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KE Arms Releases G26 Compatible Slide Blanks

KE Arms is pleased to announce the release of our slides compatible with Gen 3 Glock 26 pistols and similar frames like those made by Polymer 80.

The KE26 Slide is machined from 17-4 Stainless steel and heat treated to Rockwell 42-43.  These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods. The KE26 slide is compatible with all Glock 26 Gen 3 OEM components.  Nothing else has been machined on the surfaces, making them perfect for custom builds and gunsmithing projects.  Completed models with serrations and optics cuts will be coming soon.

All KE Arms slides are manufactured in Arizona, with models available for the G17, G19, and G34 as well.   KE Arms has supplied other well-known brands with slides since 2015.  Slide blanks are available to consumers for $200 on KE Arms’ site http://www.kearms.com/ke26-slide-blank.aspx

Dealers and clients interested in OEM purchases can contact KE Arms at sales@kearms.com


New Items and 4th of July Sale at KE Arms

KE Arms has a couple of new items for Glock shooters. Their new Threaded Barrel for Glock with Compensator is available in multiple configurations (G17 or G19, Enhanced or Carry Comp) and ready to drop-in for a very attractive price.

Learn More: Threaded Barrel for Glock with Compensator at KEArms.com

They are also offering a new Slide Completion Kit for Glocks. This comes with everything you need (except the barrel) to finish a KE17, 19, or 34 slide.

Learn More: Slide Completion Kit at KEArms.com

Finally, the KE Arms Independence Day Special includes a free patch with orders or $50 or more and 10% everything on their site. The offer is good through 7/8/2018.


Team KE Arms Cleans up at Inaugural InRange TV Desert Brutality 2018 2 Gun Competition

The Desert Brutality 2 Gun Competition was held at the Cow Town Range in Peoria, AZ  February 3-4 2018.  The match was organized and promoted by InRange TV.  InRange TV’s Karl Kasarda brought his unique combination of physical and shooting challenges with rifle and pistol from the 2 Gun Action Challenge Match into a major event format.

105 competitors from around the United States and as far as Switzerland and Finland attended the event.  Participants included active and retired Military/Law Enforcement, experienced action shooting competitors, and a large number of new shooters inspired to compete by InRange TV’s match coverage.

Competitors engaged rifle targets from out to 300 yards, and pistol targets to 25 yards.  Every stage included some physical challenge including sprints, running up hill, throwing a kettle bell, dragging a heavy sled, obstacles, and breaching doors.

The match featured several unique divisions:

Classic: Firearms designed in as issued configured prior to 1974 with iron sights.  Mag capacity was limited to 30 rounds rifle, and pistol to standard capacity magazines.

Scout: Modern firearms.  Rifle could have a single optical sight, pistol must use iron sights.  Rifle capacity was limited to 30, and pistol to standard capacity magazines

Armored: Same as Scout, but add a plate carrier with rifle rated plates must be worn on every stage.

Sport: Equivalent to Open Division in 3 Gun, no substantial equipment restrictions.

Armored +P: Rifle Rated plates front and rear, bump or ballistic helmet, all ammo for the entire match carried on person throughout each stage.  Firearms equipment and accessories were unlimited as long as it was carried.

KE Arms Team Shooter Jordan Henderson won Scout division and overall.

KE Arms Marketing Director and Shooting Team Captain Russell Phagan (aka SinistralRifleman www.SinistralRifleman.com) won Armored +P division and placed 2nd overall only 8 seconds behind Jordan.


You can watch Russell’s match videos on youtube here:

Desert Brutality Intro and Gear


Desert Brutality 2018 Day 1

Desert Brutality 2018 Day 2

Results here: http://www.inrange.tv/

SLT-2 Sear Link Technology Trigger

KE Arms in conjunction with M&M Manufacturing is pleased to announce the release of the SLT-2 Sear Link Technology ARC Blade Trigger.

M&M Manufacturing designed the Sear Link Technology trigger to address the short comings common to most AR15 trigger designs.  Produced and distributed by KE Arms, the patent pending sear link system eliminates the traditional disconnector, resulting in a smoother and more durable trigger.  As the hammer is pushed out of the way by the bolt carrier group, it does not impact any other parts of the fire control group.  Without a disconnector for the hammer to drive through, longevity and durability of the trigger system are increased especially when used with higher speed BCGs found in pistol caliber carbine blowback systems.  The function of the sear link system also allows the firearm to be placed on safe with the hammer either cocked or forward, something unique to aftermarket trigger systems.  This simplifies the manual of arms and reducing the possibility of a negligent discharge when transitioning or clearing malfunctions.  Finally the moving parts of the SLT are isolated in the forward front section making them much less susceptible to debris and fouling than traditional designs.

