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Fight and Flight Tactical A.S.P. (Ambidextrous Sling Pack) – Designed for PDW/SBR/Pistol Carry

Fight and Flight Tactical’s new ASP or Ambidextrous Sling Pack is now available. As the name indicates, the ASP is a sling bag with a single shoulder strap. The strap is designed to be wide at the top to distribute weight and work equally well on either shoulder by switching the lower strap attachment point. The ASP was specifically designed with PDW/SBR/AR Pistol carry in mind and it has a few purpose-built features to support that intended use.

There is a grab handle on the top of the shoulder strap that can be used to pull the bag around to the front of the wearer in order to access its payload and make better use of body armor (more on this later). This action can be done without dismounting the pack, allowing faster access and giving the wearer the ability to reload from the bag.

The bag features 3 large compartments all of which offer “pass-through” style opening from either side of the bag. The rear most compartment can be used to carry a body armor panel. The front compartment can be used to carry magazines and other gear. The largest compartment, is accessed via a dual, parallel zippered flap that can be ripped out of the way quickly and provides easy access to the firearm it is intended to carry. All of the compartments have loop material lining to allow the use of hook backed organization accessories.

The ASP also features a couple of smaller admin slip pockets. It is available in a variety of colors including some lower profile color combinations that lack any exterior PALS webbing so the ASP could be low profile enough to serve as an EDC bag.

Check out the ASP at Fight and Flight Tactical


Fight and Flight Tactical BURRO

The Fight and Flight Tactical BURRO, or Basic Utility Rugged Rear-pocket Organizer, is a wallet for the guy who just can’t get by with a few cards and bills. Fight and Flight boasts that it “isn’t just a wallet, it’s essentially an admin pouch for your butt.”

The exterior of the BURRO has a loop field for displaying patches and a clear vinyl window for easy access to ID. The interior of the pouch features 2 large slip pockets for cash or a checkbook. There are multiple pen loops, plenty of slots for organizing cards, another clear vinyl ID window, and even a small elastic pocket for all those tiny discount cards from every grocery store ever.

Check out the BURRO at Fight and Flight Tactical.

SAV IFAK Pouch from Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical has released a new IFAK pouch called the SAV or Sanguin Aer Vitae (Latin for Blood, Air, Life). This 7″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ is large enough to hold a full-featured trauma kit and it packs some very slick organizational features. The interior of the SAV has plenty of organization features like loop Velcro, elastic loops, and a slip pocket. The exterior has a clever integrated trauma shear retainer and loops for a tourniquet and other items like chemlights or pens.

Check out the SAV at Fight and Flight Tactical.


Fight and Flight Tactical and Yeti Wurks CZ Scorpion Evo III Mag Shingle

Fight and Flight Tactical has been working with Yeti Wurks to create a very versatile magazine pouch for the CZ Scoprion EVO III. This MOLLE compatible, single style magazine pouch is sized to hold 4x 30 round magazines each in a single cell with bungee retention and removable full coverage flaps. In addition to its standard functionality as a magazine shingle, it can also be converted into a bandoleer.

These will be available exclusively through Yeti Wurks.

fight and flight scoprion evo pouch

Mystery Ranch NICE Frame Daypack

I have been looking for a compact daypack that is compatible with my Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. Ideally, it would be something like the Load Sling/Day Pack concept created by FHF Gear. However, Mystery Ranch is no longer selling the Load Sling separate from the NICE Frame and, as far as I know, FHF Gear never put the daypack in production. I’ve looked online but mostly struck out which is what had me raiding my gear stash to see if I had anything that would work.

fight and flight llama cargo tailgate daypack mystery ranch nice frame

It turns out, the answer was right under my nose. The Fight and Flight LLAMA pack is a great pack with several very useful features. The feature that is germane to this article is the LLAMA Pack’s use of modular compression panels/beavertails called Tailgates. The LLAMA comes standard with a basic panel Tailgate but Fight and Flight Tactical has offered several variations that serve different purposes and serve to expand the capabilities and capacity of the LLAMA.

It turns out that the buckles on those Tailgates match closely to the buckles on the NICE Frame. I was able to bolt a Cargo Tailgate directly to the frame without modification. The bag stands off the frame a bit but settles down with a load in the bag. The standoff also allows you to use the pack as a compression panel for carrying gear or game bags between the frame and pack. In the picture above, there is a small Mystery Ranch Load Cell compressed behind the Cargo Tailgate (it works with a large Load Cell too).

I know I am not the only one who has been looking for a compact and relatively lightweight daypack option for the NICE Frame so, hopefully, this is helpful information. Fight and Flight Tactical hasn’t added all of their Tail Gate options back to their website since they migrated to the new site. If you want a Tailgate like the one shown, you will have to contact them directly.

Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sale at Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical is offering 10% off anything in their store for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This would be a great time to pick up a LLAMA Pack!

LLAMA Pack Gun Bearing

Fight and Flight Tactical Launches New Site

Fight and Flight Tactical had some technical issues with their old site so they took it as an opportunity to bring an entirely new site online. The new site is functional but they are still working on adding their entire product line. Check out the new FightandFlight.com.


Fight and Flight Tactical Skate Deck Carrier

When your dad is a gear maker, these kind of things happen…

fight and flight deck carrier

The image above is a MOLLE compatible skate deck carrier that Dave at Fight and Flight Tactical whipped up for his son. The wrap design is adjustable for width via 2 side release buckles (SRB) and straps. You simply release the SRBs to remove the deck.

If you are interested in purchasing something like this, let Fight and Flight Tactical know.

The Deafening Silence PVC Patch is Back!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of patch collectors pulling credit cards out of their wallet at the same time. The Deafening Silence patch is back.

Deafening Silence Patches (PVC on left, embroidered on right)

Deafening Silence Patches (PVC on left, embroidered on right)

I wrote about this patch (and it’s embroidered older brother) almost 3 years ago and it has been sold out just as long. That original post still sees traffic to this day and receive an email once in a while asking where to get them. There is obviously still a demand for this attractive and poetic patch.

Check out the latest run of the Deafening Silence patch at Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Packs in PenCott

Fight and Flight Tactical has added PenCott GreenZone and Badlands to their lineup of available colors and camo patterns for the LLAMA Pack.

pencott llama

If you haven’t checked out the LLAMA Pack in a while, it is worth clicking through to Fight and Flight Tactical to see all of the updates that have gone into the pack. They have greatly improved the back panel and shoulder straps and introduced several new Tailgates and aluminum frame stays. This is a very flexible design that continues to grow and evolve.

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