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Save 20% for Fathers Day at Blue Force Gear

Now through Sunday, June 11, Blue Force Gear is offering 20% off their entire site when you use code DAD17 at checkout. BlueForceGear.com

Custom Vickers Padded Slings from Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear rolled out their new custom configurator tool for Vickers Slings a few weeks ago and it has been a hit. The only problem was that if you wanted a padded sling, you were left out in the cold… until now. Blue Force Gear just announced their custom sling builder for Vickers Padded Slings!

Blue Force Gear Spring Cleaning

From time to time, I remind you about Blue Force Gear’s Last Call Page. I usually do this when there are a lot of very good deals posted. Now is one of those times.

They have MOLLEminus chest rigs and other load bearing gear marked off as much as 40%. There are also a number of pouches and handy items like UWLs at great prices.

Visit Blue Force Gear’s Last Call page.


Go OD Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Blue Force Gear is offering 30% off some of its OD Green gear for St. Patrick’ Day. There is no coupon necessary. The discount does not apply to slings.


ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster – Now Shipping

Blue Force Gear’s ultra-slick ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster is now shipping. If you pre-ordered, you may already have it in your pocket. If you order now, it will ship ASAP.

ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster at BlueForceGear.com

Blue Force Gear – Belt Fed Loop

Blue Force Gear just expanded their line of specialty sling loops with the addition of the Belt Fed Loop (BFL). Like the various iterations of the UWL and ULoop before it, the BFL is designed to solve sling mounting problems. The forged aluminum BFL is designed for use on the M249 SAW where heat can destroy other types of sling attachments or the sling themselves.

The usefulness of the BFL isn’t limited to the M249. It can be used on anything with a fixed integrated sling loop like the SCAR or AK. It can also be looped through the cooling holes of many aluminum hand guards making it a near universal sling mounting solution. Other Blue Force Gear sling loops can also accomplish this but the design of the BFL allows it to lay flatter against the rifle when used on a fixed sling loop.

You can check out the new Belt Fed Loop at Blue Force Gear.

Create Your Own Custom Vickers Sling!

I just spent way too long playing with Blue Force Gear’s new Custom Vickers Sling creation tool! This is too cool.

Want a Wolf Grey/Kryptek Typhon VCAS with QD Swivels? You can do that.

Want an all Multicam sling with a Safety Orange Pull Tab? It can be done!

Blue Force Gear’s new Custom Vickers Sling creation tool lets you customize every component and material on the sling all the way down to the sling hardware. You can even choose between regular or sewn-in sling attachment hardware. All of the options appear in a rendering at the top of the screen as you add them to your sling so you can see what it will look like before you get it in your grubby mitts.

Go have some fun with the Custom Vickers Sling creator at BlueForceGear.com.

Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster Pre-Order

Blue Force Gear’s ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster was one of the coolest things at SHOT Show this year.

ULTRAcomp is a laminate material that is lightweight, abrasion resistant and very thin. It also happens to have a slightly tacky, rubbery texture on one side. All of that makes it perfect for pocket holsters especially when coupled with the stiffened wing that BFG designed into the holster. This wing serves to stabilize the handgun in the pocket and hook the pocket to ensure that the holster stays put during the draw stroke.

Due to the demand, Blue Force Gear has opened up pre-ordering for the ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster. It will be available for the following models initially:

  • Glock 42
  • Kimber Micro
  • Ruger LCP/LCP II
  • Sig P238/938

The holsters are expected to ship in early March. Check out the ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster at Blue Force Gear.

Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster

The ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster is one of a number of new products that Blue Force Gear is exhibiting at SHOT Show this year. The properties of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material, from which the new holster is manufactured, make it very well suited for this application.

A good pocket holster must keep the handgun oriented for a smooth draw and stay in the pocket while releasing the handgun during the drawstroke. The BFG ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster stays in the pocket via a hooked flare that physically grabs the pocket and the rubbery texture that is integral to the ULTRAcomp material itself. ULTRAcomp is also relatively thin compared to leather or kydex and very abrasion resistant so it adds little bulk and should last a long time.

The holster will be available for a number of popular pocket guns and that list could expand before it hits the market. Stay tuned for additional information.


Save 25% at Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear wants to make sure there is some very cool gear under your tree this Christmas and they aren’t playing around. They are prepared to offer a solid discount to make that happen. You can use code “T25” to save 25% off your entire order at BlueForceGear.com from now through December 20th.

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