Although the SLT-1 with curved trigger has been successful since its release in early 2017, there was still room to make it even better.  End user feedback and input from the KE Arms Shooting Team led to the development and release of the SLT-2, featuring the ARC Blade trigger.  The new trigger improves the tactile feel of the reset, making the shooter more aware of when the trigger has moved forward to the reset point.  The surface of the ARC Blade makes the pull feel consistent regardless of trigger finger placement.  The SLT-1 maintains the curved trigger, but now also features the improved tactile feel of the SLT-2.


SLT-2 Trigger http://www.kearms.com/store/p/906-SLT-2-Sear-Link-Technology-Trigger.aspx

SLT-2 Trigger w/ Ambi Selector http://www.kearms.com/store/p/907-SLT-2-Sear-Link-Technology-Trigger-with-Ambi-Selector.aspx

Visit KE Arms in booth 4257 to get hands on experience with the SLT-1 or 2 at SHOT Show 2018.

New Pistol Compensators from KE Arms

Kudos to KE Arms for arranging to have holsters available simultaneously with the announcement of their new line of pistol compensators.

KE Arms is pleased to announce the release of our pistol compensators!  Machined from 7075 T5 Aluminum Billet and Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized, these comps are machined to attach to any 1/2-28TPI barrel.

Available in 2 different thread lengths to accommodate the widest range of barrels and secured with 2 set screws.  Made in the USA.

The Enhanced Compensator features 2 top ports to effectively reduce muzzle flip by up to 40%

Enhanced Compensator Short Threads MSRP $79.95

1.284″ long x 1.005″ Wide x 0.753″ Tall
0.233″ relief on back of Comp before threads start.
0.259″ of threads

Enhanced Compensator Long Threads MSRP $79.95

1.535″ long x 1.005″ Wide x 0.753″ Tall
0.233″ relief on back of Comp before threads start.
0.510″ of threads

The Carry Compensator features a single top port to reduce length while still offering excellent muzzle flip reduction.

Carry Compensator Short Threads MSRP $69.95

0.886 ” long x 1.005″ Wide x 0.753″ Tall
0.233″ relief on back of Comp before threads start.
0.259″ of threads

Carry Compensator Long Threads MSRP $69.95

1.136″ long x 1.005″ Wide x 0.753″ Tall
0.233″ relief on back of Comp before threads start.
0.510″ of threads

Looking for a holster to accommodate your compensator equipped pistol?  Our Industry partners at We Plead the 2nd https://wepleadthe2nd.com/ can make a holster to accommodate your pistol and carry needs.

KE Arms KE-15 Action Carbine

I can’t say that the KE-15 Action Carbine will make you a winner but it is the carbine that multi-gun competitor and Trooper Class founder/guru, Russell Phagan, uses to win competitions regularly. So… Maybe some of that winning pedigree will rub off on you.

The Action Carbine has features selected to make it capable from 0-400 yards in fitting with its multi-gun competition roots. It features a Ballistic Advantage Performance Series barrel, a Young Manufacturing Nation Match BCG, a KE-15 lower receiver with a massive magazine well, KE Arms’ SLT-1 Trigger, and more.

You can read more about its features and options at KEArms.com.

Billet KE-9 Ambi 9mm AR-15 Lowers – Glock Mag Compatible

KE Arms has opened pre-ordering on their Billet KE-9 Lower Receivers with ambidextrous magazine release. The lower accepts Glock magazines.

From KE Arms:

The KE-9 Billet lower receiver is precision machined in-house from hi-grade 7075 billet master plate to milspec standards making it compatible with most milspec 9mm uppers. Features a broached mag well and milspec 8625 type III, class 2 hard anodized. Ready to be assembled with your choice of lower parts kit.

This lower features an Ambidextrous magazine catch assembly making it optimal for Left Handed shooters or shooters that need complete ambidextrous handling of their firearm.

The KE-9 accepts Glock OEM and after market Glock style magazines. The magazine catch is included and is machined from aluminum billet and hard coat anodized. The ejector is included and is secured with 2 set screws. The bolt catch hole is threaded and and screw for installation is included.

