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Carbon Tactics EPOCH

Carbon Tactics is at it again. They just launched their 11th Kickstarter campaign for a belt a completely new buckle design… a design with a quick release mechanism that should be very familiar to you. The crowd funding campaign launched yesterday and it is has already more than doubled its funding goal.

The new EPOCH belt features another unique machined aluminum buckle design from Carbon Tactics. It uses a trigger to release. The design makes the belt very easy to release, allow for some flex between the two parts of the buckle, and keeps the male side of the buckle very compact so that it can pass through belt loops.

Like other belts from Carbon Tactics, the EPOCH is available with a number of options. It is available with three different colored triggers and various webbing colors. It is available with a single layer of webbing, a double layer or webbing, or a black biothane/webbing hybrid. I own several of Carbon Tactic’s double layer webbing belts and have found them to be great for bearing the weight of a handgun while not being too stiff.

It should also be noted that Carbon Tactics has improved their adjustment feature. They state that their new locked adjustment only needs to be set once and it locks the length all day without slipping.

Check out the EPOCH on Kickstarter.

Carbon Tactics Ti Slice

Carbon Tactics is a crowdfunding veteran at this point. They have already successfully funded 9 projects including a number of belts. Their latest project, their tenth, is a slick EDC utility knife called the Ti Slice.

The Ti Slice is a compact utility knife that is made from premium materials and with a smart, minimalist design. It has just three parts including the disposable utility blade. The body of the Ti Slice is machined from a single billet of titanium and the blade holder is machined from bronze. The blade holder simply slides inside the Ti housing and locks into place with either the blade exposed or completely contained. There isn’t a single screw or bearing in the design.

The titanium housing and Carbon Tactics’ in house production capabilities leads to variety of available machining and finishing options. The Ti Slice is available anodized in variety of colors and with a number of machined patterns. If they reach their $20K stretch goal, they will also offer multi-color anodizing.

The Ti Slice is barely longer and taller than the utility blade itself so pocket carry should be easy. It has a lanyard hole that can be used to attach it to a split ring for key chain carry or to further customize the Ti Slice with a lanyard.

Check out the Ti Slice on Kicktarter.

Crowdfund This: Carbon Tactics Ti Hook Belt

The Pied Piper of Belts, Carbon Tactics, just launched another Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest belt, the Ti Hook. They surpassed their modest funding goal by a long shot within the first 24 hours of the campaign.

The Ti Hook is one of their simplest buckle designs yet. It has no moving parts and requires no holes or ratchets to adjust. The Ti Hook is like a triglide with a hook on it that has been machined from titanium. It also has a gently curved shape so it is more comfortable and lays flat on the wearer. When properly adjusted, it has no exposed tail (extra webbing) and keeps its adjustment so all you have to do is hook/unhook it.

As with previous Carbon Tactics belt offerings, this one is available with a single or double layer of webbing. If you plan on using it for concealed carry, I recommend the double layer. I own several belts from Carbon Tactics and find them to support the weight of a holstered handgun very well. I especially like them for AIWB carry where a belt that supports weight but remains somewhat flexible is preferred.

You can check out the Ti Hook Belt on Kickstarter.

The BadgerStrap – The Newest Belt from Carbon Tactics

Carbon Tactics has used Kickstarter to successfully launch a handful of belts. Their newest crowdfunding effort is the BadgerStrap – a new take on their very slick Quicky Buckle/Belt.


The new buckle has the same magnetic closure system as the Quicky Buckle and that is a good thing. It is very easy to clasp and release but very secure. It also has a similar sliding belt tension bar which is designed to lock down on the webbing aggressively – especially when the belt is under tension.

The Badger Buckle is available with 3 different patterns machined directly on its face. There is a simple flat version, a square pattern that is reminiscent of a PMAG, and hexagon pattern. It is available with either a single layer of webbing or a double layer. I own two of the double layer belts and find them to be the ideal stiffness for supporting a holster comfortably.

You can learn more about the BadgerStrap on Kickstarter.

CTI Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt

The belt buckle whisperers at Carbon Tactics, creators of the Quicky Buckle, are at it again. They just launched their latest belt and buckle on Kickstarter – the Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt.

carbon tactical ti belt feature

The new belt features a simple (I mean that as a compliment) titanium “buckle” and several 1.5″ wide webbing options including single and double layers of webbing, or a single layer of Biothane. The variety of options make this belt suitable for tasks as simple as holding up your pants and as crucial as supporting the weight of a handgun.

I have been wearing an Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt with the Double Duty option for the last 2 weeks. It has been comfortable, easy to don and doff, the buckle bites on the webbing well so that it holds its adjustment, and its double layers of webbing with latitudinal stitching is very rigid for supporting a holster. I have also found that there are at least two ways of threading the tail through the buckle depending on your preference (the Kickstarter page shows the intended way).

This belt is made in the USA and costs less than most EDC/CCW targeted belts thanks to it’s simple design. Based on my limited experience, I would say it is definitely worth a look. Check out the Carbon Tactics Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt on Kickstarter.

Snake Eater Tactical EDC Belt with Carbon Tactics Quicky Buckle

Remember the very cool Carbon Tactics Quicky buckle? Snake Eater Tactical (SET) is now offering their new EDC Belt with the new buckle.

The EDC Belt features 2 layers of firm weave 1.5″ nylon webbing with your choice of the stitch patterns for which SET is known. These belts also feature SET’s Velcro-less tail design that uses an elastic keeper to retain the excess belt rather than hook and loop material that rarely lasts as long as the belt itself.

Check out the new EDC Belt at Snake Eater Tactical.

Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black-backside EDC-Belt-Coyote-1-Snake-Eater-Tactical Snake-Eater-Tactical-EDC-Belt-Black

Snake Eater Tactical Quicky Buckle Belt

If read JTT regularly, you are already familiar with Snake Eater Tactical’s excellent belts and you have read about Carbon Tactics’ very cool new Quicky Buckle. The mere mention of those two in the same sentence probably has you reaching for your wallet reflexively based on the potential alone.

Feast your eyes on this prototype belt created by Snake Eater Tactical to show off the potential of the Quicky buckle!

snake eater carbon tactics quicky 2 snake eater carbon tactics quicky

Crowdfund This: Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt

At first glance, the Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt from Carbon Tactics looks like many of the tactical belts on the market right now – just another nylon belt with a big aluminum buckle. If you look a little closer, you’ll see the Quicky has a few tricks up its sleeve.

quicky belt

Most of the Quicky’s allure is tied up in its buckle. The buckle is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum or carbon fiber. It features a unique design that uses strong magnets and lugs to clasp its two halves together. Once there is tension on the lugs, it isn’t coming apart until you push the two halves together and twist. It is a very clever design that is very easy to use and more than adequate for non-climbing applications.

The Quicky will be available with belt options – nylon webbing, biothane, and stiff tactical webbing. The buckles and straps will be available in a variety of colors.

Check out the Quicky Magnetic Tactical Belt on Kickstarter.

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