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20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 Available in Kryptek Soon

The Mini Kit MK-7 will be available in Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake, and Typhon late next week. This isn’t the only news coming from 20$Bandit next week so stay tuned.

Check out the Mini Kit MK-7 at 20$Bandit. See my previous review to see what the Mini Kit MK-7 is all about.

kryptek mini kit mk7 20dollarbandit

Viper ABH Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist

The Viper Advanced Battle Helmet (ABH) is now available in custom camo patterns including Multicam, Kryptek patterns, A-TACS patterns, ACU, and ABU. The ABH offers Level IIIA protection and a host of useful features at an excellent price. This helmet comes standard with many of the items that you would otherwise have to add yourself like OPS-CORE ARC Rails, Wilcox L4 3 Hole Shroud, and a Team w=Wendy suspension.

Check out the Viper ABH with Specialty Colors at Shellback Tactical and Katylist.


High Speed Gear Adds Kryptek Highlander

High Speed Gear is now offering Kryptek Highlander as a limited time option on some of their most popular products. The
entire line of modular TACO pouches, Sure-Grip Padded Belt, M3T, and many more will feature the Kryptek Highlander pattern with matching webbing.

LegPanelHighlander PogeyAdminHighlander X2RHighlander SuregripHighlander



New Camo Patterns at Fight and Flight Tactical

Pencott Kryptek Fight and Flight

Fight and Flight Tactical is beginning to phase in the PenCott family of camo patterns into their product line along with Kryptek Typhon.

That means that the YUCK, which is the best kids backpack ever made and a huge hit in my house, will be available in the PenCott patterns shortly. Check out Billy, the owner of Fight and Flight Tactical’s son, sporting his brand new Kryptek Typhon YUCK complete with JTT 30 Lives Patch (below)!

Check out Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Yuck with 30 Lives Patch

Special Edition Bro, Do You Even Operate? Patch

There is a special edition, Kryptek version of the popular Gear Whores Anonymous Bro, Do You Even Operate Patch? available exclusively at OC Tactical. The first $500 in sales of this patch will be donated to The Pointe du Hoc Foundation.

Pick up a special edition Bro, Do You Even Operate? patch for a good cause at OC Tactical.

Bro Do You Even Kryptek

Mayflower R&C Adds Kryptek Typhon

Mayflower R&C recently announced that their product line is now available in Kryptek’s Typhon pattern. You can order through DS Tactical. Additional dealers may have the pattern soon.

Mayflower Krytek Typhon

Kryptek Highlander Uniform from Plat-a-tac

Plat-a-tac shared a sneak peak of some new uniform items in the increasingly popular Kryptek Highlander camo pattern. The shirt is their CUTS, or Cool Under Tactical Shirt. The pants appears to be similar to their Tac Dax.

Plat-a-tac Kryptek uniform Plat-a-tac Kryptek CUTS Plat-a-tac Kryptek Pants

SERT Shadow Carrier in Kryptek Mandrake

SERT is showing off their Shadow Carrier in Kryptek Mandrake at the NYTOA (New York Tactical Officer’s Association) Tactical Conference ’13. The Kryptek Outdoor Group camo patterns continue to enjoy wide spread acceptance across the entire industry.

SERT Shadow Carrier Mandrake

Grey Ghost Gear Packs in Kryptek Camo – Available Now

Grey Ghost Gear Kryptek Stealth Operator

The Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator and Lightweight Assault Pack in Kryptek Highlander that we mentioned previously are available now in extremely limited numbers.

Get them while they’re hot!

Kryptek Camo at Vertx

Vertx Kryptek Cap

Vertx is now accepting pre-orders for their Vertx Kryptek Pant – the first Kryptek camo tactical pants on the market. They are also taking pre-orders for their Vertx Kryptek Cap. It looks like the Kryptek camo patterns are going to enjoy fairly widespread acceptance. It is always nice to see more camo options come to market.

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