface slightly, it may also be a functional finish that makes the slide easier to grip/manipulate.

Complete Glock Reference Guide – Fourth Edition

I have an earlier edition of Lone Wolf’s Complete Glock Reference Guide that I have been using for years. The reference tables on parts compatibility and parts numbers are invaluable. They have now released the new 4th edition that includes the latest models and parts. If you are a Glock shooter who does their own maintenance, this is a great addition to your library.

Check out the Complete Glock Reference Guide – Fourth Edition at Lone Wolf Distributors.

Lone Wolf Complete Glock Reference

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