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KE Arms Celebrates 15th Anniversary of the Sunset of the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban”

September 13th 2004 the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban” Expired. Today is a day to be remembered as a victory for constitutional rights.

American citizens were once again able to buy modern semiautomatic firearms with the features they wanted and standard capacity magazines at prices not artificially inflated by a restricted supply. The sunset of the ban kicked off a renaissance of innovation of new firearm designs and products in the industry.

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the sunset of the Federal AWB we will be offering 15% off site wide at www.KEArms.com now through September 30th. Use Coupon Code AWB15 at the checkout and the discount will be applied.

Next week Congress reconvenes and bills to restrict and infringe upon the rights of all Americans are on their agenda. Make sure to contact your elected representatives and encourage them to oppose any infringments on your rights. https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials


Hudson H9 Parts Available at KE Arms

KE Arms, one of the manufacturing suppliers for Hudson MFG, is now offering many key parts for the Hudson H9 including frames and slides.


Additionally, there are a number of parts available directly from manufacturing suppliers at HudsonGunParts.com.

KE Arms Adds Aimpoint ACRO Options for Glock Shooters

KE Arms has several potentials solutions for shooters who want to adopt the Aimpoint ACRO. First, they are now offering their Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo slides with ACRO cuts. Additionally, they offer milling services to machine existing slides for the ACRO.

Finally, they are now offering their RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate. This plate allows an ACRO to be installed in an RMR cut.

You can find all of these products and services on the KE Arms Glock product page: KEArms.com

New from KE Arms: Optic Mounts for Mossberg Shotguns

KE Arms is pleased to announce our optic mounts for Mossberg 500/590 shotguns (and compatible mounting patterns). Everything that’s awesome about using a red dot on a rifle is just as awesome on a shotgun!  Improve you capabilities tracking moving targets, shooting from unconventional positions, and making those slug hits at 50-100 yards.

Available for the following patterns:

  • Aimpoint Micro (and compatible sights)
  • Leupold Deltapoint Pro
  • Trijicon RMR (and compatible sights)

Made in the USA from Billet Aluminum and hardcoat anodized.

MSRP is $64.95 on all models.

Order Online Here: http://www.kearms.com/shotgun-products

Holiday Specials and Exclusive Discount at KE Arms

KE Arms has some holiday specials on their website, including a special price on the ever popular SB Tactical SBA3 Brace and a very slick, complete PDW lower with SB Tactical PDW Brace.

See the specials here:




JTT readers can save an additional 10% with code JTT2018.

KE Arms Trigger/Hammer Pins for CAV-15 MKII Receiers

KE Arms is now offering longer trigger/hammer pins for use in CAV-15 MKII lower receivers. These popular polymer AR-15 receivers can use regular trigger/hammer pins but they have a wider exterior dimension than a standard receiver. The longer pins sit flush with exterior of the receiver.

From KE Arms:

Long hammer pin for the CAV-15 MKII polymer receiver.

The hammer pin area of the CAV-15 MKII is wider than traditional receivers. While normal hammer pins work with them, many users have requested longer pins that sit flush with the outer edges of the receiver. These pins give the user quick visual identification that their pin is in place and centered.

Made in the USA of steel and melonite coated.

Compatibled with Cavalry Arms CAV-15 MKII, GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII, Sabre Defense SR-15, and Eagle Arms M-15P.


KE Arms Releases G26 Compatible Slide Blanks

KE Arms is pleased to announce the release of our slides compatible with Gen 3 Glock 26 pistols and similar frames like those made by Polymer 80.

The KE26 Slide is machined from 17-4 Stainless steel and heat treated to Rockwell 42-43.  These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods. The KE26 slide is compatible with all Glock 26 Gen 3 OEM components.  Nothing else has been machined on the surfaces, making them perfect for custom builds and gunsmithing projects.  Completed models with serrations and optics cuts will be coming soon.

All KE Arms slides are manufactured in Arizona, with models available for the G17, G19, and G34 as well.   KE Arms has supplied other well-known brands with slides since 2015.  Slide blanks are available to consumers for $200 on KE Arms’ site http://www.kearms.com/ke26-slide-blank.aspx

Dealers and clients interested in OEM purchases can contact KE Arms at sales@kearms.com

New Items and 4th of July Sale at KE Arms

KE Arms has a couple of new items for Glock shooters. Their new Threaded Barrel for Glock with Compensator is available in multiple configurations (G17 or G19, Enhanced or Carry Comp) and ready to drop-in for a very attractive price.

