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Fight and Flight Tactical Proioxis K9 Collar

Fight and Flight Collar

Even if your pup isn’t a working dog he will appreciate a collar like the Fight and Flight Tactical Proioxis K9 Collar. This bad boy is made from 1.5 scuba webbing that is covered with 1.5″ mil-spec webbing. It features a 5″ loop field for adding Fido’s name tape, a 1″ parachute-grade cast V-ring for attaching a leash, and a 1″ welded loop for attaching tags. The Proioxis K9 Collar comes standard with a side release buckle but there is an optional Cobra Buckle upgrade.

Check out the Proioxis K9 Collar at FightandFlight.com.

Up Armor Your Y.U.C.K.

My family and I love the Y.U.C.K. from Fight and Flight Tactical. Our daughters use their backpacks all the time whether they are going across town or just on an “adventure” across the living room.

My oldest operator... planning her next mission.

My oldest operator… planning her next mission.

Fight and Flight Tactical recently posted some interesting information about how the Y.U.C.K. can accept soft armor plate backers:

“Around Christmas last year, the family and I were driving to see some family in Texas, and Sandy Hook came up in conversation. The wife and I engaged in an in-depth discussion on what kids could actually do to protect themselves in the case of a mass shooting. Many schools subscribe to the “duck and cover” line of thinking (however flawed it may be), and it occurred to me that it just so happened that the Y.U.C.K. and Y.U.C.K. II are perfectly sized and shaped to hold an armor plate backer in their hydration bladder pockets. So, if your kids’ schools don’t allow a common sense approach to protecting your kids (like armed security, or teachers with concealed carry permits), using a Y.U.C.K. or Y.U.C.K. II with a level IIIA plate backer will give your precious little ones an extra edge towards surviving, should another mass shooting occur in YOUR hometown.”


For a Y.U.C.K., use an 8″x10″ shooter cut plate backer,
For a Y.U.C.K. II, use an 10″x13″ or an 11″x14″ shooter cut plate backer.

I checked it out and they do fit quite well. Just when I thought the Y.U.C.K. couldn’t get any cooler.

Check out FightandFlight.com.

Osprey Flight Helmet Rucksack from Fight and Flight Tactical

The Osprey Flight Helmet Rucksack is purpose built to replace the standard issue flight helmet bag. Fight and Flight Tactical started with the dimensions of the venerable medium ALICE ruck and modified it to fit, not only a flight helmet, but a ton of support gear as well.

Fight and Flight Osprey

The Osprey is padded throughout its construction to protect the flight helmet and the other sensitive contents of the bag like night vision devices. It has a large main compartment and a padded trunk on top to keep you organized. It has a ton of PALS webbing coverage so you can attach additional pouches to it. The bag is lined with a water-resistant pack cloth type liner and all the seams have been sealed to make the bag very water resistant.

I am really just scratching the surface of the features that this bag has so hit the link to learn more. Check out the Osprey Flight Helmet Rucksack from Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Osprey Full

Patch Collecting: Fight and Flight Tactical Logo Patch

Fight and Flight Tactical Patch

This logo patch from Fight and Flight Tactical is one of the most detailed embroidered patches that I have seen. It is roughly 3″ by 2″ and it features a fast roping scene. With its detailed cutting around the fast roping soldiers and blades of the helicopter, this is one of the most intricate patches I own. Knowing that it came from Fight and Flight Tactical who has been supporting JTT for a long time makes it even more special.

Get your own at FightandFlight.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical 3-Mag Shingle

Don’t like choosing between faster shock cord retention and more secure flap covered pouches? You don’t have to choose thanks to the 3-Mag Shingle from Fight and Flight Tactical.

As the name would suggest, the 3-Mag Shingle holds 3 M4 magazines – 1 in each cell of the shingle. The single layer of 3 magazines keeps the shingle very slim and low profile. It has removable flaps that attach the back of the shingle with Velcro and a snap. There are removable bungee retainers on each pouch as well.

