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Black Rhino Concealment Adds Nightstick TCM-550XL Support

I recently posted a review of the Nightstick TCM-550XL weapon light. In the review, I talked about how this compact light has tremendous potential for the EDC market but I lamented a lack of holster support. That is a major hurdle for any new weapon light to overcome.

Fortunately, holster availability is already improving thanks to Black Rhino Concealment. Their TCS-L Holster is now available for the TCM-550XL. The TCS-L is a convertible holster that can be configured for IWB or OWB carry.


Review: Black Rhino Concealment Oscar Mike Wallet

I’ve spent the last 2 months with Black Rhino Concealment’s Oscar Mike Wallet in my back pocket… and I don’t plan on that changing after this review is completed.


The Oscar Mike Wallet (or On the Move Wallet) is an ultra-compact wallet created from rugged materials. The wallet is built around a webbing sleeve that can hold around 10 cards. The sleeve contains a simple webbing pull tab that allows you to lift the cards partially in order to sort through and find the one you need.

The front of the sleeve has a nylon card slot sewn to it that can be used to provide immediate access to your 2 most used cards. The back of the sleeve has an elastic strap used to hold folded cash.

Observations from Use

There are lots of wallets on the market. Some offer great access and organization. Some are extremely compact. The impressive thing about the Oscar Mike Wallet is that it offers great access and organization in a very compact wallet.

I have 9 cards in the sleeve and 2 in the nylon card slot and this wallet is still very compact. It pretty much disappears in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. Yet, in spite of how small this wallet is, I have immediate access to everything in it. I keep my ID and the only credit card I used in the front pocket where they can be accessed without even having to unfold a wallet.

The rest of my cards like insurance cards or reward program cards are kept in the sleeve where they would be real pain to access if it wasn’t for the “Quick-Draw Tab”. This is a simple strap that wraps under the cards so that when you pull it, it lifts the cards out of the sleeve. I usually just lift them about 1/3rd of the way out of the sleeve so that the elastic is still holding them tight but I can fan them slightly to find the card I need. It is a dead simple system that works perfectly and it might be the coolest thing about this wallet. I never would have thought you can stack that many cards into a deep elastic pouch and expect to be able to easily retrieve the one you want.

The one issue that I always have with these compact wallets is how they handle cash and coins. When ever someone hands you change, you have to deposit the loose change in your pocket, then fold the bills before putting them on your wallet. It takes longer than something like traditional bi- or tri-fold wallet but then again, you get to avoid the chiropractor visits that come with carrying an overloaded traditional wallet.

Wrap Up

This is probably the smallest wallet I have ever owned and that is a nice thing in and of itself. However, compact wallets can be more of a pain than a convenience if you can’t access what is inside of them easily. That is what sets this apart from other wallets I have tried. Sure, it’s small… but it also gives you easy access like a larger wallet.

I like it enough that it is still in my back pocket as I type this even though I really, really liked my previous wallet.

Oscar Mike Wallet at Black Rhino Concealment

Disclosure: This wallet was sent to me, free of charge, by Black Rhino Concealment.

Black Rhino Concealment Quick Ship Holsters

Black Rhino Concealment is now offering a line of Quick Ship Holsters. The new CCS and ACS Quick Ship Holsters are available for a number of the most popular self defense handguns on the market CZ P10C, Glock 19, and more. Both holsters feature excellent mold definition, top notch blocking, and cuts to accommodate red dot sights and threaded barrels.

The CCS holster is an IWB design. It come with the user’s choice of FOMI clips or soft loops and is designed to be slim, light, and comfortable. The ACS holster is an AIWB design that also comes with the choice of FOMI clips or soft loops. It also features a wing to tuck the butt of the handgun in against the wearer.

These holsters will be kept in stock and will ship quickly. Check out the entire line at Black Rhino Concealment.

Black Rhino Concealment Oscar Mike Wallet

Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) has opened pre-ordering on their new Oscar Mike Wallet (OMW). This wallet is small in size but big on features.

The OMW is barely larger than a credit card and only .25″ thick when empty. The front of the OMW features a quick access pocket for fast access to your most used card or ID. The back has a heavy duty elastic band for securing cash. The center pouch of the wallet can hold up to ten credit cards which can lifted out of the pocket for access easily by the Quick-Draw Tab.

The wallet is double stitched at stress points for durability and made right here in USA. They will also be backed by the BRC Lifetime Warranty.

Check out the Oscar Mike Wallet at Black Rhino Concealment.

Free Trigger Guard Holster with Purchase of CCS at Black Rhino Concealment

Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) is offering a free Trigger Guard Holster with the purchase of any of their CCS Holsters just to say “thank you” to their customers. You don’t need a coupon code. Just browse for your handgun make and model, add the holster to your cart, and BRC will automatically add the free holster to your order.

This would also be a great excuse to check out their new and improved website: BlackRhinoConcealment.com

Black Rhino Concealment and the Road Rash Test

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) holster if it was involved in a 70MPH motorcycle crash? It turns out that, at least in one case, the answer is… not much. This BRC TCS for the Glock 42 went through exactly that and it still usable and the G42 stayed in the holster the entire time.


BRC AR-15 Magazine Carrier

The new Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) AR-15 Magazine Carrier is now available on their website. I have had one of these for more than a year for testing and I can say that, after all that time, it is my favorite kydex AR-15 mag carrier.


There are two things that really set this magazine carrier apart for me. First, it is extremely compact. It has a fold over design and a Tek-Lok mounted directly to the back which keep its quite narrow compared to two-piece designs. It is also cut shallow which coupled with its versatile retention method helps it fit a wide variety of magazines including 20 round mags. I mention 20 round magazines specifically because some carriers are too deep and do not present enough of the magazine to get a good grip on them, if they even accept them at all. That isn’t a problem with the BRC AR-15 Magazine Carriers.

The second thing that sets these apart is that retention method that I already mentioned. This carrier uses friction to retain the magazine but the friction is applied via a rib that runs from the top of the carrier to the bottom. This allows the retention to feel consistent regardless of the type of magazine being carried and makes it very easy to achieve the desired level of retention via the adjustable retention screws.

These are a great piece of kit. I like them so much that, now that they are available, I’ll be purchasing a second one. Check out the new AR-15 Magazine Carrier at Black Rhino Concealment.

Labor Day Sale at Black Rhino Concealment

Black Rhino Concealment is having a Labor Day sale that offers 10% off everything they sell! Use code LABOR2016 to save. This would be a great time to pick up a few of their useful Trigger Guard Holsters.

BRC labor day

Free Trigger Guard Holster with BRC CCS Holster

I was cruising the Black Rhino Concealment website yesterday, looking for a holster, and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. They give you a free Trigger Guard Holster with the purchase of one of their CCS Inside the Waistband holsters. I’ve written about these trigger guard holsters before and their usefulness (and safety) for certain types of carry.

This isn’t a Memorial Day sale or anything like that. This is a deal that they offer everyday. Check out the CCS Holster with free Trigger Guard Holster at Black Rhino Concealment.

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