Learn More: Threaded Barrel for Glock with Compensator at KEArms.com

They are also offering a new Slide Completion Kit for Glocks. This comes with everything you need (except the barrel) to finish a KE17, 19, or 34 slide.

Learn More: Slide Completion Kit at KEArms.com

Finally, the KE Arms Independence Day Special includes a free patch with orders or $50 or more and 10% everything on their site. The offer is good through 7/8/2018.


Team KE Arms Cleans up at Inaugural InRange TV Desert Brutality 2018 2 Gun Competition

The Desert Brutality 2 Gun Competition was held at the Cow Town Range in Peoria, AZ  February 3-4 2018.  The match was organized and promoted by InRange TV.  InRange TV’s Karl Kasarda brought his unique combination of physical and shooting challenges with rifle and pistol from the 2 Gun Action Challenge Match into a major event format.

105 competitors from around the United States and as far as Switzerland and Finland attended the event.  Participants included active and retired Military/Law Enforcement, experienced action shooting competitors, and a large number of new shooters inspired to compete by InRange TV’s match coverage.

Competitors engaged rifle targets from out to 300 yards, and pistol targets to 25 yards.  Every stage included some physical challenge including sprints, running up hill, throwing a kettle bell, dragging a heavy sled, obstacles, and breaching doors.

The match featured several unique divisions:

Classic: Firearms designed in as issued configured prior to 1974 with iron sights.  Mag capacity was limited to 30 rounds rifle, and pistol to standard capacity magazines.

Scout: Modern firearms.  Rifle could have a single optical sight, pistol must use iron sights.  Rifle capacity was limited to 30, and pistol to standard capacity magazines

Armored: Same as Scout, but add a plate carrier with rifle rated plates must be worn on every stage.

Sport: Equivalent to Open Division in 3 Gun, no substantial equipment restrictions.

Armored +P: Rifle Rated plates front and rear, bump or ballistic helmet, all ammo for the entire match carried on person throughout each stage.  Firearms equipment and accessories were unlimited as long as it was carried.

KE Arms Team Shooter Jordan Henderson won Scout division and overall.

KE Arms Marketing Director and Shooting Team Captain Russell Phagan (aka SinistralRifleman www.SinistralRifleman.com) won Armored +P division and placed 2nd overall only 8 seconds behind Jordan.


You can watch Russell’s match videos on youtube here:

Desert Brutality Intro and Gear


Desert Brutality 2018 Day 1

Desert Brutality 2018 Day 2

Results here: http://www.inrange.tv/

SLT-2 Sear Link Technology Trigger

KE Arms in conjunction with M&M Manufacturing is pleased to announce the release of the SLT-2 Sear Link Technology ARC Blade Trigger.

M&M Manufacturing designed the Sear Link Technology trigger to address the short comings common to most AR15 trigger designs.  Produced and distributed by KE Arms, the patent pending sear link system eliminates the traditional disconnector, resulting in a smoother and more durable trigger.  As the hammer is pushed out of the way by the bolt carrier group, it does not impact any other parts of the fire control group.  Without a disconnector for the hammer to drive through, longevity and durability of the trigger system are increased especially when used with higher speed BCGs found in pistol caliber carbine blowback systems.  The function of the sear link system also allows the firearm to be placed on safe with the hammer either cocked or forward, something unique to aftermarket trigger systems.  This simplifies the manual of arms and reducing the possibility of a negligent discharge when transitioning or clearing malfunctions.  Finally the moving parts of the SLT are isolated in the forward front section making them much less susceptible to debris and fouling than traditional designs.

Although the SLT-1 with curved trigger has been successful since its release in early 2017, there was still room to make it even better.  End user feedback and input from the KE Arms Shooting Team led to the development and release of the SLT-2, featuring the ARC Blade trigger.  The new trigger improves the tactile feel of the reset, making the shooter more aware of when the trigger has moved forward to the reset point.  The surface of the ARC Blade makes the pull feel consistent regardless of trigger finger placement.  The SLT-1 maintains the curved trigger, but now also features the improved tactile feel of the SLT-2.


SLT-2 Trigger http://www.kearms.com/store/p/906-SLT-2-Sear-Link-Technology-Trigger.aspx

SLT-2 Trigger w/ Ambi Selector http://www.kearms.com/store/p/907-SLT-2-Sear-Link-Technology-Trigger-with-Ambi-Selector.aspx

Visit KE Arms in booth 4257 to get hands on experience with the SLT-1 or 2 at SHOT Show 2018.

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