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Gadsden Dynamics Custom Chest Rig Design Module

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering a new Custom Chest Rig Design Module on their website. The module allows you to designate several choices via drop-down menus and then actually design the features and layout of the chest rig with drag-and-drop functionality. It automatically scales the chest rig to the layout that you choose (between 10″ and 16″ wide).

The website keeps a running tally of the total cost and allows you to buy the exact chest rig you designed! Even if you aren’t in the market for a chest rig, it is worth checking out just for fun.

Gadsden Dynamics: Design Your Chest Rig

Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics LAB – Lightweight Ankle Band

Gadsden Dynamics is in the testing phase of a new ankle band designed to carry a tourniquet and other items for stopping bleeding. The Lightweight Ankle Band (LAB) features a pouch that accommodate a variety of different tourniquets and an elastic slip pocket for hemostatic agents or gauze.

Stay tuned for pricing and release details.


Gadsden Dynamics Introduces Sub Gun Options

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering their Underground Partisan Chest Rig in two different sub gun configurations:

  • 6x Colt / Glock / Uzi / Mac Magazines
  • 5x MP5 / Scorpion / MPX Magazines

The rig has the same concealable, low profile design and unique harness as other Underground Partisan Chest Rigs. It can be used as a chest rig or bandoleer just by reconfiguring the straps.


Gadsden Dynamics Custom Wasp Rig

Have you ever looked at an offering from a gear maker and wished you could make changes or additions? Not every gear maker can accommodate those types of custom requests but Gadsden Dynamics can. They recently posted an image of a custom Wasp Rig that features the addition of shot shell loops across the lower portion of the rig.

If you would like to customize a Gadsden Dynamics product, get in touch with them at GadsdenDynamics.com.

New for 2018 at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics isn’t taking a holiday break. They are already taking the wraps off two new products for 2018.

The first new releases are full Multicam versions of many of their gear items including their chest rigs. The new rigs feature Multicam printed webbing and elastic materials for full camo coverage.

The second new product is a tourniquet carrier specifically designed to attach to the harness of their chest rigs but it can also be used on a sling or belt. Expect the new tourniquet to be released early in 2018.


Cyber Monday at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics is offering 20% off all of their gear when you use code BLACKFRIDAY17. The code expires at midnight.

They are also offering a ton of limited quantity color options for their Triple-G rig. The Triple-G is a super compact, fold-able magazine carrier that can be worn as a bandoleer or chest rig. The Gadsden Grab-n-Go (Triple-G) is inconspicuous and easy to store anywhere. It is available in several colors that may never be available again.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics Shotgun Wasp Rig

Gadsden Dynamics gave us a sneak peek of a shotgun specific version of their Wasp Rig that will be available in the near future. The new rig features the same admin/IFAK pouch found on all Wasp Rigs. It also features a single pistol magazine pouch and 12 elastic loops that can be used to carry 12 gauge shotgun shells.

You can check out current Wasp Rig variations at Gadsden Dynamics. Stay tuned for more details on the shotgun version.

Gadsden Dynamics Enhanced War Belt

Most “battle belts” on the market are completely modular with no sewn in pouches. However, at Gadsden Dynamics, their mission is to create low profile gear targeted toward the prepared citizen. Sewn in pouches are generally lower in profile than their MOLLE mounted equivalents so… Gadsden Dynamics created the Enhanced War Belt.

The Enhance War Belt is unique among war belts in that it offers some sewn in magazine pouches. The user can choose between two different pouch configurations at the time of purchase but this pre-built approach works because most users will place their mag pouches in the same place on a modular belt. By sewing Gadsden Dynamics’ already low profile pouch design into these common locations, they can create a overall lower profile belt.

The purchaser can choose between 2 configurations: 2 rifle mag pouches and 1 pistol mag pouch or 2 pistol mag pouches and 1 rifle mag. They can also indicate if they prefer a right or left hand configuration. The Enhanced War Belt has full MOLLE coverage everywhere other than where magazines pouches are sewn.

The interior of the belt is lined with a grip material that prevents slipping over your clothing. The webbing belt runs through the entire length of the padded portion of the belt and is sewn in place to prevent slipping inside the pad. It is secured with the purchaser’s choice of a polymer ITW buckle or an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle.

Check out the Enhanced War Belt at Gadsden Dynamics.

Gadsden Dynamics Wasp Rig

The Wasp Rig is a chest rig designed by Gadsden Dynamics in collaboration with Rockcastle Shooting Center trainer Justin Vititoe. Many of the chest rigs that Gadsden Dynamics makes are designed to be slick and low-profile enough to conceal and the Wasp Rig is no different. It draws much of its design from their Underground Partisan Chest Rig but adds a number of additional features.

This chest rig features a single open top AR-15 magazine pouch, two open top double stack pistol magazine pouches, and an admin pouch that can also be used as a med pouch. Gadsden Dynamics also includes a single column of PALS webbing that can be used for attaching a pouch or securing items like chemlights, tourniquets, and flashlights.

The harness is unique to Gadsden Dynamics. It consists of a “Y” shoulder harness that meets at the center back of a single lat belt. This design should be to be easy to don quickly since the user need only worry about a single buckle on the lat belt once the harness is adjusted to fit.

The Wasp Chest Rig is available in two versions, the Wasp Rig and the Enhanced Wasp Rig. The only difference is that the Enhanced Wasp Rig allows the user to remove all of the pouches from the harness via a single Velcro panel. This opens up a number of concealment options or even attaching the panel directly to a plate carrier.

Wasp Chest Rig at Gadsden Dynamics

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