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Hill People Gear Kit Bag or GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster – Get Both!

Our review of the GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster is one of the most visited reviews ever posted on this site and we get a number of emails asking questions about it. One of the most common questions I receive regarding the Kenai is how it compares to the Hill People Gear Kit Bag. Well, I happen to be a long time user of both and that sounds like an idea for a post to me!


Kenai Chest Holster

Hill People Gear Kit Bag

The Same but Different

At the most basic level, the Kenai and Kit Bag are similar. They are both designed to carry a handgun in the most advantageous position for many outdoor pursuits – on the chest. However, the functionality and materials used are drastically different. This leads to different strengths and weaknesses for both, enough that I have purchased and use both depending on the situation.

Both are better than tucking your handgun into your backpack or not carrying it at all!

Background with the Kit Bag

My background with the Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag is fairly long. I’ve owned one since the first or second run. This was before they added a dummy cord loop and Velcro in the handgun compartment. I simply wanted a way to carry a handgun that was comfortable and concealed while backpacking. The Kit Bag worked well for that but I never really completely filled all the carrying capacity offered by the Original Kit Bag. I eventually sold it and replaced it with a Runners Kit Bag.

The Runners Kit Bag is ideal for me. It has the same footprint as the Original Kit Bag but is slimmer overall since the “middle” cargo pocket has been removed. It is large enough to keep my full sized handgun concealed but significantly slimmer while still offering more than enough carrying capacity to carry some basics.

Background with Kenai Chest Holster

I’ve been using a Kenai Chest Holster since late 2015. I find it to be the best interpretation of a “guide holster” available. GunfightersINC used their experience in the outdoors and some modern materials to bring the guide holster concept into the current century. It is slimmer than any traditional leather guide holster could ever hope to be, offers better retention without the need for a strap, creates a better draw stroke, and its modular.

I’ve worn this holster extensively and I find it to be extremely comfortable and extremely easy to draw from. They even designed the harness so none of the adjusters had to be positioned on the back where it could catch on wader shoulder straps or cause hotspots under a backpack. This is the level of thoughtfulness that went into this holster.

Get Both!

For a long time, the Original Kit Bag was the only way I had to carry a handgun on my chest and it worked. When I added the Kenai Chest Holster to my gear bin, I wondered if it would replace my Kit Bag but it hasn’t. It has only highlighted the strengths of both carry methods.

I can’t replace the Kit Bag because it offers three important benefits over the Kenai:

  • It can conceal a handgun without the use of a covering garment.
  • It can carry a huge variety of handguns from small to large.
  • It can carry additional items in a location that is easy to access.

The Kenai is surprisingly concealable under a cover garment but I live in an area that sees triple digit heat in the summer. I can’t always use a covering garment. I’ve used my one Kit Bag to carry everything from a Glock 43 or J-Frame, to a Ruger 22/45 Lite with RDS, to a large frame revolver. Additionally, the Kit Bag is great for carrying items like nav tools (compass, GPS, UTM grid, etc.), basic survival goodies (lighter, some bits of tinder, etc.), and other items you may want close at hand. It may not seem like a big deal but the efficiency of reaching to your chest for gear like chapstick or a GPS unit versus having to stop and remove your pack is not trivial when you are trying to cover ground.

I can’t replace the Kenai Chest Holster because it offers three important benefits over the Kit Bag:

  • It is more compact.
  • It offers a faster, more streamlined draw stroke.
  • It is more concealable.

The Kenai Chest Holster is smaller and slimmer than the Kit Bag that makes it a little easier to dress/pack around. That also means it is cooler to wear and that can be big deal when it is 95+ with less than 15% humidity. The Kenai’s draw stroke is very fast and straightforward. There is nothing between your hand and a full firing grip on your handgun with Kenai. The Kit Bag is fast but the Kenai is faster – how much faster will depend on your specific gear and some training. Finally, if I absolutely need to conceal the fact that I am carrying and the weather permits, the Kenai conceals under a coat easily.

I live in a very rural area that is a destination for outdoor recreation. That means that we have a healthy mix of the NRA crowd and Sierra Club crowd. Our property is on the outskirts of National Forest land that contains Grizzly habitat. My choice for which carry “system” to use often comes down to balancing those factors.

If I am headed to a popular trail, I know I am more likely to encounter the Sierra Club side of the house and prefer to remain discreet in how I carry. I usually reach for the Kit Bag in that case. If I am working or hiking on our own property, I don’t have to worry about concealment and I almost always use the Kenai. If I am going on a very long day hike (or overnighter), I am more likely to reach for the Kit Bag because of the convenience of carrying important items in the outer pocket. If I am going into an area where the grapevine says there was recent bear activity, I am inclined to take the Kenai.