The KE-9 DOES NOT have Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) unless you use an upper with a linkage system built in to accomodate it. The AR15 magazine catch can be used to manually lock the bolt back, but Glock magazine followers DO NOT interface with it. To have LRBHO you muse use an upper with a linkage system that interfaces with the Glock magazine follower and standard bolt catch. Some manufacturers of 9mm uppers produce uppers with this feature.

Check out the Billet KE-9 Lowers at KE Arms.

KE Arms Releases SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger

KE Arms has licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights for the patent pending Sear Link Technology trigger system from M&M Manufacturing.  All components are made and assembled in the USA.

The SLT-1 has been tested thoroughly before release with tens of thousands of rounds in traditional 5.56 AR platforms, .308 AR platforms, 9mm AR pattern blow back carbines, and the SIG MPX




– There is no disconnector for the hammer to drive through, thus creating a more efficient cycle of the bolt simply pushing the hammer out of the way as the gun fires.

– Forces of the bolt on the hammer are not transmitted into any other components of the trigger assembly.

– Constant sear engagement against the hammer means the trigger is always ready to reset and fire


Moving parts are sealed in the underside of the housing making it less susceptible to fouling and debris.


No impact on moving internal parts increases longevity of the trigger system.

The SLT-1 Drops into mil-spec fire control pockets and is retained with standard fire control pins captured by springs inside the housing bushings.


Due to the unique geometry of the trigger, the safety can always be applied regardless of the hammer being down or cocked. When used appropriately this adds another level of safety to administrative handling and clearing of malfunctions.

Ambi Selector Included for a Limited Time
For a limited time KE Arms Ambi-Selectors will be included with all orders direct from KE Arms. If you purchase an SLT-1 from an authorized retailer during this time, you will receive a voucher for a free ambi-selector in the package.

Introductory MSRP of $199.95

Order online at http://www.kearms.com/slt-1-sear-link-technology-trigger.aspx

KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun – 6-7 MAY 2017 St George, UT

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/ and KE Arms  www.kearms.com are pleased to announce the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun Match.  The number one reason we hear people not wanting to participate in 3 Gun is the shotgun aspect.  This match eliminates the shotgun and all associated excuses; if you own an AR and a modern high cap pistol you can shoot this match and be competitive!

Brought to you by the same range and staff that have been running the Hard as Hell 3 Gun and the Red Oktober Kalashnikov match, the KE Arms Hard as Hell 2-Gun will be a 9 stage, high effort, high round count stages requiring pistol and rifle only, with dedicated ROs. Expect physical challenge, a 300 second time-out, climbing, crawling, swinging, hooting, hollering, and cow bell. Because everything needs more cowbell. For an idea of what this match about search YouTube for “Hard as Hell Mutlgun” and sit back and enjoy. We will use the KE Arms Prize Patrol to deliver fun prizes to every squad. Top 3 in competitive divisions will take home trophies and loot. Other prizes delivered randomly to who is watching the final shootoff. Oh… and we will also do the patent pending SUPS Squad Relay where all squads race as a team for prizes and pride. Sounds fun? Join us is May!

Register on PractiScore. https://practiscore.com/ke-arms-hard-as-hell-2-gun/register#

Time Plus/Points Scoring, 9 stages

Divisions: Tactical Optics, Tactical Limited, Open

Want to make the match harder compete in Trooper division and carry all your ammo and shooting supplies on foot into the range, during every stage, and hike back out at the end of the day!

Want to make it harder still? add Armored Category to your division and wear front/rear hard armor plates!

Price: $150

Round Count: 300 rifle (45 long range 200+ yards), 200 pistol

Match Rules here:

KE Arms Full Auto Ambi Selector

It’s Valentine’s Day and nothing says “LOVE” like a selector with a third position like the new Full Auto Ambi Selector from KE Arms.

This selector is intended to work in M16, M4, and registered full auto AR15 type machine guns.  Improves handling for left handed and right handed shooters making all manipulations easier.  Ther selector includes one full length arm for the shooter’s strong side thumb, and one shorter arm for the opposite side.

-Selector Arms are machined from 6061-T6 Billet and Mil 8625 Type III Class 2 anodized.
-17-4 Stainless Steel shaft, black melonite coated.
-Allen wrench included.

This selector is considered a machine gun part and possession of it without the appropriate NFA registered weapon could be a violation of federal law.

Order Online here: http://www.kearms.com/ambidextrous-full-auto-selector.aspx

Contact sales@kearms.com for agency or departmental purchases.

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