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Holosun Goes Titanium?

Holosun recently teased a optic with full titanium construction. Titanium is just exotic enough to garner my interest whenever it rolls across my social media feeds.

Holosun didn’t make the benefits of titanium construction clear but experience tells us they could be lighter weight, increased durability, or some measure of both. While it is always exciting to see companies working to innovate, it remains to be seen whether any potential benefits from titanium construction would justify the increased cost of such an optic.

New Shotgun Magazine Tube Mounted Light Concept from Holosun

Holosun is testing the waters on a new shotgun weaponlight that mounts in line with the magazine tube. I suspect many shotgun users have dreamed about being able to mount a light on the end of the magazine tube over the years but switching for this light location has always been the fly in the ointment. The activation switch set up for this light has not been revealed at this time.


Sneak Peek: Holosun to Offer Dot Sights with Green Reticles and 10 Year Runtime

As someone with color blindness (red deficient), I can get by with a typical red dot sight by turning up the brightness but I see other colors much better than red. I tend to see green very well as do most people since it is in the middle of the visible light spectrum. This is why the latest developments out of Holosun are extremely interesting to me.

Holosun has apparently devised a way to create dot sights with green reticles. If that isn’t interesting enough, the runtime should impress anyone. According to Holosun, the new sights don’t just have runtimes similar to current red dot sights, they boast 10 year runtime. That is twice the runtime found on current dot sights. That runtime, if accurate, is going to start approaching the self-discharge rate of some batteries!

Keep an eye on Holosun.com for new details.

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