Wrap Up

There are always factors to balance when deciding which gear works for you. If you are knee deep in big coastal brown bears while fishing for salmon you might choose differently than you would if you were knee deep in college kids while hiking the Appalachian Trail. For me, both the Kenai Chest Holster and Hill People Gear Kit Bags have been invaluable and I am glad I have both in my gear box.


Hill People Gear Tarahumara in Multicam Black

Hill People Gear has released a limited run of Tarahumara Packs in Multicam Black. The entire pack including the harness and webbing has been rendered in the popular camo pattern. The Multicam Black pattern gives the Tarahumara an interesting “urban” look while still retaining all the features and durability you expect in a Hill People Gear Pack.

Hill People Gear Tarahumara Multicam Black

Limited Run HPG Kit Bag in Blaze Orange

Hill People Gear has a limited run of their Original Kit Bag V2 in Blaze Orange with Ranger Green accents. This colorway would be perfect for hunters, search and rescue personnel, or anyone trying to stay visible in the woods.

Original Kit Bag V2 at Hill People Gear

Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag Version 2

Hill People Gear’s Original Kit Bag just learned some new tricks. The Original Kit Bag V2 now features a #10 zipper on the main cargo compartment (instead of the earlier #8). The inside back of the main cargo compartment is now lined with First Spear’s 6/12 material to allow for mounting MOLLE or hook backed pouches. Finally, the bottom of the bag has a single row of PALS webbing that makes a great place to affix a knife sheath.

The Original Kit Bag V2 available now in Black with other colors coming soon.


Limited Run Teal and Grey Grid Tarahumara Packs

Sometimes brighter colors can help you blend in…

Hill People Gear’s Tarahumara is a great pack but it is typically only available in a decidedly “tactical” color palette. If you prefer something other than the usual greens, greys, and browns, check out the limited run of Tarahumara Packs in teal and grey.

Hill People Gear Umlindi Backpack in Multicam

The Multicam version of the Umlindi Backpack from Hill People Gear is generally only available in limited runs and it just so happens to be in stock right now. If you have been waiting for one of these versatile packs in Multicam, act fast.


Hill People Gear Londolozi Pack – Coming Soon

I have always looked forward to seeing what Hill People Gear (HPG) will come up with next ever since I got my old Kit Bag. The Londolozi Pack is one of their latest creations and it will be available soon.

HPG Londolozi Pack

The Londolozi Pack occupies the space between the compact Tarahumara Pack and the larger Ute Pack. This top loader is sized (19″x11″x6.5″ and 2000 ci) to handle day trips or even multi-day warm weather trips if you pack lightly. It comes with the new version of the HPG Shoulder Harness that is being phased into all the HPG packs and is also compatible with the Prairie Belt if you need to transfer a heavier load to your hips. The plastic frame sheet and single aluminum stay are removable and the back panel is padded. The compression system works to steady your payload and also allows the user to dock a Palspocket, Tarapocket, or Tarahumara pack. There are additional organization features like several compression straps that can be used for lashing gear, dual wand pockets, an internal slot pocket, internal hang tabs, and a para-cord tool loop.

Check out the Londolozi Pack.

Hill People Gear DIY Backpacking Stove

If you are looking for a weekend project, check this out. Hill People Gear has instructions for a really slick little backpacking stove on their website. If you build one, let me know how it turns out!

Source: Hill People Gear

Source: Hill People Gear

Hill People Gear Ute Internal Frame Backpack

Details are now finalized on the new Hill People Gear Ute Internal Frame Backpack. It will cost $395 and should be available shortly. You can find just about everything that you want to know about the Ute in this video that HPG recently shared.

It looks like a tremendous pack that should challenge the likes of Mystery Ranch and Kifaru in terms of quality, design, and features.

Check out HillPeopleGear.com.


Hill People Gear Prairie Belt

Hill People Gear is giving the world some insight into their upcoming Prairie Belt on their forums.This dual purpose belt seems to have a lot going for it.

The Prairie Belt is designed to used as a stand-alone “battle” belt or as a hip belt for a pack. It has special features that allow it to serve this dual purpose effectively like removable stabilizer straps and the ability to work with a wide variety of packs (any pack with standard 6″ stay spacing or that secure the belt behind a lumbar pad). The stabilizer straps can be reconfigured to attach the Prairie Belt to the Hill People Gear Shoulder Harness which should really help distribute the weight of whatever you are carrying on the belt.

The belt also features multiple layers of foam that are removable and can be swapped to configure the padding to your tastes. There is cordage on the rear of the belt than can be used to stow bulky items like a jacket. Additionally, there are design features that allow the Prairie Belt to function as part of a climbing harness. A climbing kit may be in the works.

Check out the Prairie Belt on the Hill People Gear Forum.

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