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Gadsden Dynamics – 4 Years of Hard Work

How cool is this? Gadsden Dynamics posted the following video on Instagram recently…


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We wanted to say THANK YOU for your support. We went from one sewing machine in a tiny condo spare room, to a unfinished basement, to a 900 square foot second story shop with an automated webbing cutter, five sewing machines and many more tools! We are so greatful for the support of our amazing customers that make our business possible. We arent a Chinese sweat shop, we are American owned and operated by people with a passion for freedom, quality products, and supporting the American economy! We have awesome plans for 2019 to grow substantially, and hope you will follow us on the journey to providing prepared civilians with practical, quality gear. . . @gadsdendynamics #gadsdendynamics #preparedcivilian #undergroundpartisan #tacticalgear #ourshop #fridayvibes #love #americanmade #americanbusiness #madeintheusa #businessowner #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #ilovemycompany #tacticalgear #thankyou #instagood

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This is a great example of what you are supporting when you buy from a small business. These businesses are run by real people who work hard at making great products and putting their neighbors to work in the process. I think we all respect the kind of hustle that it takes to grow a business like this.



Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics Belt Wallet

The new belt mounted EDC wallet grew out of a need to carry a few vital items like some cash, ID, and a flashlight while running or working out. Even when work out shorts have pockets, they are often insufficient for retaining important items during high activity. Gadsden Dynamics developed this upcoming product to deal directly with those issues but also as a sim, low profile option for EDC that prevents pocket clutter.

The EDC Wallet features a slim, elastic pouch sized to carry items like credit cards, ID, and some cash. It has an elastic loop that can be used to carry a flashlight with or without a belt clip. The pouch is belt mounted so it works especially well with Gadsden Dynamics own EDC Fit Shorts, athletic shorts with belt loops.

The EDC Wallet is still in testing with Gadsden Dynamics but it should go into production soon. Stay tuned for additional details on pricing and availability.

Click here to visit: Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics Adds Tourniquet Carrier Option to Chest Rigs

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering a tourniquet carrier options for all of their chest rigs. The elastic carrier hangs below the center of the chest rig. It’s central location and open ends allow the tourniquet to be placed so that it may be accessed from either side. This $10 addition is selected at the time of purchase and it is color matched to the chest rig.


Gadsden Dynamics EDC Fit Shorts – Now Available

We gave you a sneak peek of the EDC Fit Shorts from Gadsden Dynamics earlier this week. Now those shorts are available at GadsdenDynamics.com.

The EDC Fit Shorts are USA-made athletic shorts with a simple addition that makes them very practical for people who carry defensive tools – belt loops. You don’t need a specialty holster or belt. These athletic shorts make it possible to use your regular belt and holster while working out.

The shorts are made of a 100% polyester material called Microtech which is moisture-wicking, anti-snag, and had anti-odor/anti-microbial properties. They are available in any color you want as long as it is black and feature a screen-printed Gadsden Dynamics logo.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics US Made Athletic Shorts… WITH BELT LOOPS!

You can spend a lot of money on special holsters to carry your self defense gear while you exercise… or you can just wear a belt! Gadsden Dynamics gave us a sneak peek of a project they are working on – athletic shorts with belt loops!

The new EDC Fit shorts are made in the USA. Gadsden Design sends them out for screen printing and then adds the belt loops in their shop. The belt loops will allow you to make use of your regular belt and holster while you run, lift, swing kettlebells, or what ever else you do to stay fit.

These shorts should be available in the next month. GadsdenDynamics.com

Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rigs – Good for More Than Just Magazines

You can use Gadsden Dynamics’ Custom Chest Rig Builder to create a chest rig in any configuration you want. That means you can create a rig to carry just about anything you want… not just magazines. Gadsden Dynamics shared a pic of one creative customer’s chest rig designed to carry their tools.

You can build what you want, to do what you want. Check out the Custom Chest Rig Builder at Gadsden Dynamics.

Gadsden Dynamics Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel

The new Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel is now available to pre-order from Gadsden Dynamics. This panel actually started life as a custom order but there was significant interest so it will be added to Gadsden Dynamic’s regular lineup.

The panel features a 4 column by 3 row PALS webbing grid. There is loop material sewn over the webbing to allow use with hook backed pouches and items like tear off med pouches. The panel is secured to the head rest with 4 adjustable webbing straps which allow it to fit a wide variety of head rests.

Check out the Vehicle Headrest MOLLE Panel at GadsdenDynamics.com.

EDC Gun Belt – New from Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics has just opened pre-ordering for their new EDC Gun Belt. This belt is designed to be rigid enough to support all the defensive tools you carry daily but thin enough that the entire belt, including the buckle, can pass through belt loops.

To that end, the EDC Gun Belt features 2 layers of mil-spec webbing over a thin polymer stiffener which is thinner than typical scuba webbing belts. It is fastened with a AustriAlpin 1″ low profile Cobra Buckle that is 2mm thinner than standard Cobra Buckles. The belt’s length is adjusted with a thin metal triglides to avoid the added thickness and potential failure point of hook and loop material.

Check out the EDC Gun Belt at Gadsden Dynamics.

Gadsden Dynamics Adds Kryptek to Available Color Options for War Belt

Gadsden Dynamics has added Kryptek Typhon (shown) and Highlander to list of camo patterns available for their War Belt. The new camo patterns are available to order now.

Gadsden Dynamics War Belt

Gadsden Dynamics Sale – Save 10% Sitewide

Gadsden Dynamics is offering 10% off everything on their site this week when you use the code MAY10OFF at checkout. The code applies to everything on the site including their custom chest rig configuration tool.


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