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Free Gear for the Holidays at Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear is offering free gear for the holidays to help you prepare for 2018. You can view all the free gear deals at BlueForceGear.com.

Custom Vickers Padded Slings from Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear rolled out their new custom configurator tool for Vickers Slings a few weeks ago and it has been a hit. The only problem was that if you wanted a padded sling, you were left out in the cold… until now. Blue Force Gear just announced their custom sling builder for Vickers Padded Slings!

Go OD Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Blue Force Gear is offering 30% off some of its OD Green gear for St. Patrick’ Day. There is no coupon necessary. The discount does not apply to slings.


Blue Force Gear – Belt Fed Loop

Blue Force Gear just expanded their line of specialty sling loops with the addition of the Belt Fed Loop (BFL). Like the various iterations of the UWL and ULoop before it, the BFL is designed to solve sling mounting problems. The forged aluminum BFL is designed for use on the M249 SAW where heat can destroy other types of sling attachments or the sling themselves.

The usefulness of the BFL isn’t limited to the M249. It can be used on anything with a fixed integrated sling loop like the SCAR or AK. It can also be looped through the cooling holes of many aluminum hand guards making it a near universal sling mounting solution. Other Blue Force Gear sling loops can also accomplish this but the design of the BFL allows it to lay flatter against the rifle when used on a fixed sling loop.

You can check out the new Belt Fed Loop at Blue Force Gear.

Blue Force Gear SP-1404 Sling Update – Now Shipping with 2 Free QD Swivels

Blue Force Gear heard you loud and clear. There has been a ton of interest in their small run of Special 1404 Slings but the sling is certainly not inexpensive. Unfortunately, that is the reality for a small run sling with different webbing than what they usually work with and custom hardware.


To help defray some of the expense, their SP-1404 Sling is now shipping with two free push button QD swivels. BFG’s swivels are some of the best on the market and getting two of them for free should go a long way toward improving the value of this sling.

You can read more about what makes the sling unique in our previous post and check out the SP-1404 Sling at Blue Force Gear. You don’t have to do anything special to get the swivels. They will be included with your SP-1404 order automatically.

Special 1404 Sling from Blue Force Gear

Every once in a while Blue Force Gear rolls out special versions of their slings. These special versions are often just standard slings with special camo patterns or custom color combinations but the most special ones have all new elements or unique hardware. That is the case with the new Special 1404 Sling that they just released today.


The Special 1404 Sling may look like a Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) at first glance and, the truth is, it is very much like the standard VCAS in terms of function. However, the Special 1404 packs some features that you won’t find on other VCAS slings.

This sling features your choice of 2 unique colorways. The Multicam option is covered front-to-back with Multicam pattern webbing. The Desert Digital option has a Desert Digital (similar to AOR1) webbing on the forward section and coyote on the rear section. Both colorways make use of unique aluminum hardware with a brown anodized finish.

The most interesting difference between the VCAS and the Special 1404 is barely noticeable. The Special 1404 Sling makes use of 1.5″ webbing at the rear of the sling (the part that actually contacts the wearer) instead of the standard 1.25″ webbing found on the VCAS. This is interesting because it is designed to be a sort of happy medium between the standard VCAS Sling and the Padded VCAS Sling.


Blue Force Gear’s webbing is substantial and thick but has a brushed, soft canvas-like feel. The edges are quite rounded so it as already quite comfortable when bearing weight. So, this 1.5″ webbing should spread the weight of the rifle out on the wearer’s shoulder even more effectively while remaining just as low profile as a plain webbing sling. It is a sort of functional hybrid between the flat webbing and padded versions of the VCAS.

You can check out the new Special 1404 Sling at Blue Force Gear.

BFG Articles, News, and other Awesomeness

I just came across an interesting part of the Blue Force Gear website called BFG Articles, News, and other Awesomeness. It contains all kinds of great information about training, BFG products, DIY projects, and more.


There is actually a ton of good info packed into these pages..

Do you want to know how Larry Vickers adapts his slings for southpaw use on an AK? Its there.

Do you want to learn how to turn a BFG Boo Boo Pouch into a $10 survival kit? Its there.

Looking for the history of the Blue Force Gear logo? That’s there too.

I killed more than an hour poking through just a few pages. You can check out the BFG Articles, News, and other Awesomeness section of the BFG website by clicking the “Articles” link in the website header bar or just click here.

On the Cover and on Your Rifle – Blue Force Gear Kryptek Padded Vickers Sling

On Target Magazine recently featured a Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers Sling in Kryptek Typhon. Check out BlueForceGear.com to put one on your rifle.


Blue Force Gear Pouches on Your Bike

Attaching tactical/military pouches to bicycles is nothing new but I have found that Blue Force Gear’s Utility Pouches with Helium Whisper backing work particularly well. They are very lightweight by design and the Helium Whisper backing has a rubbery texture that, when woven tight, really grips the bike and prevents the pouch from moving.

BFG Pouch on Bike

The image above shows a BFG Small Utility Pouch attached to the handlebar of a mountain bike so that the pouch rests on the stem. The picture makes it appear quite large but it actually fits in the space very well. It is a great place to store some bike tools, a pair of gloves, a spare tube, and any other items you may need.

I have also used the same pouch attached to the support members of a rear bike rack and attached to the frame in various ways. Basically, as long as you can be a little creative with how you weave the straps, you can find a ton of ways to mount these pouches to a bike.

I use this Small Utility Pouch because I just happen to have a couple in my gear box. My next step is to order some of the larger pouches to see how I might be able to use them. For instance, the Medium Horizontal Utility Pouch or Large Utility Pouch might work well as a front mounted handlebar bag.

Blue Force Gear – May Trade Show Schedule


Blue Force Gear was out and about in a big way in April. They aren’t slowing down one bit in May. In fact, from May 25 t0 May 26, they will be in three places at once!

You can find them at the following shows:

  • May 4 to May 5: ADS Warrior Expo West, San Diego, CA
  • May 19 to May 22: 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY
  • May 23 to May 26: 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, Tampa, FL
  • May 24 to May 26: LANPAC Symposium and Exposition, Honolulu, HI
  • May 25 to May 26: CANSEC, Ottowa, Canada

You can contact sales@blueforcegear.com if you would like to make an appointment with the BFG team.

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