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Glock 17 Gen 3 Unissued LE/GOVT Marked Magazines at GunMag Warehouse

A Valentine’s Day poem for you…

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I don’t care about LE/GOVT markings on magazines. I just like ’em cheap.

I may not be a poet but I know a good deal when I see one. GunMag Warehouse has Glock 17 factory magazines with LE/GOVT markings for $18.99. These are new, unissued magazines that work just like any other. Stack them deep.

Glock 17 Gen 3 Unissued LE/GOVT Marked Magazines at GunMag Warehouse

Police Trade-In and Surplus Magazines at GunMag Warehouse

GunMag Warehouse now has a selection of police trade-in and surplus magazines. I have found trade-in magazines to be a great way to beef up my supply of magazines on a budget. Now is the time to find deals on things like magazines… not in 4 years when we have another uncertain election.

GunMag Warehouse Trade-In Magazines

The Ultimate Rit Dye Guide for Dyeing your Magpul PMAG – GunMag Warehouse Blog

Dying PMAGs is something of a national pastime. Even before Magpul rolled out their Sand polymer that takes dye exceptionally well, people were using Rit Dye on FDE and other colored PMAGS. There are long running and extensive posts on gun forums that pre-date the Sand polymer by a number of years. Now, with the availability of the PMAG Gen M3 Sand magazines, the popularity of dying these mags has only grown.

GunMag Warehouse recently posted what they call The Ultimate Rit Dye Guide for Dyeing your Magpul PMAG. The post shows the results from 25 different Rit Dye colors along with comments on some of the colors. It may also be worth your time to peruse the comments as there is some good information to be gleaned about the process of dying.


$24.99 Sig MPX Magazines are Back at GunMag Warehouse

GunMag Warehouse offered Gen 1 Sig MPX Magazines for $24.99 a few weeks ago and they sold out in minutes. Now they have a load more for sale. If you have an MPX, you know that is a killer price.

Check out the Sig MPX Magazines at GunMag Warehouse.

Black Friday at GunMag Warehouse

GunMag Warehouse has several great deals for Black Friday including great prices on PMAG packages. They are offering 10 PMAGs for as little as $89.99!


GunMag Warehouse Deal: Magpul MOE Vertical Grip

I always try to keep an eye on the sale page at GunMag Warehouse. They always have a few really hot deals and their low cost shipping makes them impulse buyable.

They just put their Magpul MOE Vertical Grips on sale for $9.99. These grips are made to direct connect to the older style MOE Hand Guards but I have modified them for use on KeyMod, M-LOK, and many other free float rails simply by grinding out the plastic tabs as necessary. You can even chop them off to whatever length you desire (like a handstop) and stipple them. They are like a blank canvas!


SIG MPX Magazine Blowout at GunMag Warehouse

GunMag Warehouse is hosting a sale on their Sig MPX Magazines and Blade-Tech Magazines Carriers for the MPX magazines. If you have an MPX, here is a chance to stack those magazines deep.




Remington Squeeg-E Operator Field Cleaning System at Gunmag Warehouse


I don’t clean my firearms a lot but I always take some simple cleaning supplies with me when I go to the range – especially for paid training where down time equals lost time, money, and skill. If you need a compact field cleaning kit, Gunmag Warehouse has a ridiculous deal. They are selling Remington Squeeg-E Operator Field Cleaning Systems for $13.99 and their shipping is always very reasonable.

These kits come with everything you need to keep both handguns and rifles clean. All the components come packed in a case which keeps the whole kit compact and easy to transport.

Check out the Remington Squeeg-E Operator Field Cleaning System at GunmagWarehouse.com.

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