You can find plenty of magazine shingles with shock cord retention or flaps but you can’t find many with both that allow you to choose between the two based on your specific requirements. Check out the 3-Mag Shingle on FightandFlight.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical Christmas Stocking

I know you don’t want to hear this but Christmas is just around the corner. Unless you are planning to wait until last minute (again) this year, you need to take some action soon. Fight and Flight Tactical can help you get prepared with their new Christmas Stocking.

This stocking has all sorts of tacti-cool features like a Velcro field for adding patches, PALS webbing, a small exterior pocket, and a shock-cord retainer. What kid (or Trigger Jerk) wouldn’t want to find this stocking filled with Christmas loot on their mantle.

Check out the Fight and Flight Tactical Christmas Stocking.

MK VII K9 Harness from Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical just released the latest version of their K9 Harness – the MK VII K9 Harness. These harnesses have been through multiple improvements over the years based on the experience and know-how of skilled K9 handlers.

The new MK VII K9 Harness is available in both tactical and sport versions. The MK VII Tactical K9 Harness features more durable metal hardware that allows it to stand up to be used safely for rappelling. The MK VII Sport K9 Harness utilizes plastic hardware to keep the cost down but it is not suitable for rappelling. Both harnesses feature plenty of PALS webbing, an internal harness to distribute the stresses of rappelling, a skid plate to protect the K9’s underside, internal pockets for cooling packs, and a clever angled design that prevents choking.

It is probably worth noting that no one makes tactical cat harnesses. Just sayin’.

Check out the MK VII K9 Harness on FightandFlight.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical Y.U.C.K. with Hi-Viz Lining

The Fight and Flight Tactical Y.U.C.K. is a big hit in my house. We use one as a full time diaper bag and my oldest daughter loves to take hers on “adventures.”

My oldest operator… planning her next mission.

The YUCK is fully lined with pack cloth for durability and water-resistance. This makes it an excellent candidate for a high visibility lining. So, for no additional charge, Fight and Flight Tactical is now offering the YUCK with an orange lining as an alternative to their lower profile colors.


Fight and Flight Tactical GP Mini Pouch with TAREINCO Special Item Carrier

The coming together of the Fight and Flight Tactical GP Mini Pouch and the TAREINCO Special Item Carrier (SIC) was bit of a happy accident. TAREINCO recently became a dealer for Fight and Flight Tactical and found that their SIC fit the GP Mini Pouch like it was made for it.

The GP Mini Pouch is a small clamshell opening pouch that is lined with hook and loop (Velcro) and features elastic loops for some organization. The SIC is a versatile small item organizer that can hold a number of different items. Together, they make a pretty darn good looking first aid/ blow out kit pouch. The kit will also include a TAREINCO Patch Field Strip for attaching blood type and medic patches.

You can read more about both items and purchase them at a special price at TAREINCO.com. You can also check out the Fight and Flight Tactical Facebook Page and the TAREINCO Facebook Page for a chance to win a combo of your own.

Fight and Flight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick

A while back, I wrote a post called “Make Mine Mom and Pop” about my strong preference to shop with smaller gear makers. The article talks about the three main reasons I prefer smaller makers: communication, willingness to customize, and attention to detail. There is a fourth reason that I thought of at the time but didn’t write about which was how much more nimble a smaller maker can be. They can out-maneuver a larger maker when time is a key factor in the success of a piece of gear. The new Blackjack Battery Brick from Fight and Flight Tactical is a prime example of what I mean.

Two days ago, James G of Death Valley Magazine, asked on his Facebook if anyone could come up with a pouch that could hold 20 AA batteries. Within 4 hours of that post, Dave at Fight and Flight had designed, prototyped, produced, photographed, and shared a pouch that met James’ requirements. How cool is that?

You can check out the new Blackjack Battery Brick at FightandFlight.com. The AA version will work with CR123A batteries if you leave the center loop open and there is also a AAA version.

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