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Crowdfund This: Kalashnikov Buyers Guide

After their successful crowd funding campaign for the Visual AK Identification Playing Cards, the folks at GunWebsites.com are at it again. This time they are attempting to fund the development of a new Kalashnikov Buyers Guide website that will serve as a clearing house for AK related information that is collaborative and free to use.

You can find more details on their Indiegogo page.

AK47 Buyers Guide sm

GunWebsites.com AK ID Cards Available at K-VAR

If you missed out on crowdfunding GunWebsite.com’s AK ID Cards, they are now available at K-VAR. My deck should be arriving any day now and I can’t wait to check them out.

gwebs ak ID playing cards

Crowdfund This: Visual AK Identification Playing Cards – First Look

There are just 3 days left to push GunWebsite’s Visual Kalashnikov Identification Playing Cards to their $10K stretch goal. The extra funding will ensure that these cards can be produced in the USA. To help make the final push, a video giving the most in-depth look yet at the cards has been released. Feast your eyes on all the Kalashnikov goodness in the video below…

Get in on the crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter.

Crowdfund This: Visual AK Identification Playing Cards Update

We recently mentioned the Gunwebsites.com’s Visual AK Identification Playing Cards project and since that time there have been some exciting updates. First, the cards are fully funded so they will definitely be produced. They are within a few hundred dollars of doubling their original $3000 goal.

gwebs ak ID playing cards

The second exciting bit of news is their new $10,000 stretch goal. They would like to produce these cards here in the USA at one of the biggest names in playing cards, Bicycle Playing Card Company. This will require a large minimum order that can only be met if they reach the stretch goal.

They have raised nearly $6K with 22 days left so the new $10K goal is certainly attainable. Check out the Kickstarter page and tell a friend!

Crowdfund This: AK Identification Playing Cards

GunWebsites.com has created a deck of AK Identification Playing Cards that are reminiscent of the old aircraft ID playing cards. Each card in the deck features a silhouette of an AK variant along with information like its country of origin, arsenal mark, years of production, and materials used. GunWebsites.com has stated that if successful, this could be the first in a series of decks that would expand the countries and AK variants represented.

The AK Identification Playing Cards are currently being launched on Kickstarter. There are a number of affordable backer perks to check out, including some early bird perks that are still available.

gwebs ak ID playing cards

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